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Demons of Metropolis Prologue

The city of Metropolis; the last, large city in a darkening world, slowly rotting to the ground underneath it. It is here that the great power known as Underworld is locked away by a fragile spell.

The city is of Gothic origin – stone buildings, gray in their crumbling concrete with gargoyle ornaments at the lavish corners by day, set in stone. But these gargoyles are not always present. With their wide wings or fearsome fangs, they prowl street corners and garbage ridden allies for a crimson drink from an oblivious mortal making his way home. Mermaids swim and play at the rocky shore where from there, large Zaratans, once called Wailord but now drastically changed from contamination, can be seen spouting water hundreds of feet into the air far off shore. Aristocratic vampires linger in their dark tenements at the city's limits while necromancers use their zombie armies to terrify the mortals and steal precious jewels from the fairies. As frightening or as wonderful as this scene might be, these creatures of this dark city are but the tip of the iceberg when describing Metropolis' citizens and past.

To start, the citizens of Metropolis are classed into one of three stereotypes – The Darks, The Lights, and The Mortals. Of course, in any changing world full of slang, The Darks are usually called "darkies", and The Lights have been reduced to "lighties". Segregation couldn't be thicker. "Darkies" are usually the ones that fall into the undead or evil persons of Halloween children's books while "lighties" can be differentiated as the light or cute heroes of fairytales. The Mortals are, to put it blunt, regular humans who are more or less ignorant to the class system. They simply go about their lives, watching werewolves cross the street thinking they're lost puppies. They're even more so ignorant to the brooding families.

The ruling clans of this city on the brink of its grave are in constant battle, but for now, silent in the ongoing clash. On the east side, across the small, chemical concentrated river that snakes its way through the city to the open ocean docks, reside the Angels in their wealthy estates, set forth by the clergy family - the mortals they work with at the tall tower church off main street. But the mortal clergy is, like any group of mortals, oblivious to the white, feathered wings of the Angels, for good reason. The Angels pray to their God and obey their laws of life that, as they think, have been concentrated into a single book, the Bible, or as "darkies" like to say, the "how to be a good Angel for DUMMIES" book. Pure and obeying, the Angels are the quintessence of perfection, living at peace with the other "lighties" – mermaids, fairies, and good, little elves, like those that work for Mr. Claus himself.

But Angels, like all living things, are not without their qualms, and those qualms lie with Demons, those fallen angels with large, black, skin wings, like those of bats, and what appears to be no morals. They used to rule the night in their strength of the most powerful and darkest gremlins to set foot upon Metropolis' cracked sidewalks. All other vampires and gargoyles would hide in their dumpsters and ally ways, should there be a Demon on his prowl. But not anymore.

In a brutal clash of black and white, the demons were crushed under the force of light by Sunilluma, the Angel's mighty demon killing dagger. And although they had Sindarkka, the Angel killing dagger by their side, they still fell in the debacle of either clan's history. Defeated and weak, they were banished from the city limits to the barren sand tundra, Outskirt. There they were believed to have died out, since not one Demon had been seen again afterward…at least not by Angelic eyes.

On the other side of that winding river, all the way to the dead empty warehouses by the docks where large, but now lost, cargo ships would tow in their load now reside three Demons, left behind after their clan's defeat just to antagonize the "lighties". They linger on with their secluded lives in warehouse six and have been doing very well. But as fate would have it, things were about to change.

The demons left behind the three strongest, most able, hybrid combinations there. The first and oldest to take care of the two younger is a man of pyroism. With the snap of his fingers, a spark flies and a flare is born. It's quite a pity, though - his short wings don't allow him to take flight, much less sneak behind the eye of a watchful Angel. He spends his time in his room dreaming of the boy and finding the girl a nuisance.

The second, though not any older than the boy, is a girl with short wings as well, but she has a talent where wings aren't needed. With the flick of her wrist her fingers elongate to about ten feet if she wanted, though she's not sure if she could go longer. She's a confused adolescent with problems that she tries to cover up with a toothy grin. It's a pity, though, she was meant to carry on the genes of herself and one of the males, but alas, she only likes what she has.

And the last, the boy, a vampiric demon – a powerful, dark creature whose life is alive yet dead, giving him the immortality of a wandering spirit. With fangs that could deal vampiric longevity or poisonous afterlife with their simple length; the demons had their hopes high for this one. But it's a pity…

Underworld will be reopened soon due to selfishness…when hate is spawned from love. The Angels figured that could never happen, and so the spell is lost in the endless scrolls of the library on twenty-fourth. All they are concerned about now is who will take the position of highest priest. A young girl? No. But perhaps her husband, that is, if she doesn't get caught up in her curiosity of the darker half, or the young shadow that leads her to the world's truths.

They will start the wave, unintentionally, this opposites pair, angel and demon. From the depths of the past, from a never ending feud, they find a way to mix his shadows and her glow. It will be difficult. With such a silent war, ready to explode under the tiniest hint of romance between them, it is important to keep the extinction of the demons as true as can be lied. Secrets are difficult to keep, and soon their suspicious behavior will spark another great battle between angel and demon, light and dark, pure and impure…all to reveal who the real demons of Metropolis are.