"Dante!" a blonde woman called cheerfully, opening her arms to embrace her son. Draco recognized her. She was still just as beautiful now as she had been before.

Fleur Delacour.

Now Fleur Weasley.

Some, Draco didn't think Fleur Weasley sounded as glamorous as Fleur Delacour.

The redhead glared at her and crossed his arms. "Stop making a scene mom"

"But I missed you!" Fleur said, flinging her arms around her son, who stiffened.

Her accent's almost gone now, Draco noted.

"Yeah, sure, I missed you too. Can we GO now?"

"Of course we can!" Fleur trilled. "Where do you want to go first?"

"Anywhere but here. And okay, I missed you too, now please get your arms off me"

Fleur withdrew her arms. Dante sighed.

"THANK you. Honestly, you always have to make such a big fuss out of me. I'm not gonna DIE, alright?"

He looked irritably at Ron. "Can we go now?"

Fleur looked at the man and smiled. "Ronniekins!" she said and extended her arms. Ron's mouth quirked. His wife so loved to play this game. He knew how to play it too.

"My precious little flower" he said warmly and they embraced.

"My Ronniekins… I missed you soooo much!" Fleur wailed.

"Me tooooooo!" Ron cried back.

"Good grief" Dante muttered, slapping his forehead. Ron looked at him and grinned.

"Group hug!" he announced then grabbed his son. Ron and Fleur hugged him tightly so he couldn't move.

"Mom! Dad! Quit it, people are watching!" Dante squeaked, trying to find air to breathe. It was true though; quite a bunch of people had gathered around, grinning amusedly. Dante may be known as a tough guy in school, but whenever his mother was around, well, it was a definite source of entertainment. Fleur released Dante.

"Well, okay… I mean, you are a growing boy and I guess I baby you too much… but you were so cute and chubby when you were just a little boy and I miss that so much… I'm sorry, I just missed you so much…" she said, her voice and face showing obvious hurt. Dante looked torn.

"Okay, I'm sor… no I'm not… oh just COME ON!" he yelled, grabbing their hands and stomping off. Draco smirked as he watched Ron and Fleur exchange grins and winks behind their son's back.

"Has he come yet?" Luna's voice came from behind Draco. Draco turned around and almost got the heart attack of his life as his future daughter flounced up to him.

"What happened to YOU?" he exclaimed, staring at her. Luna had tied her hair into cute little ponytails on either side of her head instead of leaving it long and loose as she normally did. She had on a pale pink lipstick and had abandoned her long dangly earrings for a pair of star-shaped pink ones instead. Her nails were also painted a bright, sparkly pink.

Worse still, she was wearing a pink… dress. With… frills. And ribbons.

Luna scowled.

"This is all for dad, okay? Don't get any ideas," she said. Draco raised an eyebrow.

"For me? Good grief, what're you trying to do, scare me to death?"

Luna smirked. "Why don't you ask 'yourself' when 'you' come to pick us up? And besides, he's expecting Aleron. He sees you. Me, trying to scare HIM? Hah!"

"Oh shut-"

"There he is! Now, watch THIS performance" she interrupted then bounced off towards a blonde man.

"Daddy!" she squealed in a feminine, high-pitched voice. She leapt into his arms and gave him a neck-crushing hug. Draco Malfoy smiled.

"How's my favorite Gryffindor girl?" he asked cheerfully.

GRYFFINDOR? the younger Draco choked, watching the rather disturbing scene from a distance. He couldn't quite see his future self; he was standing behind a crowd of people and he was rather… short…

"I'm your only girl, silly daddy!" Luna giggled.


"Oh yeah, that's right!" the older Draco laughed. He hugged her tightly then kissed her hair.

"So how's school?" he asked.

"Fun!" Luna chirped. "We're learning so much new stuff and now I'm really smart!"

And the award goes to the pigtailed one for the lamest sentence of the year… Draco thought cynically.

"Good, good" Draco said, smiling. He looked around.

"So where's your brother? We should go to Hogsmeade as soon as we can, we've got so much to do…"

Luna giggled. "Yes, well daddy, that's the thing… Allie's not here"

"He's not here? Why?" Draco asked, startled.

"Well, he kinda went back in time… and someone else kinda took his place for the time being… well, I was wondering… can he come with us too?"

"Aleron's WHERE?"

"Oh don't worry about him daddy, he'll be all right"

Draco sighed. "It's not really HIM I'm worried about, it's more the people he meets I'm worried about… okay, where's this new person?"

Luna grinned then pushed past the crowd to locate Draco. Once she found him she sighed in relief and the wide grin on her face disappeared. She worked her jaw a couple times and massaged her throat, making a 'kahhhh' sound.

"Nice act" Draco said sarcastically.

"Thank you" Luna said.

"I was JOKING"

"Hey, what is that supposed to mean?"

