Author's Note: Sorry if my Irish accent is hopelessly pathetic. I kinda winged it in the story. Oh well. I wanted to write a Sophie/Gideon story because the lack of it on the site makes me upset. Thankfully, more people are recognizing the need for this amazing pairing to get some recognition!

She smiled. It was said that that single smile could make her scarred face light up, forgetting the ugly reminder of obedience slashed across her face. And how true that was. Her dark hazel eyes would bright up, lips curving ever so slightly. Her figure would straighten; chin higher, prouder than ever. She was the best thing the Shadowhunter had seen in a very, very long time.

Hiding behind a curtain, Gideon stared in awe. Ever since pledging allegiance to the Institute, which meant being kicked out of the house by his father, Gideon had gotten all the time in the world to look at Sophie Collins. "It's like she runs the place" Gideon observed one afternoon after seeing her hasten around, arranging the place for a visit by the Inquisitor.

In fact, Gideon stared so much at the servant girl that Cyril made it a point to tell Gideon discreetly after dinner. Gideon blushed fiercely, denying anything Cyril playfully accused him of but Cyril only smiled. He could see why his brother, Thomas, loved her so much.

It's not that what he was doing was indecent, well, maybe it was. But the Shadowhunter couldn't help but notice his cautious approaches at the girl were denied. Politely, but still denied. Every time Gideon tried to catch Sophie's eye, she would hastily look away and make up a daft excuse to escape the room. Even in training, including many of the days Gabriel wouldn't show up, whenever Gideon brushed his hand lightly over Sophie's, she would flinch and back away.

Gideon had to know what was wrong. He really admired her. Admired? Was that even the right word? No, he really cared about Sophie. Everything about her was perfect to him, even the little quirks and flaw just made her even cuter. So that night, under the cover of darkness, Gideon decided he could confront her.

As the last rays of sunset drowned beneath the horizon, Gideon got up from his bed where he was lazily lounging. Shaking his sand-blonde hair out of his face, Gideon threw on his best pants and casual shirt which loosely defined his broad shoulders and layer of muscle. Carefully sneaking out of his room, Gideon shuffled along the side of the wall, careful not to have any reason to make sound. As she approached the servants' corridor, he heard a pitiful ballad, a woman's voice moaning about murder. He swore loudly. By the Angel, how stupid must I be to forget Sophie shares a room with Bridget?

Cautiously peering at the entrance of the room, while still a distance's away, Gideon saw Bridget walk out of the room, her thin scarlet hair tied back. She was wearing just a night gown but Gideon would still see the pale legs underneath the thin material. It seemed like Bridget's bones were too big for her frame, her joints looking oddly out of place. Placing her hands on her hips, Bridget called out in her thick Irish accent, "Ye don't tink Chaarlotte will mind, don't ya, If I pour me self a wee bit of water?"

A softer and sweeter voice replied from inside the room, "Heaven's no Bridget. Just hurry before one of the men see you, especially Master Will. You'll never hear the end of it."

Gideon chuckled. It was true after all. William would never let it go. Bridget, after pausing and looking around the corridor, continued on her way to the kitchen. As soon as the corridor was clear, Gideon approached the doorway, peeking into the room. It was a nice, neat room, the furniture furnished, fireplace cackling in it's hearth. There were two beds. One empty, but the sheets tousled and turned. One the other, Gideon's heart skipped a beat, sat Sophie, tying her hair into a small bun. Her face wad own, hiding her scar while her hands moved quickly and efficiently. Satisfied with the result, Sophie got up from her position and drifted her eyes upward towards the doorway.

