Hayley enters her house with her parents and sister. It's a small, suburban Toronto home in a "average" part of town. "This place is fantastic, we're so lucky to live here." She mumbles to her family. Hayley was on a natural high, and her parents were surprised about it. You see, Hayley had just been told that her show's audience would select the new Instant Star after a fierce, competitive duet between the two finalists, Hayley and her grade school rival, Kristen. This was because the judges could not decide between the two up-and-comers, and so they created a new, "Speed of Sound" round where the two competing finalists would be given a song and they would preform it together. After which, for the first time, fans would decide the new Instant Star.

Hayley walks through her living room toward the television to check on the CTV New's coverage of the show, which had now become a ritual for the Grade 9. Once Hayley hits the "On" button, a young asian women comes onto the television. "Today's final round of the Instant Star competition was the fiercest yet. After a fantastic original song performance by finalist Dougles Garret, whom is a United States contestant, he was cut in favor of two local Canadian up-and-comers who will preform in a special duet segment called the 'Speed of Sound.' This will be for fans to determine and vote for their favorite Instant Star contestant. Stay tuned for more details."

Hayley frowned while turning the television off with her black remote, their was no mention of her performance or of the two final contestants, just a reminder of the added stress she'll have to endure and the revival of her friends betray in her head.

"Everything will be okay, I promise that." Hayley's Mom walks over to her, holding her by the shoulder. Hayley's expression did not change.