The Will to Live

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Chapter I

"Surprising End, New Beginning"


The stone faces of Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju glared deeply into each other, untouched by time, much like the two crimson red eyes, one pair slitted, the other with a familiar coma like pattern, did.

Two teenage boys, both looking to be around thirteen years old, stood on opposite sides of the legendary Valley, the Valley of the End. The site of the legendary battle between two God like Shinobi, Hashirama and Madara. The very place they stood, used to be covered with trees, flowers, animals, and life.

Now, it was a gray crater, overrun with an endless amount of water. A testimony to the power the two possessed. No amount of time could heal the scar left behind by these two. Now, it seemed as if another battle of just as much proportion was taking place.

On one side stood a blonde haired teen, wearing a strange bright colored orange and blue jumpsuit. His hair was long and shaggy, and deep crimson red eyes, with demonic like slits reflected anger, betrayal, sadness, and determination. On his cheeks, the strangest birth marks. Three thick and dark lines, on each cheek were curled up, responding to the snarl on the blondes face, as fangs larger than the normal humans poked out, blood leaking from the corners of his mouth. The teen looked much like a fox, but the strangeness did not stop there. Over his hunched over body, was an orange and red cloak of sort, energy bubbling off of it, above his head were two long rabbit like ears, and behind him, was a long and slender tail, both formed out of the energy surrounding him.

This was Uzumaki Naruto.

Across from him was an equally twisted visage. Long dark, almost purple like hair, with two long bangs framed the face of the Sharingan wielding Uchiha, as a snarl was placed on his face, a dark cross like, resembling a four pointed star was placed right above his nose, over sickly gray skin. The teens dark blue shirt was ripped and tattered, and his white shorts stained with blood. From his back, a pair of wings, if they could even be called that as they resembled more of a pair of hands, complete with extended nails and webs connecting the fingers, cast a shadow over the young teen.

This was Uchiha Sasuke.

The only thing these two at the very moment had in common were strong ideals, and a piece of cloth with a metallic plate placed on their foreheads. Carved on the plate was a leaf of sorts, stating that these two twisted Shinobi belonged to none other than the Village Hidden in the Leaves.


Crimson slitted eyes narrowed as they glared into the equally menacing eyes of the twisted Sharingan. To him, the sound of the roaring waters, the numb feeling in his right hand.

His skin smoking from the toxic power that consumed his body.

The metallic taste of blood.

The searing soreness and pain of his injured flesh.

His damp hair sticking to his sweaty scalp, and stained with blood.

The blurriness in his vision.

The dark voice that repeatedly whispered in the back of his head, telling him to murder the person before him, to end his pathetic existence.

The cold air brushing against him.

None of it mattered. The only thing that mattered was here and now.

"Sasuke..." His voice was low and dark, sounding as if two people were speaking at the same time.

From the other side, the Uchiha made a 'tch' sound, and moved to stand from his crouched position.

"What? You going to babble even more about bonds and such. I told you Naruto, the time for words is done. We settle this, here, and now."

A small smirk grew on the purple tinted lips of the Avenger as he spoke those words, a feeling of complete ecstasy overwhelmed his being as the power from his Cursed Seal flowed through out every inch of his body, the sharp pain in his shoulder almost completely gone.

"Don't do this Sasuke, just come back with me!"

The small smirk left the winged warriors face in the blink of an eye.

"Do you think I'm going back now? After all of this?" he gestured to the ruined landscape, the blood stained waters, but most importantly, he gestured to them. To their transformations, to their power, and to the true meaning behind this battle.

A battle of wills, to see who's fire burned brighter, his vengeance, or their bond.

Two warriors, two friends, two brothers.

"'s too late to turn back. You see Naruto, this was our destiny. Just as the two who battled here before us, and the never ending water, signifying an endless cycle tells, so are we, destined to fight, until one of us can no longer go on."

Naruto remained silent, but a low growl emitted from his throat.