Draco mimicked her voice. "'We're learning so much new stuff and I'm really smart!' PLEASE"

"Hey, YOU seem to like it"

"And what's with the whole girly image anyway? And GRYFFINDOR?"

Luna smirked. "You seem to like the idea of me being in Gryffindor"

"You mean I don't KNOW?" Draco spluttered.

Luna smirked and nodded.

"Is everyone here really that stupid?" Draco asked himself. Luna grabbed his hand.

"C'mon, 'daddy' is waiting" she said. Shoving rudely, she made her way back through the crowd then, putting on her huge grin again she bounced back to her dad.

"Here he is daddy! Draco Malfoy. He has the same name as you! Isn't that just so sizzlin'?" she chirped.

Draco stared at his older counterpart. Slightly tanned skin, tall, mouth lined with 'smile wrinkles', twinkling blue eyes which were currently wide with shock, long fang earrings, glasses…


The older Draco's hair was long, ponytailed and –heaven forbid- CURLY.

The younger Draco's jaw dropped at exactly the same time as the older one's.

"Oh hell…" the younger one swore.

"What the…" the older one exclaimed in wonderment.

"You're ME?" they both exclaimed at the same time. "No way!" they both answered at once. They both stared at each other and pointed the same time. "What happened to my HAIR?" they both exclaimed. "What's wrong with my hair?" they both said defensively.

Luna giggled. "You sound so funny!" she said. The older Draco blinked, a look of confusion on his face. The younger Draco pointed in horror.

"GLASSES!" he exclaimed in a horrified tone, pointing to his counterpart's thin wired gold rimmed glasses. The older Draco stared down.

"That's really me?" he asked faintly.

"I could say the same about you" Draco retorted, glaring up.

"Wow… that's… wow. I was one SHORT little helmet head"

If looks could kill the older Draco would be dead by now. "You DO realize that you're putting yourself down," the younger Draco said.

"Yeah I know but… wow you are SHORT!" the man said. He knocked on Draco's head.

"What're you doing?"

"How does one use so much gel…"

"Oh shut up!" Draco snarled in aggravation.

"So… where's Aleron?"

Luna scowled, just for a second.

"Your brilliant son just went back in time through a time portal and shoved me here" Draco said sulkily.

"He's your brilliant son too you know…" the older Draco reminded.

"That's not the point!"

"It's not?"


"So… what were we talking about again?"

Draco stared at the future version of himself. "You're just doing this to annoy me aren't you?"

The older Draco grinned, actually GRINNED. "Am I?"

"Just… shut up. Just shut up" Draco said, frustrated and stomped off in one direction. The older Draco waited patiently with his daughter. A minute later Draco came stomping back.

"Bloody wonderful of you two you know, just letting me walk to the broom closet…" he muttered. The older version stared at his daughter and they both burst into peals of laughter.

"Why are people staring at me?" Aleron finally asked Harry as they passed another girl who stared at him, mouth gaping wide open.

"Huh? Oh, they just can't believe you haven't heard of 'You-Know-Who' before" Harry said dismissively. Aleron threw up his hands in frustration.

"Who the heck are they TALKING about? 'You Know Who' oh yes, that's SO helpful. Why not 'The Nameless One'?"

Harry snickered. "Well, another one of his names is 'He Who Must Not be Named'"

Aleron stared. "You're KIDDING"


Aleron shook his head slowly. "That's just… sad"


"Do YOU know his name?" Aleron asked. Harry snorted.

"They guy's ONLY tried to kill me four years in a row"

"So? Name?"

"Voldemort" Harry said, his voice filled with loathing.

Aleron blinked. "The pizza guy?"


"Yeah… oh no, wait, that's Voltemord"

"Voldemort… don't you know him?"

"Which Voldie are we talking about here?" Aleron asked. Harry stared but answered.

"Voldemort… the evil guy…"

Aleron looked blank.

"As in the big evil guy with a butt ugly face?"

Aleron brightened. "Oh THAT guy! We learnt about him yeah"

"He's still alive now"

Aleron didn't seem too worried. "Oh no worries. He's an idiot anyhow"

"How can you say that? He's killed so many people…"

"Yeah, well, it's really stupid y'know, we learn about him and think 'holey Swiss cheese this guy is NASTY' then we get to the end of the topic and find out he dies choking on a Bertie Botts every flavor bean"

Harry choked. "Say what? A BEAN?"

"His untimely death caused by a single jellybean…" Aleron mused. "And it was a booger flavored one too…"

"So, where do you want to go first?" the older Draco asked his daughter. Luna looked thoughtful.

"Gee, I dunno… where do YOU wanna go?" she asked. The two Dracos looked at each other.

"Butterbeer" they said simultaneously. Luna grinned.

"Then we'll go get Butterbeer!" she chirruped then pranced off, leaving the two behind. The younger Draco stared after her.

