Chapter 20 - Epilogue

The city of Metropolis. A desolate place torn by the hatred of two Demonic clans...

In time the city would repair itself, but in the minutes after May and Drew's deaths, the spell became activated again. Bright, violet lights spewed from the center of the city once again and sucked Underworld back underground. The dragon tried to escape, and its roars could be heard across the city, echoing off of window panes. But that was all in vain. The lights seemed to grab it and pull it back from whence it came. Its reign over the city was over, for the time being. Amongst the city streets, Demons awakened from their terrible slumber of destruction and rage, only to become enraged again at the other clan's existence. However, the tables were turned.

Robert observed the scene with an air of victory in his sigh. The white Demons' legion had been completely emaciated from their prolonged rampage while the black Demons had strived to keep their composure. It was true some Demons had become Wrathful, but overall, they had learned from their mistakes two decades ago. The plan, Robert reviewed quietly to himself with a smile, was to come back to the city only to provoke the Wrath in the enemy. The effect was sprawled out in front of him as Angels knelt down in defeat of the Demons. Of course, he could not take all of the credit. Even though Drew had not fought for him in the way he had planned, he had still served by breaking Underworld's spell long enough to kill off the Angelic force and so, Robert thanked him from the bottom of his heart.

Jim looked up at Robert, happy to see the Demon once again. The gremlin knew the city would finally be at peace once again and would stay like that. It had been a long time, but in the midst of destruction, the city was pulling itself back together. Jim was not worried anymore. The Demonic Council, which he remembered from many years ago, would govern the city the way they used to govern the Darkie side of town. The vampires' numbers would probably decline now with their top predator back from their absence, and the wealth would reach his own, bony hands. But those fantasies would take a long time. Surely the first thing on the agenda was reconstruction, to rebuild the areas of the city Underworld had destroyed.

The gremlin walked along the sidewalk. He looked up at the sky which was finally clearing. It was not wonderful spring time, but the dark, thundering clouds were taking their leave and the city became brighter.

Jim stopped and watched as a few Demons, from both clans, walked together without malice. Did they realize their mistakes? Or perhaps, their brotherhood could finally be realized after such a long time of brainwashing. Jim was unsure, but it was good to see the fighting had stopped.

Of course, not everything was happy and sunshine. Sure there was destruction and buildings had collapsed, but the loss of life was staggering. Dead bodies, blood, and pieces of bodies were strewn all over the roads. Wrath was a powerful thing, Jim observed. He also observed that Drew's promise had been kept. Of course, that had been an empty exaggeration. Then again, Drew had always kept his promises.