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Chapter 30

"Percy!" Grover bleated. The satyr ran up to his best friend, his eyes wide. "Can you believe everything? There was a mortal named Chuck and it was like I got transported into another dimension!"

"It was probably an illusion," Percy answered shortly, though still grinned at seeing his best friend. "Just like everything else."

All the Olympians were in Camp Half-Blood to explain the enigma that had stopped not long ago. Currently it was in a frenzy, people trying to find people and clamoring that occurred at seeing the undead alive.

Meanwhile most of the usual gang that had survived crowded amongst each other. Grover continued to rave on and on about the pointless illusions and a dude called Chuck.

"At least she could've made it be an enchilada store!" Grover cried out righteously. "Not some cheese shop! And there were guns and bombs and-"

"It's all over now," Percy said, nodding. His eyes lighted up. "My mom and Paul, they're..."

"Still alive," a voice boomed.

All chattering stopped under the powerful voice of an Olympian. Poseidon smiled kindly at his son who still looked giddy with excitement at the prospect of seeing his family again. Then he let his brother take over.

"I'm sure all of you are confused, and under the circumstances it is only right, Zeus said, his voice powered with power. "What has happened these past few months was just an illusion- a trick of the mind. It is not real-"

"We repeat," Hermes said solemnly, a megaphone in his hands. "It is not real."

Zeus sighed in exasperation. "Thank you, Hermes. All of the disaster you have seen- all the terror and utter destruction is fake. Everything is now returned to normal. Your family and fellow campers that have been 'turned' are back to their old selves. Now. Close your eyes."

And that was it. Zeus refused to say anything more and the campers were too scared to ask anything. The King of the Gods and his wife flashed away- the smell of ozone hanging thick in the air. None of the other gods left.

And the demigods took that as an invitation to start talking again.

"If I have to see you dead or near dead for the third time," Clarisse warned though was interrupted when Chris hugged her.

"Technically it was partly your fault," he mentioned casually, and their argument escalated.

The others watched on, the Stolls making bets until it all ended with a bear hug that Thalia looked at strangely. Shrugging, she turned to her two cousins which she had journeyed with.

"Well, it's been a change working with two boys," she started, but there was a teasing light in her eyes. "But now it's time for me to go back to the Hunt. Though someday, we're all going to get those burgers- I never got to enjoy one in the apocalypse."

And the lieutenant left after she said her farewells to her cousins and Annabeth and anyone else she thought of as her friend. When she started to leave, Michael shook his head.

"Man, I still think I'm better than her with a bow," he said with a grin, only to find an arrow giving him a haircut. "April Fools!" He called out afterwards.

"Your skills with a bow are better than mine," Will said, before looking at his half-brother. "You should be head counselor again."

Michael's grin increased. "Aw thanks, Will. I'll make sure not to say 'Fire at Will' anymore then.'"

"I will though," Connor said with a grin.

Annabeth looked at the younger Stoll with a frown. "You know you should be more careful next time. Circe used all our weak points against us- curiosity amongst others."

"Aye aye Captain Jackson," he said seriously, then doubled over with laughter as she blushed ever so slightly.

Percy slung his arm around his girlfriend. "You never know," he added mysteriously. "In the future-"

"Ah, Percy," Poseidon greeted as he stopped the arising laughter and chatter in the group. The look he sent everyone obviously meant that they were not wanted.

The demigods scurried away with great haste- leaving Percy and his father alone.

"Your mother and that Blowfish man are still alive," Poseidon told him. "You should go see them. Oh, and go tell Annabeth that her father and family are also still alive."

"I think that everyone knows that whoever has died is alive," Percy said in amusement.

Poseidon nodded. "Even though everything wasn't real, you handled the situation quite well."

"You saw," Percy replied, not as a question but as a harsh statement. "What happened in the beginning?"

Instead of replying, Poseidon placed his finger on his son's temple and let the memories flow and connect:

It was one of those days where Hera got so frustrated of her family she forced all of them together once everyone had finished their duties. All of the Olympians sat in silence and boredom under the expecting eyes of the Queen of the Gods.

"It is ridiculous," Hera said, as tight as her hands gripping her throne. "How we only get a few days to spend time together. I think it's time for a change around here."

There were a few excessive groans around the room, but other than that, no one seemed to complain because the look Hera was giving them was murderous- looking exactly like a loving mother.

So they sat around for a few minutes, all doing their own thing of their own domains in boredom.

Hera smiled, seeing how everyone was finally getting along, before realizing that no one was talking. Her smile faltered but still plastered on her face as if using superglue.

And everything was fine for a few moments- but in the next minute there came a haunting voice."Aren't you all so bored?" The voice asked.

Apollo and Hermes jumped at the chance and shouted repeated choruses of 'yes!' Hepheastus just banged his head on his throne as an answer while the others listened on attentively.

"I have the perfect solution!" The voice continued, almost giggly like but still sounding sleepy.

Aphrodite looked up from the mirror, as if the perfect solution was a new way to perfect her hair.