"Your silence tells me everything I need to know. You can feel it just as much as I do, this is meant to be. You hate it, but you can't deny it."

The whiskered teen snarled even more, his mouth parting as steam rose from the back of his throat.

"Maybe you're right...maybe this is meant to be." he spoke as he raised his good hand, the sharp nails, that resembled more of demon claws than anything else flexed, as a bubbling mass began to grow from nothing."You're still a fool. If you would have shown up on time to the Exams, you would have seen me kick 'destiny' all over the place. Just like I did then, I'll do it now!"

The mass in his hand began to glow a bright blue, and took on circular shape, as a small male storm raged from within it. It soon changed however, as the orange and red cloak began to invade the bright blue ball of energy, turning it into a sickly purple and red color, the sound of howling winds echoing from all around it.

Sasuke smirked at the teen, and crouched down, gripping his right hand tightly, from no where, bright streaks of pure white energy began to grow, soon enough his hand was swallowed by a streak of pure white energy, with tints of blue, the sound of thousands of chirping birds echoing through out the Valley.

However, just as Narutos attacked responded to his energy, so did Sasukes.

The white mass turned a sickening black, and the chirping, morphed into screeching.

Time seemed to slow down as the two locked eyes. Then, in the blink of an eye, they charged.


Sasuke cried as he cocked his hand back.

"Sasuke!" the blonde followed, his good arm following the Uchihas lead.

Everything stopped.

The two extended their hands, and called out their respective techniques names.



The two corrupted attacks collided, and the world around them exploded in a brilliant show of lights. The screeching of birds, and the sound of howling winds echoed through the whole valley, the water underneath them picked up speed as waves began to flow. Cracks appeared on the Earth around them, it seemed as if the two were shaking the very foundation of the Valley.

From in between the two attacks, a bright orb formed, and it slowly began to expanded swallowing the two young Shinobi whole.

From within the orb of light, the two stood facing each other, on invisible ground.

They looked completely different however, instead of red eyes, a ocean blue stared into onyx black. Blonde hair was shorter, and the whisker like marks thinner. Fangs no longer extended from outside of his lips, and no longer was a fiery cloak of Demonic Chakra over him.

As for Sasuke, long bangs were shorter, as well as raven colored hair, the end curling up into multiple spikes. The star shaped mark no longer over his nose, and his skin was no longer a sick gray. The hand shaped wings were gone, leaving two large tears behind his shirt.

The two did nothing but stare into each others eyes, slowly, they both took a step forward, and extended their hands, the index finger and middle finger out. Then, both hands connected, and a small smile made its way onto both of their faces.

For a second, a younger version of the two stood in their place, and in the blink of an eye, they were gone.

The orb began to grow even more, anything that touched it slowly giving away to its power. Cracks began to form from the middle, and slowly but surely, the two were shown, both attacks still pressed against each other until they finally broke.

Slitted eyes narrowed as Naruto tilted his hand up, avoiding the Uchihas heart, and let the Rasengan fade away, his nails scratching a deep gash through Sasukes headband. Sasuke grunted and let his attack fade as well, before forming his extended hand into a fist, that slammed into the blondes chest, but instead of piercing it, only left a light bruise. The energy of the orb began to slowly fade and flux, tendrils of energy shout out into random spots.

In the center the two gripped each others hands and pulled close, both knowing full well that the battle was not over. With their hands interlocked, and their feet floating in mid air, the two did the most logical thing they could, rearing their heads back, they slammed their foreheads full force into each other for a powerful headbutt.

Unknowingly channeling the last remainder of their Chakra outwards in a powerful pulse.

The unstable Orb of energy reacted to the powerful Chakra pulse and began to shake wildly. This was all happening before the eyes of a silver haired masked Shinobi, as he watched his two students fight to the death, or what it seemed like to him.

The Orb began to react even more violently, shooting upwards into a column of pure white light, as the two Shinobi within fell slowly to the ground. The column began to expand, as the silver haired Shinobi raised the headband that covered one of his eyes, revealing a familiar coma like pattern.

