Two remained standing. A battle lasting four years. Hundreds of heroes stepped up to the challenge and all fell in a brutal massacre of humiliating anguish and pain, while the innocent perished in a valiant attempt to assist, and now there were only two left. Others who dared oppose the onslaught were taken prisoner, the lucky ones were killed. No one was safe here, not any more. The wise had fled, the foolish fought back and acted as an example towards those considering disobedience; leaving the left over souls empty and scared into slavery, that is all except for that pair.

Diana whimpered, clutching her ribcage, breathing heavily. The princess f the Amazons never accepted defeat, but it seemed that defeat wasn't as avoidable as she once thought. Her eyelids drooped as she anxiously watched his men surround her. He was close; she could smell it. He left an odour in the air, one which she had become all too familiar with over the past few years, and continued t haunt her no matter where she ventured. The pungent aroma of burning and decay clung to her now, he had killed, she had killed, they all had killed; innocence was no longer present on earth. They stopped advancing, their weapons pointed threateningly at her as her eyes followed the small path forming before her. The clearing was small, but she knew all to well what was about to force it's way through, she could feel it in her aching bones.

"Wonder Woman." The booing voice greeted, "It's taken longer than I predicted, but I shouldn't have underestimated your efforts."

Her breathing slowed, becoming heavier. Silence engulfed the battlefield as Darkseid stepped towards her, dragging a broken an behind him. She wanted to pounce, attack the brute before her and make him pay for all he had done, yet she lacked even the strength to rise from her knees. He dropped Superman, laving him to crumple on the ravaged ground and continued to walk forward.

"You're quite the warrior my dear," He continued, "An interesting specimen indeed." He reached her, and bent down so they were face to face. "And may I add, it's nice to see you kneeling before me."

"I'll never bow to you!" She snarled, gripping him by the throat.

A chuckle escaped his dry lips, "You appear to have weakened since I last encountered you." He casually wrapped his fingers around her wrist and pulled her away and his throat free with one swift movement. Holding her at arms length, he watched her struggle as he tightened the vice which was his hand. "My offer still stands Amazon, it is your decision."

She closed her eyes tightly and pushed his wrist in a futile attempt to free herself. Opening them again, she failed to conceal the tears brimming, "What choice do I have?" She said half heartedly.

"Well, you can surrender and take the easy way out, or you can resist and take the long way around to the same fate." His eyes began to glow a menacing red, "Choose now."

Diana bit her lip and glanced at Superman. She sighed and raised her head to head, "I'll never surrender." She spat.

"Fine." Darkseid seethed, "I'll make you submit, one way or another."

Superman's bleary eyes fluttered open. He could hear screaming, sobbing and plea's for help. He knew the voice, he'd heard it many times before, laughing and joking, but never like this. A groan escaped his lips as he pushed himself up, feeling a sharp pain rushing through his weakened frame. With gritted teeth, he turned his head to see Darkseid with his arms holding Wonder Woman close to him. "Diana!" He yelled, staggering to his feet.

Her sobbing ceased momentarily as she listened to his voice, but her head still drooped and her body remained limp. "C-Clark?" She croaked, her voice barely above a whisper.

"Ahh, Kal-el, you have awoken n time to watch your friend surrender." Darkseid taunted.

"Let her go." Superman scolded, stepping towards them, "If you hurt her Darkseid I'll-"

A laugh interrupted him, "I only wish to show her reason." Darkseid said, caressing Diana's hair, "She'd be much better off working for me, training my furies."

"We both know what you really want her for, you've been after her for years!" Superman hissed, charging towards them.

The rays from his eyes hit Superman square in the chest before he could reach them, sending him back a few feet. "No Kal-el, if you want what's best for this planet, and your friends, then you will do as I say." Darkseid held Wonder Woman by her hair, pulling her so that Superman could see the tears rolling down her bloody face. "I have them, Batman, The Flash, Hawkgirl, I have them all locked away, disobey me and I'll kill them without hesitation. I'll destroy entire countries, murder far more civilians and it will all be on your head."

Superman froze, Darkseid was right. The planet was in an awful state, but if he reacted then not only would he get himself killed, but the repercussions of his action would mean even more ill fortune for those he cared about and the innocent people he swore to protect. Lowering his head, he closed his eyes in defeat, "What do you want?"

"Either help me maintain my rule on this pathetic planet, or leave."

Gasping, Diana pulled at her hair, "Clark, y-you can't! You-"

"Silence!" Darkseid hissed, "You have no say in this matter."

"I could never help you t rule this world." Superman sighed, his eyes resting on the beaten woman at Darkseid's feet.

"Then you will leave this planet, you shall never return and if you do, humanity will pay for you foolish blunder." Darkseid grinned.

Clenching his fists, Superman looked to the sky' it was over, they had lost. Tears seeped from his eyes as he sighed, "Just kill me." He muttered.

"No," Darkseid smiled, "I want you to be known as a traitor, one who abandoned his people in their time of need. If you stay you will still be a traitor, and if you fight the world will know that their suffering is your fault. You cannot win Superman."

"Fine... I'll leave." Superman said softly, his eyes falling on a crying Amazon.

The look of panic in her yes was undeniable as she tried to pull away from Darkseid, "C-Clark no! Y-You can't leave, we need you!"

"I-I'm so sorry Diana." He whispered, a tear trickling down his face, "But we can't win this time; it's over."

Darkseid smiled again and pulled out a small remote, "Once this tube opens, you will enter it and you will not return, even though I doubt you could find your way back." He flicked a switch and a boom tube appeared before Superman.

Pausing, he looked once more at Diana's pleading face, "Goodbye Diana." He said gently as he walked slowly towards the tube.

"Don't worry Superman, I'll take good care of your little Amazon warrior." Darkseid grinned, stroking her hair softly.

"Clark please don't leave, y-you can't go!" Diana began to plead again, thrashing about in Darkseid's grip, "I-It can't end like this! Clark!"

"I'm sorry Diana..." Superman said again, before diving into the tunnel.

"Clark you can't leave me here like this!" Diana's voice became a mixture of desperation and fear, "Clark! H-He's... You know what he'll do to me! Clark... I-I can't do this alone!"

The tunnel closed, cutting Superman off from Earth."

"Y-You can't leave me with him..." Tears spilled over he edge of her eyes as she stopped struggling and finally accepted defeat.

Author's Note: Been planning something like this for a while now, but I've never gotten around to writing it until now. Idea I had about Darkseid taking over the world, and the Justice League being powerless to stop it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, so please leave a review to tell me what you think of this first chapter :) Any suggestions will be appreciated and considered ^-^