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Sheldon had endured many tedious moments in his life. There had been the many times his mother had insisted he attend church. There had been that one time, in grad school, when, due to being forced to work on a group project, one of his fellow classmates had insisted on telling him about her boyfriend troubles. And then there had been the many times when he had had to endure Leonard's going on about Penny, especially in the early days of their courtship.

But absolutely none of his previous experience with tedious moments had prepared him for planning a wedding.

"Which one?" Amy asked, a slightly crazed look in her eye, holding up two color swatches.

Sheldon sighed, feeling entirely apathetic. "While I can tell that there are very minute differences in the shade of those colors, I feel obligated to point out that the colors are so very similar, that it makes entirely no difference which one we go with."

Amy inhaled slowly, pressing her lips together, flaring her nostrils, and bugging out her eyes. It was then that it dawned on Sheldon that he should have just pointed to a color swatch. Even after 2 months of wedding planning, he was still not used to dealing with the woman that Amy had recently turned into.

The beginning of their engagement hadn't really changed either of them, aside from perhaps more smiling. Amy had been so excited, and had excitedly talked about their future. As far as Sheldon had been concerned, they could have simply gone down to the courthouse, and gotten married quickly and simply. But Amy had seemed so disappointed when he had made the suggestion, that he had reluctantly agreed to a "real" wedding. His one caveat had been that he be allowed to make decisions in the planning process. That had been error number one.

He had naively assumed that being an integral part in the planning process would have meant that he would have some measure of control over the way in which his wedding, and reception, were handled. Unfortunately, it had, instead, meant that he was now forced, by Amy, to make decisions on minute details which he did not care about, such as his current decision regarding which color to make the napkins.

When they had first started the planning process, Amy had been excited. They had both agreed that the wedding should take place sooner, rather than later, and had then agreed on a three month engagement. That had been error number two.

Once a date had been agreed upon, the planning had started in earnest. And that's when Sheldon's life had become, in short, hell. According to Amy, there were many decisions to be made, and very little time to make them. His entire regular schedule of meals, games, and comic book store trips, had frequently been rendered moot. On one such occasion, in the early days of the engagement, Sheldon had dared to ask what in the world could be so time consuming about planning a wedding. That had been error number three.

Not since his first, failed proposal, had Sheldon seen Amy in such a state. She had proceeded to tick off the items of importance on her fingers. Apparently there were decisions to be made about: wedding colors, reception colors, music choices for the bridesmaids' walk down the aisle, for Amy's walk down the aisle, for their walk back down the aisle together, for their first dance, for the couples dance, for what food there was to be at the reception. Did they want appetizers? Buffet? Sit down? Chicken? Beef? Pork? Chinese food? Mexican Food? Italian Food? Who was catering? Who was going to be in their bridal party? Where were they going to buy a unity candle? Were they going to have a unity candle? Were they getting married in a church (like both of their mother's would prefer)? Outside in a park? On a train? At the beach? What kind of a cake would they have? Traditional White? Chocolate? Vanilla? Carrot? Red Velvet? How much money were they going to spend? Were they going to solicit the financial help of their parents? What kind of invitations were they going to have? Traditional white? TARDIS Blue? Star Trek Red? Silver lettering? Gold lettering? Black lettering? Which font were they going to use? Times New Roman? Arial? Book Antiqua? Monotype Corsiva? What kind of flowers were there going to be? Roses? Lilies? Carnations? Daisies? What color were the flowers going to be?

It had been when Amy had finally paused to take a breath, that Sheldon had held up his hands in surrender, and had said "Fine!" He had agreed to forgo Halo night in order to help in the planning process. Amy's countenance had visibly brightened…until he had casually suggested they revisit the idea of going down to the courthouse. The next thing he had known, Amy had narrowed her eyes at him, and then had walked quickly to her room, slamming, and locking, the door behind her.

