Hayley Martin is one of three finalists in the seventh competition for the Instant Star crown, a competition where individuals from around the world travel to Canada for a chance at a lucky ticket to fame. Competitors battle with vocals and music on Canada's highest rated international reality television series, Instant Star (a subsidiary of Bell Media entertainment, Rogers Communications and Epitome Productions. All rights reserved.)

The series will primarily focus around Hayley's rise to fame and the effects it has on her and the people around her's life. The series will also focus on the life of the now internationally acclaimed pop star, and original Instant Star, Jude Harrison, as she returns temporarily to Toronto, where her fame, fortune, and success started. Ms. Harrison has been asked to return to her home town as a judge on the acclaimed reality series, Instant Star.

This is just an idea and summary of my series concept. I'm very big on continuity and want this to take place after the actual series. Although the series will focus on Hayley and her group of friends, I'll have a show-within-a-show format that will also follow Jude, catching up on where she's been, where she is, and where she's going (along with who she's taking with her.)

G-Major, Instant Star, and Jude Harrison are a lot more successful, well-known and powerful then the last time we've met. This series with have a lot more glitz and glamour...and it will focus on dark and more realistic story-lines about the struggles of, "being famous."

- Being Famous Rocks, Again.