so Ted was a simple minded dragon fly. just going around doing his thing. Then one day he saw a light coming from a far off window. He flew to it. There was a small opening so he squeezed through it. Inside he saw this man with dark curly hair playing on his iPhone. Then he saw it. This giant mirror. He had to look at himself in it of course. Ted flew in front of it a few times to check himself out I'm one good lookin dragon fly he thought to himself. Because well dragon fly's can't talk. But then the man spoke.

"Eh! look a dragon fly!" The man got up and ran over to the dragon fly excitedly. Ted didn't know what to do he has never encountered someone like him before so he decided to fly around the room.

"I'm gonna name you Ted!" The man declared. He smiled contently and went back to his phone. Ted was relieved and went back to admiring himself in the mirror. The man chuckled.

"Ted chill man. You look good." Ted knew this of course. Why else would he book looking at himself? He looked at the man in the mirror for a minute and thought that he was quite derby. He kept running around the room saying that he was a dragon fly with Ted and they would go on dragon fly adventures together. Of course they wouldn't that would just be ridiculous that man was far too small to be a dragon fly. Ted got bored after a while a decided it was time to leave. As he flew back out the window the man started to whimper.. He looked back one last time thinking over whether he should go or not. After a good few seconds he escaped quickly before the man could grab him and stick him in a jar or something.