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Sarah Slippery hated many things. Of course it was in her nature, being a teenager and all. But she just couldn't do Mondays. She hated waking up early, and for school, no less. Like usual, Rory drove her to school, and like usual, she was late. She stumbled into her chemistry class just as the bell rang. That was a close one, she thought to herself. Mr. Abner, her chemistry teacher, was never in favor of those who were tardy to his class. Because learning how to balance equations were really going to help Sarah later in life. Sarah wasn't really one for maths and science. She liked drama, and really hoped to be in the West End one day. It sure was ambitious, but she had been in many school productions, and got rave reviews from friends, family, and teachers.

"Excuse me, Ms. Slippery, but if you're not too busy staring off into space, it would be very much appreciated if you answered the question," Mr. Abner called to Sarah, startling her out of her daydream, which included a very shirtless Channing Tatum. She looked at Mr. Abner, and gulped. He was the toughest teacher she'd ever had.

"Um, if you could just repeat it-"

"There are no second tries in this class. Maybe next time you'll think about that before staring off into god knows where," Mr. Abner replied snottily. Bitch, Sarah thought to herself. But she sighed, bit her tongue, and sat through fifty more minutes of torture.

"So, Sarah, are you coming to the party this weekend?" Charlotte asked during lunch. Everyday at lunch, Charlotte, and Sarah sat behind the school, relaxing on the concrete before the bell were ushered inside for their afternoon classes.

"I'd love to, but you know the brothers. They'd insist on coming. You know I'd have to sneak past them," Sarah replied through bites of a PB&J sandwich. Charlotte sighed.

"While I like your family, your brothers need to calm the fuck down just a little bit," Charlotte said, pinching her thumb and index finger. Charlotte and Sarah had met in year five and immediately clicked. Although, they were very different; while Sarah was small, pale, and had a mess of long red hair, Charlotte was tall, curvy, blonde, and basically a guy magnet. She was wild; Sarah was a good girl. She had already swiped her v-card; Sarah had not, but Charlotte was working on it. Charlotte tried to work on a lot of things regarding Sarah. She tried to set her up with loads of guys, but to no avail. They were all "chavs", as Sarah would say.

"I know, I know. I just feel bad lying and saying that I'm gonna go over to your house for a sleepover when really I'll be at a shady little pub drowning my worries into a bottle of schnapps," Sarah replied dryly. Charlotte laughed.

"God, you're so over dramatic. Must be the inner actress," she teased. "You'll be fine, trust me. Schnapps doesn't get you that smashed. Try some Smirnoff, that'll do the trick," Charlotte added quietly. Sarah laughed and lightly pushed her.

"How much have you done, my friend?"

"Lets just say this: I'm like a modern day Mary of Magdalene!" they both doubled over with laughter, and soon enough, lunch had to end.

Pretty soon (but not soon enough in Sarah's book), the school day ended. Kids filed out of the classrooms and poured out onto the pavement. They chatted, fought, made out, and ran around like they were just freed from prison. School was a sort of prison, really. Except you got an hour break in the middle of the day and got to see friends. Today, Rory volunteered to stay later at the homeless shelter, so Sarah had to walk home today. It wasn't so bad. Sarah liked to think.

"Hey, Sarah!" A masculine voice called. She whipped around, trying to find the owner of the deep voice. Her eyes scanned the thinning group of kids only to land on Liam. She waved, and he broke out into a slow jog over to her. Liam was one of Sarah's theatre friends. He was a very good dancer, and hoped to join Alvin Ailey one day. Liam was an exceptionally nice boy, always smiling, always friendly. But a bit insecure. So was Sarah. Maybe that's why they found it so easy to talk to each other. It was also a plus that he was kind of cute.

"Hey Liam, what's up?" she asked. He ran a hand through his unruly brown hair.

"Are you going to that party this Saturday?" he asked.

"I'm planning on it, yeah. Are you?"

"Matt's dragging me. But it wouldn't hurt to have a beer or two," he said with a smirk. Sarah let out a giggle.

"My dad would kill me if I came home with alcohol on my breath. Or worse, drunk," Sarah grimaced.

"You, drunk- I'd pay to see that! You'd be stumbling all over the place!" Liam threw his head back and cackled. He had the best laugh.

"It's not that funny! I'm sure you'd be the same! When was the last time you drank?"

"When I was twelve, at my bar-mitzvah. That Manischewitz is some good stuff!" Liam said, looking as if he was thinking back on fond memories. The two continued bantering back in forth for the remainder of the walk back home. Liam didn't even realize that he was going in a totally different direction until he arrived at Sarah's. He looked embarrassed. Making sure nobody was home, she invited him in.

After all, when was she going to get another opportunity to try and make advances on the boy she'd been in love with for the past year?

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