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Daddy Bruce!

Bruce slammed the car door shut, trying to balance the paper bags full of groceries. He walked slowly up to Tony's huge mansion, trying to open the door without spilling anything. As he walked the AI Jarvis spoke to him as concerned a voice that a computer could manage.

"Dr. Banner, you might want to head down to the lab."

"Uh, why?" asked Bruce hesitantly

"Just head down there sir, you'll understand." Answered Jarvis

Bruce dropped the bags and walked briskly down the hallways and then down the stairs.

"What the hell did Tony do this time?" he muttered to himself

When he reached the lab he could not see anything really wrong. He punched in his code to get in, trying to see through the glass if anyone was around. As the doors swooshed open and he stepped inside he could hear tiny, shrill, voices arguing.

"This is not my fault!"

"Yes it is! You're the one that did the spell thingy!"

"Well if you hadn't interrupted!"

"Come friends, let us not argue!"


"What the-"

Bruce walked around one of the lab tables to find little children that looked just like the Avengers and Loki. Loki looked pretty much the same, except his hair was shorter, Thor also had shorter hair with no beard and he was still taller than everybody else. Steve was also tall, but apart from rounder features he looked similar to his older self. Clint and Natasha looked like miniature versions of themselves, and Tony was Tony, except that he did not have his scruff either. They were all in a circle, yelling mostly at Loki, but they turned around when they saw Bruce come in.

Bruce gave a long-suffering sigh and asked, "What happened?"

Everyone started talking at once, Bruce held up a hand for silence.

"Steve, you explain."

"It was a normal day, until Jarvis alerted us to the fact that Loki was in the lab, threatening Tony."

Loki looked around the lab, trying to look innocent. It didn't work.

"We all rushed down there, and Loki was doing a spell thing, when Thor threw his hammer and hit Loki in the face."

Loki smacked Thor on the arm and Thor looked guilty about it.

"His spell went off but something weird happened. Loki said that something got messed up when he was hit, and then we woke up to find ourselves like this!"

Bruce rubbed his temples, trying not to get too tense.

"Okay, Loki. Is what Steve said true? Did someone fire a bad spell?"

"Mmmmm" mumbled Loki

"Loki, I'm gonna count to three, and you better answer me."

Loki stared at the ground. Thor gave him a gentle nudge with his shoulder.

"One . . . Two . . .Thr-"

"Okay! Okay! Yes I did fire a spell, but it was because Tony was being a meanie!"

"Liar, Liar! Green pants on fire!"

"My pants are black stupid!"

Tony launched himself at Loki and the two fell to the ground, rolling.

Bruce ran forward and pulled them apart before Thor could kill Tony.


Everyone looked down at the ground in shame.

"Now, Loki, is there any way for you to reverse this?"

Loki frowned.

"No, not that I can think of. Although, there is one thing that might work."

"What?" asked Bruce quickly

"I didn't cast the spell properly, so it should wear off in its own time."

"How long will that be?" asked Natasha

"I don't know! I don't know everything about magic!"

"Ha ha!" yelled Clint, pointing at Loki

Loki hid behind Thor, trying not to blush from embarrassment.

"Okay, hopefully it won't be too long until that happens. In the meantime, I'm in charge. That means you listen to me and follow my rules, otherwise you'll get a time out!"

Everyone nervously nodded at Bruce, except Tony who rolled his eyes.

"Okay, let's lay some ground rules here. No fighting! And that includes ALL forms of fighting, weapons, fists, and words! The next rule: the lab is now off limits!"

There was a loud bang, and everyone turned to see Tony flying backwards as he dropped the laser weapon he was holding.

"See, Tony just showed why I made that rule." Said Bruce patiently, "You will just end up hurting yourself or others. Tony, no more lab, and no more lasers."

"BUT BRUCEY! I need to work, I need to do sciency things!"

"Now Tony-"

"NO! I NEED MY SCIENCE!" yelled Tony as he flailed his arms around

"Alright, unsurprisingly, Tony is the first one to get a time out. That will be five minutes in the corner Tony. I'll be counting and watching."

Tony sat on the floor with his arms crossed and pouted.

"Anyway, back to the rules. I will tell you when there is food or snack time, otherwise please stay out of the kitchen. If you're really hungry, just talk to me and maybe I'll let you have something extra."

Thor looked devastated that he no longer had free reign of the kitchen. Bruce was happy that there would now be less trips to the grocery store.

"Okay, I'll probably come up with more rules later, but for now we are going upstairs where it is safe. Come on."

Everyone walked out of the lab and up the stairs in single file except for Tony, who was still sitting on the floor, pouting. Bruce walked over, picked him up, and carried him out of the lab.

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