Past memories plagued Diana's dreams as she awoke from her melancholy state of unrest. Eyes rimmed with red rings stared back at her in her dressing table mirror as she groaned, smoothing a layer of ivory liquid onto her skin. Covering the red lids of her eyes with thick black lines and powder, she smiled weakly at her deceivingly fresh face. But something was still wrong. A dark patch on her face exaggerated her already defined cheekbones and standing out against the pale skin surrounding it. Sighing heavily, she dabbed at it with another blotch of foundation, trying in vain to conceal the the consequences of her disobedience.

"You're up early." Darkseid commented as he rolled over to watch her.

"Hmmm." She mumbled, rubbing in the viscous liquid. Tutting, she turned to glare at him, "You're probably the only person who can bruise me like this."

Grinning, he stretched out on the large bed, "I'm pretty sure Moungol could, or maybe Bizzaro." He paused, watching her frown at him as he struck a nerve, "Or perhaps even Superman himself." he added, striking even deeper.

"That's going too far, Darkseid." Diana hissed.

A chuckle escaped his lips, "Calm down, he's never coming back anyway." He beckoned her over with his hand, "And even if he did, he wouldn't be able to lay a finger on you. Not now." He took er hand in his and rubbed her wedding ring with his thumb, staring deeply into her downcast eyes.

"Hmmm..." She murmured, gently tugging her hand away, "When are we leaving?"

Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, he jumped up and looked down at her "In about two hours, but first, I need to ask you something."

Brow furrowed, Diana stared back at him and opened her mouth to inquire, only to be dismissed as he walked out of the room. Nervously tugging at her nightgown, she bit her lip and paced back and forth, her mind running ragged as she desperately tried to think of what he could be asking. "Please don't be about Daniel... Please..." She thought, finally falling back onto the bad behind her, eyes tightly closed.

Footsteps brought her back to reality as Darkseid re-entered the room. "Sit up." He ordered, taking a seat next to her.

The bed shifted as he sat, and Diana trembled as she fell back slightly into his arm, "What is it?" she breathed, the fear in her voice evident.

He remained silent, gently gathering her hair over one shoulder. Sighing heavily, he wrapped her golden lasso around her neck, leaving it loose enough to calm her down, "Don't panic." He soothed, rubbing her shoulder lightly, "Just answer a few things for me." He cleared his throat, still caressing her arm, "Now, when did you last think of Superman?"

"About ten minutes ago when you mentioned him." She muttered.

Smirking, Darkseid pulled his hand back, "Less of the attitude, right, so when was the last time you had contact with him?"

She paused, glancing back at him, "17 years ago... Why are you-"

"Do you have any idea where he is or what he has been doing since then?"

Frowning, she turned to look at him again "No, all I know is that he left Earth, I don't even know where you sent him." She moved sideways so she was facing him properly, "What is all this about?"

"That is none of your concern." He snapped, suddenly pulling the lasso tighter. "Last question: if he did come back, would you stand against him, or with him?"

Her eyes widened, pupils dilated as her breath caught in her throat, "W-what?" She shook her head, feeling herself trying to resist answering as the lasso shined brightly around her throat, "I... I-I don't know." She finally responded, her head lowering as she watched his eyes narrow and glow.

"Get up." Shayera growled, throwing a hooded cloak in Clark's direction. "Bruce wants to see you, he's going out for supplies."

Clark rubbed his eyes, "Where's he headed?"

"There's a market a few miles East, nothing special just a street of food stalls and a few with material." She replied, ushering him out of he door.

"Is it safe to go out there, I mean Darkseid found out who everyone really was, he's going to recognise us all."

Rolling her eyes, Shayera pushed him forward, "Just wear that, keep the hood up and don't draw any attention to yourself." She stopped at the end of the dark hall, cocking her head as she glared at him, "Understand?"

He nodded quickly, walking through the door Shayera pushed open for him, "Yeah."

The two walked in silence from that point. Clark tried to think of something to say, but he wasn't quite sure what to ask, he wasn't even sure if it was wise asking her after everything. Instead, he stayed quiet, walking through the dimly lit corridors, listening to the soft murmurs he could hear from around the next turn.

"Need anything?" Shayera said as she suddenly turned and walked into a small room to their right.

Following her in, Clark stopped in his tracks, "What are these two doing here?"

"Well, well, looks like the rumours were true, huh Red?" Harley Quinn grinned as she leaned against the dusty wall.

Poison Ivy raised an eyebrow at him, "So they are." She commented, seemingly uninterested. "Shay, pick me up some strawberries if they have them, we need more seeds."

"Yeah, and get me some cherries ,would ya?" Harley added, wrapping her ar4ms around Shayera as she bounded around the room."

Turning his head away, Clark repeated the question "What are these two doing here?"

"We don't turn away help." Shayera said plainly, "Follow me, I'll show you what they're doing."

Shaking his head, he walked past them as they smiled smugly at him, their faces barely visible in the dark room. Shayera opened another door in the corner of the room, and all of a sudden a blinding light illuminated the room. Squinting, Clark walked through only to find himself in a large underground greenhouse type area. "What..."

"Ivy grows the food we need. Most of the population of Earth are kept poor and starving so they remain weak, luckily we have her green thumbs." She walked deeper into the rows of plants and plucked and orange off before tossing it to him, "Wally keeps it powered by using some sort of hamster wheel type generator Bruce made. He runs a few hours a day to keep us going."

Clark smiled softly, "Not bad." He said, turning to see Harley and Ivy standing behind him. His heart stopped. Ivy looked fine, in fact she looked great. Her red hair was sill vibrant, and there were no traces of wrinkles on her smooth green skin, she had barley aged at all. But Harley, things didn't look like they'd gone too well for her.

"Hey Harls, can you go get the watering can for me?" Ivy said sweetly, tapping Harley on the shoulder. Beaming at her, Harley skipped off, humming merrily. Ivy turned back to Clark, face like thunder. "Stop staring at her."

"W-What happened?" Clark said quietly.

"What do you think, she was dating a psychopath!" Ivy hissed, shoving him harshly. "The Joker got even worse when Darkseied took over, cut up all his face, then set his sight on her." Her eyes closed for a moment, "She got down, really down, Joker wanted to see her happy, so he sliced her cheeks, made sure she never stopped smiling."

Clark's stomach dropped, "What happened to him?"

Opening her eyes, now brimming with tears of frustration, she clenched her teeth, "Darkseid killed him, that just made things with Harley worse, she never got over it." A sigh escaped her green lips as she looked up at him, "She loves those scars now, she said they make her feel pretty, make her feel like Joker was still here."

"Ivy, you don't have to tell him this, you don't have to tell him anything." Shayera interrupted, pushing Clark towards the door.

"Why? Everyone knows anyway. No one's come out of this unscathed, Shay." Ivy murmured, her fingers tracing the leaves of a small tree.

Shayera continued pushing Clark, breathing heavily as she led him out back the way they came and down another corridor. "Stop prying, you're bringing back all the pain we're trying to leave behind."

"I just want to know what happened while I was gone!" Clark shouted, pushing her back against the wall.

"Why! You left, this has nothing to do with you anymore! The only reason Brue wants you to go with him today is because he wants to show you just how bad it is out there!" She paused, her breath ragged and her chest heaving, "You left us like the Clark, you left us and you think that it's okay to jut come back in and at like the boss again, at like you an fix all of this, well... You can't. You just can't, Clark."

He lowered his gaze, stepping back from her. "I an fix this Shayera, I promise you, I can make it right again."

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