Chapter 1

The rain poured down that night, thunder boomed down on the ground. Rosepaw rushed around the mediciencats den looking for an herb.

"Uh..poppy seeds stop pain...uh there's nothing'! The apprentice said panicked, she ran around the den trying to find an herb to heal her mentor, who was dieing, but deep inside she knew that she could do nothing.

"Rosepaw there is nothing you can do I am dieing of old age there is nothing you can do". Silver heart coughed.

"No you can't die! I'm not ready to become the new medicine-cat"! Rosepaw panicked. Silverheart sigh.

"My aprentice I have been training you for over six moons now and you have proved that you are more then ready".

"But". Rosepaw looked at her mentor in the eye. "All the cats in riverclan...depending on me to heal them, what happens if there are to many cats hurt at once or if-"!

"Rosepaw I have told you what to do your training was finished a long time ago, I was about ready to move to the elders den". Silverheart coughed, her heart slowly getting slower with every minute.

"Silverheart". Rosepaw asked she sounded unsure.

"What is it my apprentice"?

"That mark on your head". Rosepaw stared up at the gray mark of a star on the mediciencats head. "Thats the mak of a why do you have it". Silverheart was shocked at this question, no cat had ever asked her about it before, but she knew she would have to tell it to her young apprentice. The old She-cat took a deep breath.

"It's a long story my apprentice are you sure you want to hear"? The young apprentice nodded. Silverheart sigh.

"To know the whole story we'll have to start from the beiginging, the very begining...when I was kit, the night before I beacame an apprentice and everything changed...'