"You DO know that this is just an act, don't you?" he asked the older one. The man scoffed.


"You DO know that she's not REALLY in Gryffindor"

The older Draco sighed. "I know. Pity really. And for some reason she seems to think Gryffindors are just a bunch of bubbleheads"

"Well if you know why don't you SAY something?"

"She thinks I'm being fooled. Let her. I know it's torturous for her to do herself up like that" he grinned, "And especially with that DRESS…"

The younger Draco snorted. "You think it's a little girly too?"

The man rolled his eyes. "A LITTLE?"

"Here we are!" Luna trilled. Both Dracos' faces lit up.

"Butterbeer!" they exclaimed and burst in through the door. A redheaded woman turned her head at the sound of the door.

"Draco!" she chirped happily. The older Draco smiled.

"Hi Ginny!" he greeted cheerfully.

"GINNY?" the younger Draco exclaimed.

"Hi Miss Weasley!" Luna said.

"Hi Luna!" Ginny returned.

"Okay, now this is getting annoying" the younger Draco muttered.

"And who's that…" Ginny stared. Draco wondered when her eyes were purple.

"Draco?" she asked faintly. She looked at the older Draco. "And Draco?"

"Yes, apparently Aleron went through some time hole thingymabobby and so here he… I… am"

Ginny looked confused. "Thingymabobby?"

"It's confusing, something about time portals and shoving"

Ginny looked even more confused. The older Draco grinned.

"This is me, okay?" he said. "Younger me" he said, pointing to Draco. "Older me" he said, pointing to himself.

"Oh. Okay" Ginny said. She put a huge grin onto her face. "Hi Draco!"

"Oh not again…" Draco muttered.

"So how are you?" the older Draco asked, sitting down.

"I'm fine! You?"

"Really? I'm fine too!"

"That's good! How about you?" Ginny asked Luna, who was pulling a face at the younger Draco. She quickly put on a huge smile.

"Me? I'm fine!" she said.


"This conversation is getting seriously retarded" the younger Draco said loudly.

"So what'll you have?" Ginny asked, taking out a notepad.

"Why are your eyes purple?" the younger Draco asked.

"Hm? Oh, it's a wonderful new Muggle invention. Contact lenses, I think they're called. No need for glasses anymore"

"Why are your eyes purple?"

"Because she got purple contacts, duh" Luna said.

"Yes! Smart girl! Now, what'll you all have?"

"Butterbeer" both Dracos said simultaneously.

"Soda float" Luna said. Ginny grinned and walked away.

"So what's happening right now, when you came over?" the older Draco asked.

"Nothing. It's about the same time as here. I think Aleron should be going to Hogsmeade today, if I've got my dates right"

"Oh" the man said. Ginny returned with the drinks.

"Here you go. Drink up!" she said then left. The older Draco sipped his Butterbeer slowly then sighed in bliss.

"Ahhh…" he said happily. The younger one took a sip. Then spewed it out.

"Argh! What IS this?"


"No, this is… butter"




Draco calmly pushed his glass right over the table where the liquid spilled all over the floor.

"Hey!" the older Draco cried. He looked mournfully at the spilt beverage.

"Didn't you like it?"


"You could've just given it to me…" the older Draco said, still staring at the split beer.

"Well there it is. Go lap it up"

The older Draco blinked. "You don't mind?"

"Of course I mind; I was being sarcastic! Good grief I can't believe you're supposed to be ME"

"Ohhhh…" the man said sadly. "Why didn't you like it anyway?"

"Too much butter, not enough beer"

"Alcohol's not good for you" Luna said.

"So? This is just BUTTER!"

"I thought you knew…" the older Draco said. "They took out the beer after someone got stoned and tried to jump from a building thinking they were a hummingbird"

"Why didn't you TELL me?" the younger Draco fumed. "I could've DIED!"

"Well SOMEONE'S being dramatic…"

"I could have choked! Choked and DIED! Do you really want me dead?"

The man and his daughter exchanged looks.

"I can't take that sort of stuff! I am verrrry sensitive!" the younger Draco protested.

"No I'm not…" the older Draco said.

"Not you, ME!"

"But you ARE me…"

Draco stared. "Someone drove you to insanity, didn't they?"


"Sorry, to utmost stupidity"


"'Hey'? Good grief. That is the lamest comeback ever"

"You… you…" the older Draco floundered. "Doo-doo head"

Luna and Draco choked.

"Doo-doo head?"

"What do you WANT me to say?" the older Draco defended.

"I still don't believe this is me," the younger one said, shaking his head.


Luna patted her dad's arm. "It's okay daddy. You're getting old. It's okay to get a little… less intelligent"

"WHAT?" both Dracos yelled in indignation. Luna shrugged and giggled.

"I call 'em as I see 'em!" she said as if it was the answer to anything then pranced off.

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