"Shit! Naruto, Sasuke!"

The Jonin moved quickly, evading random blasts of pure energy from the Orb, watching as whatever the energy touched, disappeared completely, however it was too late.

In a bright flash of light, that momentarily halted him, the two young Shinobi were gone, along with the orb. The Valley was completely silent, as the tall man fell to his knees in shock.

That day, Hatake Kakashi cried for this first time in years.

That day, the course of history was changed forever.


Naruto screamed as he felt his body being pulled from all over in random directions. It felt as if his arms and legs, hell, everything was tied to multiple horses, and they were all racing in opposite directions, he could feel even his insides twisting and being ripped apart.

From a distance he could hear Sasukes screams of pain as well, meaning they were both caught in this spiraling tunnel. He could feel his body being tossed around, like he was suck in some sort of tornado, yet he could see nothing, because if he opened his eyes, the intense white light would blind him.

He had no Chakra left, and he could feel the foxes Chakra working at an incredible rate to keep him from being ripped apart.

"Is this it...?" the teen mused to himself.

He had never felt such an overwhelming pain, his mind was literally on the brink of shutting down. Images danced before him, of his friends, his adventures, his goals, his nindo. The teen growled at himself, at his weakness.

"No! I can't give up now!"

As his will grew stronger, the blonde felt a new power coursing through him, stronger than anything he had felt before. In the endless white, his body began to glow with a silver energy. It consumed him, and before he knew it, the pain stopped.

The teen felt a strange tingling in his eyes, before finally succumbing to his body's wish, and falling into a blissful sleep. The last words he heard were that of the fox trapped within him, whispering a single word that would forever change his life.



Takagi Saya was a strange girl.

From birth, she was gifted with a high intellect. Advancing faster than most kids her age. It did not stop there however, unlike most people, she was also born with light bubble gum pink hair, making her even stranger in the eyes of others.

As a child, the children used to pick on her for her strange hair color, and as she grew older, her body grew as well, faster than most girls her age. She developed quickly, and young boys her age, and even older noticed.

Between the negative attention, and the lust crazed attention she got, she learned to keep to herself, and use her intellect to defend herself from the world. Sure, she had some friends, such as Komuro Takashi, a childhood friend, and her developing crush, not that she would admit to that, but yes, she was a strange girl indeed.

Which is why tonight she found herself leaning over her rooms balcony. Yes, balcony, you see, her house was a Mansion, and her family was rich. Another thing to add to her strangeness.

Her golden brown eyes gazed at the star filled sky, searching for nothing in particular, more like enjoying the peace and quiet.

"In less than a month, I will be attending High School." the pink haired teen mused.

Her face was set in a bored expression.

"Most kids would be excited, or nervous."

She let a smirk frame her perfect face.

"Good thing I'm not most kids."

Letting out a yawn, and stretching her hands outwards, she looked at the dark forest that surrounded her home. She had always been slightly afraid of the dark. It was cold, and unknown territory.

Saya hated the unknown, she hated what she could not understand. She was a genius, capable of out smarting her teachers, even University teachers. So not knowing, being in the dark, was a fear, and she hated it.

With an elegant twist, she took a single step forward, until a sudden breeze passed her by, it was surprisingly strong too, as it lifted her small pony tails, and made them flutter uncontrollably. Her eyes narrowed suddenly, and her mind raced.

"That's strange, there should be no kind of strong winds tonight.".

Suddenly, her balcony rocked, almost as if an Earthquake hit it. The force of the shake made her fall to her knees, from behind her, a bright flash occurred, illuminating the darkness around her.

Her eyes to widened in fear, and she curled into a ball, her hands over her head for protection.

"W-What the hell is going on! Did someone let off a bomb?"

From the open glass door, her mother and father rushed out. Her father was a large and powerful man, with a hardened face and dark hair. He was tall and muscular and in his hand was a long Katana.

Her mother had a darker shade of pink hair, and soft eyes, although you could see much experience within them. In her hand was small pistol, fully loaded, gripped tightly, finger on the trigger encase anything was to happen.

