Hey readers! Just wanted to let everyone know that the ages are the same with the movie and the story! So enjoy!

"Oh sweetheart, you look so cute!" Hannah's mom said, driving us to 'cheerleading tryouts'. I should probably explain. I'm Alison Ogden, but most people call me Ali. Me and Hannah both play baseball with my twin brother, Eddie, and his friends, Frankie, who is one of my closest friend, and D.B. who I might have a small crush on, not that I would tell him. But, because Hannah's mom is so girly, we have to pretend to be cheerleaders. Anyways, we arrived at school just in time.

"Thanks mom."Hannah yelled back to her mom.

"Thanks Jenny!" I also yelled, calling her by her first name, which she insisted I called her.

"No problem, girls! Good luck!" Jenny yelled back before pulling away. We quickly ran up to the field before we became seriously late. We ran in just in time.

"Sorry we're late. Did we miss anything?" Hannah said, drawing everyone's attention to us. Most of them looked shocked.

"Um, Hannah, Ali. Why are you so pink?" Eddie asked, looking at our pink skirts and jackets we were currently taking off.

"Oh, because my mom thinks I'm here trying out to be a cheerleader. And she would never believe me unless Ali came too." Hannah replied back.

"Who ever heard of baseball cheerleaders?" Eddie asked, doubtfully.

"Hey I think it's cool. We could use some cheerleaders." Frankie spoke up.

"Hah! Yeah, like that's gonna happen." I replied, taking of the skirt of the uniform, showing my baseball shorts.

"I wanna be a cheerleader." Kimberly said, raising her hand slightly.

"And I stand corrected." I said to Hannah, who giggled quietly before speaking up.

"Go for it. I'm just telling her that. Because she was the opening cheerleader, she thinks I should be one too." Hannah said, fixing her hair while I sat down in between Eddie and D.B.

"Has she met you guys?" D.B. quipped, giving Eddie a high five while I punched him in the arm. Hannah just sat down in between us, making him fall off the bench while all of us laughed. That's when the game started. I'm the third baseman so I quickly ran out there with the rest of the team.

"Play ball!" The umpire yelled.

"Hey, batter, batter, batter." Eddie yelled.

"Hannah! Anticipate! Aaron! Put something into it! You're throwing like a girl." Dad yelled. I rolled my eyes. So I throw like a guy? "And Oliver! Could you be any more out of position?"

"Other than that, good job everybody!" Dad's assistant yelled. I saw Eddie saying something, but I couldn't hear it since I was at third and he was at first.

"Heads up! Okay everybody, heads up!" Dad yelled. Aaron pitched and the batter hit it towards second, where we quickly made a double play. Unfortunately, we lost 10 to 3.

"Good job, guys. Good job. See you tomorrow afternoon. Remember groundhogs, time to get serious about winning, huh?" Dad said before walking to the car. Me and Eddie were following him, but we're stopped by Frankie and D.B.

"Time to get a new team name. More fierce, less road." Frankie complained while D.B. took his helmet off.

"Time to get a new bat. This one can't hit a thing." D.B. replied, holding up said bat.

"I'll tell you what it's time for." Eddie said, throwing the baseball. Oh no, that could only mean one thing.

"Eddie dogs." Eddie said when all of us got to the hot dog stand.

"I've been waiting all year for one of these." D.B. told Frankie, who nodded excitedly. All the boys smiled while I just looked at them disgustedly. Eddie quickly made three of his special hot dogs before handing 2 to Frankie and D.B. and taking one himself, knowing I wasn't going to eat one. They all dug in before one of the players of the other team came along.

"Hey, it's a couple of groundhogs. Just in case you didn't know, this is what a baseball looks like." He said, winking at me while I just glared back.

"That's a baseball then I'll serve it to you for dinner. Hey, don't walk away from me when I'm talking to you. Come back here." D.B. said, waving the ketchup bottle at them, with food in his mouth. I started laughing, causing the other guys to laugh to, while D.B. just glared at us.

"I'd give anything to beat those guys." He said, shaking his head.

"All right, well then let's beat them. Every years always a building for us anyways, we might as well build towards something." Eddie replied.

"Really?" Frankie said, looking doubtful.

"Yeah really, okay that's what this season is all about. Beating the eagles. Are you with me?" Eddie asked excitedly.

"Yeah." We all exclaimed. D.B. then noticed he was still holding the ketchup bottle and threw it onto a nearby bench while we all headed to our house.