Her hazel eyes widened significantly as she noticed Gideon's sea green ones watching her intently. Rushing towards the door, Sophie stood a foot apart from the Shadowhunter, stammering a reply speaking quickly but in distress. "Gideon...? What are you doing here? It's getting late, past the proper time–" Sophie was cut off by Gideon's mouth smashing onto hers. His soft, velvety lips fit perfectly with Sophie's, he wrapped his arms around her waist. Sophie was startled, it took a her a while to realize what happened. She was kissing Gideon. Gideon. She tried to stop, knowing this kiss wouldn't be good for either one of them, but her emotions took control of her. Lightly placing her slender hands on Gideon's neck, she kissed back with as much passion as she could afford. She heard Gideon moan softly against her lips. Gideon moved his lips away from hers and started trailing kisses down her collarbone and neck. Sophie froze. No one had kissed her bare skin before.

"Gideon, stop." Sophie repeated firmly, pushing the boy's chest away from her a lot harder than she wanted to. She could feel her swollen and tingly feeling on her lips. She dreaded what it would look like in the morning. Gideon stumbled backwards and drew himself back, staring at Sophie's eyes, a look of hurt and confusion drawn across his features. He looked so innocent that Sophie wanted to hold him right there, tell him everything was fine. But she couldn't do that. He was higher than her. She was just a servant. That was all she would ever be.

"Sophie..." Gideon started but was cut off by Sophie's hushed yet frantic whisper.

"No, Gideon, this," Sophie gestured to the both of them, "Is not proper."

"But why?" Gideon began to raise his voice, "Because I haven't courted you yet? Because I'm not good enough for you? Because of my family? That I'm a Lightwood? Believe me Sophie when I say that I will never be like my father. I would expect someone else to say that. But you? I never thought–"

"BECAUSE I'M A SERVANT," Sophie screamed, her eyes shut. The room feel eerily quiet. Slowly Sophie opened her eyes and continued softly, "And you're a Shadowhunter."

Gideon stared at Sophie. Her face had turned red, hair wildly falling form her bun. Her eyes shimmered, the dark hazel color turning darker. Never had he thought that this was a factor that could affect them. I mean, Sophie wasn't just any normal mundane. She had the Sight. And she was trustworthy. Not to mention she was getting lessons in warfare. Gideon drew his arms towards Sophie but she stepped back.

"I–I never wanted you here." Sophie stammered. Gideon flinched at her words. "Not because I don't like you–No, but because you'll see who I really am. A servant girl. No one would approve."

"No, Sophie, never. I love–" Gideon began softly but was cut off by the door slamming in his face. He was so preoccupied that he didn't realize that he had steeped into the corridor. Placing his hands on the wooden door, Gideon could feel light sobbing vibrations. He closed his eyes and whispered, in the same voice he used when he last spoke to his dying mother, "I love you, Sophie. Everything about you. Your face, your laugh, your smile. It makes me feel lighter than air. I can't explain it, but the moment you stepped into my life, I knew that there was something–something special. Your determination, loyalty and proud head left me whirling after our first meeting. Sophie, you have no idea how big a part of my life you are now." Gideon stopped. He could still hear Sophie's heavy breathing. It had grown quieter now. He took her silence as permission to go on. "And I promise, no matter what ever people will say about us, no matter how many people won't approve, I'll love you, till the day I die. That's a promise, I intend to keep."

Gideon paused. How idiotic must have I sounded? I'm such a hopeless case. Romantic? More like pathetic. The door whipped open and Gideon who was leaning on it for support had to keep from falling down. Sophie stepped out and held Gideon's hands before he fell. Pulling him up, she smiled that smile. She smiled. It was the single smile could make her scarred face light up, forgetting the ugly reminder of obedience slashed across her face. Her dark hazel eyes would bright up, lips curving ever so slightly. Her figure would straighten; chin higher, prouder than ever. She was definitely the best thing the Shadowhunter had seen in a long time.

"Thank you." Sophie kissed his cheek softly before diving back in her room and closing the door shut. Gideon stood in awe. He brought his hand to his cheek, to the place where he kissed her and started walking down the corridor. Gideon was grinning crookedly like an mad man until he reached his room and fell on top of his bed. Closing his dreary eyes he yawned. Sophie's image flashed through his face. I'll love you, till the day I die. That's a promise I intend to keep.

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