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Chapter 1: The first night

Korra woke up screaming yet again. Since she faced amon the second time her nightmares just kept coming back. Unable to sleep she would walk outside to meditate or waterbend under the moon, and every night Tenzin saw the frightened avatar to scared to sleep go outside. It pained Tenzin to have to see this because in the time that Korra has lived with him and trained with him he has learned to love her as his own daughter. To make matter worse she found mako outside. 'shit' the one person korra didnt want to see was right out there. She was hoping to avoid him tonight since it was their first night here after what happened in the Sato mansion.

~Makos POV~

Unable to sleep after todays events I walked outside to clear my mind. Finding the perfect spot an old wooden gazebo i gazed across the bay to the ruins of the probending arena. It wasnt long until i heard someone walking up behind me.

~Korra's POV~

"Oh sorry Mako i didnt think you would be outside at this hour." "Same to you. You okay Korra?" No im not okay, im scared to death that Amon is still out there and not to mention i have to watch you and Asami for now on! Oh yea and the fact that you can just end our friendship just like that. "Yea im fine just gonna meditate and all under the moon light because you know waterbender and all." 'I hope he doesnt see through my lie'

"Okay then dont let me disturb you. Wait you think i can join you i need to relax and all." FUCK NO GO AWAY YOUR ONE OF MY PROBLEMS! "Sure why not." As we sat down i stated out loud hopin that he would hear me, "Avatar Aang please help me i need to get into the spirt world i need to master airbending, I need help."

~Pov change~

As soon as Korra said that her eyes were glowing for about 2 second before fading and closing. Korra was finally sliping into the spirit world. Mako on the other hand was processing what she said until he saw her eyes glowing knowing that she was finally going into the spirit had also seen this happen so he went outside to tell Mako to go back in and get some rest Korra probably wouldnt come back around until the morning.

Yet again Tenzin was right. When Korra opened her eyes again she was a little shocked to see it was morning and that she was sitting face to face with Tenzin and they had a plate of food inbetween them. "Good morning Korra i see your back from the spirit world, eat please i figured you might be hungry and i would rather talk to you out here." "O-Okay... oh yea before i eat Aang said that you are doing amazing and he misses you." Hearing that made Tenzin's heart all warm and fuzzy inside all he managed to tell her was,"eat."

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