Sheldon had stood blinking, wondering what in the world had just happened. He had turned to his friends, all three of whom were failing to hide their snickering, and asked his query aloud. Surprisingly, or perhaps, unsurprisingly, given that he was the only one of them who had already dealt with planning a wedding, it had been Howard who had offered Sheldon advice. Apparently, according to Howard, even the most level headed woman became crazy when planning her wedding. He had then proceeded to narcissistically ramble on about the arguments he and Bernadette had had over putting Klingon on wedding invitations, until Sheldon had interrupted him to say he didn't care, and to please get to the point. Apparently, Howard's point was to pick your battles with wedding planning, and to expect your fiancé to occasionally go bat crap crazy on you for no good reason. This had not made Sheldon feel better.

When Sheldon had said as much to Howard, he had responded with, "I don't know what to tell you, Sheldon. Grovel."

Howard, Raj, and Leonard had all gotten up, and said they would leave Sheldon to deal with his current issue. Sheldon had started to protest, until Leonard pointed out to him the cost benefit of ignoring an upset fiancé…a cost benefit which would most definitely be in the negative.

After they had left, Sheldon had spent several minutes in his spot, contemplating proper protocol for dealing with an emotional fiancé. In the end, he had decided to start with a hot beverage. As he was pulling down mugs and tea, however, Amy had walked into the kitchen, head down. She had then proceeded to apologize for her behavior, which was a great surprise to Sheldon. Not that he didn't feel she needed to apologize, but, after Howard's supposed advice, he had certainly not expected it.

"If I may ask," Sheldon had started, hoping not to elicit another angry response, "what, exactly, were you so angry about?"

Amy had sighed. "I was not angry. I was, and am, feeling particularly stressed."

Sheldon had frowned. "Because of the long list of items you spoke of?"

"Yes," Amy had replied.

"But when I attempted to remedy your stress you, if you'll excuse the use of an idiom, flipped out."

Amy had cleared her throat. "Yes. Well…" She had looked up at him then. "Even though I am stressed, I don't want to forgo my special day. I want to be able to wear my tiara, a big puffy wedding dress, and walk down the aisle to 'The Way You Look Tonight'."

Sheldon had blinked at her for a moment. "I see…In that case, you can cross 'what song will Amy be walking down the aisle to' off your list. It appears a decision has been made."

Amy's mouth had popped open, and then she had smiled at him, and had proceeded to hug him.

If only that had been the only time such arguments had occurred.

There was the Great Wedding Invitation Battle, The Unity Candle Conundrum, and the Wedding Cake Clash (Amy was completely resistant to a Cylon shaped cake), just to name a few.

And now, Sheldon realized, he might just be in the midst of what will, henceforth, be known as "The Wedding Color Quarrel".

After taking her deep breath, Amy spoke very calmly (which, Sheldon had recently learned, did not necessarily mean Amy was feeling calm).

"Sheldon, we have only two and a half weeks left before our wedding. We need to make a decision on the napkins. We don't have time for you to pompously point out that the colors are similar. Of course they're similar. I have eyes. I can see just as well as you that the colors are similar."

Amy's voice was starting to rise and her calm exterior was starting to crack. Sheldon figuratively smelled danger. He put a hand on her hand, hoping he could somehow head off an argument. After enduring roughly two solid months of such days, he was becoming ever more jaded with life as a fiancé. This wedding couldn't happen soon enough.

"I apologize, Amy." He randomly picked up a color swatch. "I like this one."

Amy exhaled, visibly relaxing. "Really?"

Sheldon pressed his lips together and nodded. He told himself, it wasn't really a lie. In truth, he liked neither one, so it didn't particularly matter which of the two colors the napkins were.

"Oh good," Amy said. "I like this one too, but was worried it would be a little too baby pink. I think this other color is just a touch too bright."

In the beginning, Sheldon would have readily interrupted Amy to point out that he did not care to listen to her prattle on about the various shades of pink. But after two months of wedding planning, and multiple arguments later, Sheldon was just happy to have averted another crisis.

As Amy moved on to the seating chart for their family, and other important attendees of their wedding, Sheldon once again thought to himself, this wedding can't get here soon enough.

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