These two were Takagi Soichiro and Takagi Yuriko.


Yuriko cried as she ran to her daughters side.

Placing her hands over her daughters shoulder and back, she helped the slightly shocked girl up, and dusted her off, while Soichiro cried orders into his phone.

"I want every available guard on the premisses to surrounded the western part of the field, don't allow anyone in or out. I want to know what the hell just happened and what is going on! Understood!"

The pink haired teen sighed, and gave her mother a small nod.

"I'm fine mom."

She could feel the older woman give a sigh of relief.

"Come on, lets get inside." she cooed.

With a slow nod, the two entered the room, Soichiro following closely behind. They walked down the large steps, as Saya watched personnel run wildly around, serving their purpose, and following her fathers orders.

From the large double doors, a single man stepped out. She recognized him as her fathers second in command, his name however escaped her.

"Sir! The area has been effectively closed off...however there is a problem.."

"Well, what is it?"

The man appeared to swallow, before speaking.

"Sir...there is a boy in the middle of a large crater. He is gravely injured.."

Soichiros eyes narrowed, and his expression hardend.

"A child." he thought.

With speed and grace, he sheathed his blade, and motioned for some near by men to come to him.

"You three. Stand guard over my wife and daughter." his eyes turned back to his second in command.

"Take me to the child."

If you asked Saya what possessed her to speak that very second, she could not tell you why, but she did.

"Wait! Daddy, take me with you! I want to see him!"

Soichiro looked towards his daughter, and glared into her eyes, she did not flinch. Something burned inside of her, and he knew he would not win a verbal argument at this very moment, it would do nothing but waste precious time.

"Very well. Yuriko, stay close to our daughter. You three, you're job is still to protect them."

The three saluted, and the group stepped out of the Mansion.

Saya continued to watch the hired guard work as if they were trained soldiers. The three stepped into a large car, and she sat between her father and mother. She could hear the engine start, but that was the only sound made through out the small trip.

Her mother squeezing her tightly, and the small looks her father sent her way were enough to let her know they were worried, and that she was safe, they need not speak.

Imagines danced past her, until the car finally stopped, and they stepped out.

Small fires rang out in the clearing, and men with guns were stationed everywhere, while some surrounded a shadowed figure. What surprised her however was the crater the downed figure lay in, it was bigger than a regular swimming pool, meaning that the landing was not a soft one. She wouldn't be surprised if the person was dead.

"He's breathing!" one of the men cried.

Her eyes winded, that was impossible. Leaving the safety of her parents, for her curiosity she rushed towards the crater

"Move!" she hollered, her fathers side taking over, as she yelled commands.

The men, knowing who she was, and seeing their leader and his lady walking calmly behind her, did as they were told. Saya shoved the last person aside, and gazed at the center of the crater.

Her eyes widened.

There was a boy, looking about thirteen, a year younger than her, with spiky blonde hair, that was currently stained with dirt and blood. He wore a bright orange jumpsuit, that was stained with even more blood and grime. His body was smoking, and he was bleeding from his mouth, nose, and even ears, the strangest thing was the blood that fell from his eyes, almost like tears.

She was shocked, and frozen from the child's condition. Her breath hitched when a single finger twitched, and slowly, one eye opened. She expected blue eyes, thinking he was European or American from his distinct hair color, but no, what she saw was hypnotizing, breathtaking, it defied all logic.

His eyes were a purple like gray, with a several rings surrounding the pupil.

His mouth opened slowly as he gazed at her still form.

"S-Sakura-chan..." he mumbled weakly.

Then, his eyes closed one more, she could have sworn he was dead, if not for the faint heaving of his chest. She felt her mothers warm arms cover her, and steer her head away from the scene, she heard her father give out even more orders, it did not matter however, her eyes were still wide in shock, those rippled eyes imprinted in her memory.

Her life, just changed completely, and she had a feeling she was not the only one.


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