G/N: I thought I might try this out, not a hundred percent sure if it'll end up good tho. All OC's and feel free to send a OC in.

Real name:

Game Name:

Game Gender:




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Real name: Zack

Game Name: Loki

Game Gender: Male

Characteristics: Small and skinny. Has long black hair, going halfway down his back. Wear's a pure white cloak, and has red eyes.

Personality: He tends not to like people he doesn't know, but the more he sees people the more he opens up. Often spaces out in thought. When around others he knows he can be calm and jokes around. Others he doesn't know he tends to be mean. He doesn't like to run away from a fight, even if his character is about to die.

Weapon. Heavy sword

Please send in your characters. I'll post a real chapter next time.