"Who is it?" Zeus boomed.

"Is it my brother?" Apollo sang, but quickly shut up under another one of Hera's gazes.

"Show yourself!" Zeus continued.

"You're all bored right?" The voice asked persistently.

"I don't see the point of this!" Ares roared in frustration.

In a sense it was as ridiculous as Hera's plan of spending time together. And a bit random as well.

"Ares is right," Athena agreed, the book in her lap still open. "This is nonsense. Who are you?"

"I go by many names," the voice said mysteriously. "But I'm afraid I can't tell it to you because I asked you a question first- so fairly, I would like you to answer it."

"Yes, dammit," Ares shouted. "We're bored, even Athena is!

"Everyone could hear the smile in the voice. "Some entertainment then? Just to make sure a final time."

Athena frowned. "What type of entertainment?"

"Oh, a movie that'll keep on playing as long as you're here," the voice said nonchalantly.

"You can put this moment on the list of: The most random and weirdest and ridiculous moments of the year two thousand fourteen," Apollo whispered to Hermes who scribbled it down dutifully.

"And what movie could entertain all of us?" Athena asked wisely. "I hardly think there's a movie with kelp headed fishes and cereal boxes with war involved."

"Actually, Athena," Hermes corrected. "There's a movie called 'What happens in Olympus' that has all of that. It was a big hit in camp of course."

It translated to: blackmail that the campers somehow got ahold of.

"A movie," Hephaestus said gruffly. "I hardly think there's anything good in that. But if it can really get rid of this boredom..."

The others agreed- even Hera, who thought it would do everyone some good.

"Alright," Zeus finally decided, though he looked disgruntled. "We will watch this 'movie' of yours."

And so the voice giggled in excitement and a snapping could be heard. One of the Throne Room's walls transformed into a large plasma TV that each had their own individual squares in it, labeling the names of their children.

Apollo grinned. "So basically we see what our kids are up to."

Pandemonium erupted both on Olympus and the screen once Connor got ahold of the vial.

The voice giggled insanely. "As for who I am, it's Gaia."

Percy staggered backwards, rubbing his head from the heavy intake of memories. "But it was Circe all along. How did you not know it was Circe and we did?"

"I'm guessing she got too cocky- thinking that the demigods didn't have too much intelligence so she didn't use as much magic," Poseidon replied, a faraway look in his eye.

"Aside from that- after living for thousands of years, how did you not see it as a trap?" Percy asked.

Poseidon was silent for a few moments. "Have you ever endured the extreme pain and suffering of Hera's family time moments, son?"

Percy shook his head. "Obviously not."

"Then please do not preach us gods of not dying of pure boredom," the sea god lectured with a sigh. "I hope Hera has learned her lesson now. But now, my duty needs to be fulfilled after so long. Farewell, Percy."

Percy closed his eyes, expecting a tacky light of green to pop up but received a hug out of the blue. He opened his eyes quickly.

"Even though it was fake, I'm sorry you had to endure that," Poseidon apologized. "Another fault of the gods that the demigods had to pay the price of. We should really stop that habit."

And with that, the god really was gone, flashing away back to Atlantis once Percy closed his eyes. He reopened them and with determination, walked over to Chiron who smiled at him wearily.

"Is it cool if I get a ride to my mom's place?" Percy asked the centaur after the greetings. "I know it was an illusion and all, but it's just..."

Chiron merely pointed to the strawberry truck which was crammed with demigods all wanting to see their parents as well. "I'm afraid you have to wait, Percy."

The demigod smiled half-heartedly. "Or I could just use Blackjack."

"Or that," Chiron corrected. "Try not to get seen."

With a pat on the shoulder, the centaur trotted off to console other campers. Percy wandered around for a while, taking in the fact that camp was still camp before making his way to the stables.

"Hey, Percy!" a female voice hollered.

He turned and saw Annabeth racing to meet him. When she arrived in front of him, she smiled.

"I never did get to apologize for leaving you back there," she said, then added: "Even if it was an illusion. It was my mistake."

"You're... You're apologizing..." He said in mock surprise before receiving a mock glare in return.

"I just wanted to say goodbye," she continued, before noticing his expression. "I wanted to go to my father's place even before all this when the war had ended, but this happened and he supposedly died, so..."

"Is it heavy?" He asked, seeing her luggage.

Annabeth looked confused. "I can carry it around easily. Plus I travel pretty light-"

"Then take the Blackjack Express," he told her, grinning and leading her to his favorite pegasus.

Annabeth frowned. "You should have told me earlier. I already brought the airplane tickets and the camp van is-"

"Leaving." Percy said, pointing towards the van which was starting to drive away. "I think Chiron knows already, and you can always return the tickets."

Her frown deepened. "But then I have to pay a penalty and-"

Before she could continue, he lifted her up on the pegasus along with her luggage before getting on himself. And before she could complain further, a cry of laughter emerged from her mouth instead as they lifted off in the air, back to the world which held no more illusions.

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