The Will to Live

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"The City that Never Sleeps "

Takashi stood dumbfounded as his pink haired childhood friend rushed off after snapping at him. Between Rei and her sudden anger at him not even seconds after he walked into the large hall, and this, he was really starting to miss his blonde friend.

The dark haired teen felt a gloomy cloud loom over at the thought of the blonde, it had been over a day now since he departed from the group-a wound the size of a fist on his shoulder-and an unknown creature chasing after him, Takashi couldn't help but worry.

Shaking his head mentally, he turned to the slowly approaching form of the beautiful Yuriko, a somber expression on her face as she gave the teen an apologetic gaze.

"I really upset her." the woman whispered, a small sad smile over her soft features "Have you seen this side of her? You've been her friend for a long time have you not?"

Takashi responded with a sheepish-and slightly nervous-smile, he didn't really know what to make of the question.

Saya would usually get mad very easily, although it had mellowed out since Naruto came. He however had never seen her like this, it seemed like any little thing would cause her to explode on the nearest person she could.

The teen mentally sighed "I should try to change the conversation."

Glancing around, the best he could come up with was the remarkableness of the Takagi home, he'd never really been here-he regretted it now-but he had heard of the family much from Saya, always saying that her mother and father were the smartest, and the best, then she recently started talking about a new guest of their home, who he finally learned was Naruto.

Of course she only mentioned those things to him, as anyone else would probably take it the wrong way.

"This is amazing, I knew your home was big, but this is" the dark haired teen commented.

Yuriko gave a smile, her eyes darting to the outside-watching as men and women worked, doing all from keeping guard to carrying different things ranging from food to weapons around the green fields.

It was a safe place, but for how long?

"Yes, I guess you could say it is. You never really came over to play did you?"

Takashi shook his head a no.

The older woman smiled, the boy was honest, she could already tell that. No wonder he made such easy friends with the whiskered blonde, granted anyone could make friends with him, but it took a special characteristic to actually get as close to him as Takashi was.

"Don't you find the home of the leader of an Ultra-National Group to be a little frightening?"

The teen thought it over, and then gave a sheepish smile as he placed one hand in his pocket, and the other over the back of his head.

"In a way, when you're friends with someone like Naruto. Not many things come to scare you anymore."

Yuriko gave a small chuckle.

"Yes, Naruto is an interesting young man. Speaking of which, none of you have really told me anything of his whereabouts?"

At that, Takashi visibly deflated.

"I-I don't know.." he whispered.

He was still feeling the sting of not being able to help his friend, and watching helplessly as he ran away, heavily wounded, and a monster he would only see in his nightmares on hot pursuit.

Yuriko saw this, and gave the teen a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry. I've known that boy for years. He'll be fine."

The woman squashed down her own worries, she herself had come to care for the blonde greatly-seeing him as a son one could say-and the fact that he wasn't here and out there alone instead, did worry her.

Takashi gave a nod, he knew Naruto would be fine.

"But what if he wasn't?" a small voice whispered.

The darker haired teenager would ignore that voice, because he knew that the blonde would return in one piece-at least he hoped.

"Komuro-san. I have a small question." Yuriko suddenly spoke, breaking the small silence that had come about from the depressing topic.


The woman turned to stare at something, Takashi noticed that it seemed to be the power plant far off north.

"Do you know where we get our energy from?"

"The dam." he responded easily.

"Yes, much like our water, we get our power from the Tokonosu Dam up North at Okunaku." she then paused "But now, everywhere is filling up with these creatures. A small part of the SDF was on stand-by, however, they've been deployed elsewhere now. Do know why?"

Takashis eyes slowly widened as he recalled the Choppers he saw on the School roof days ago, and the sudden realization hit him.

"To protect the transformer substation and the hydro plants." he paused as the woman gave him a nod "Then, what about the maintenance?"

"How long do you think the people there will be able to continue with Maintenance, they have families do they not? It's not like their families will be there with them."

Yuriko then turned her attention to the large bus that was currently being fortified, Takashi following her gaze, and finally putting the pieces together.

"Then, using that bus.."

Yuriko gave him a nod.

"Yes, we will take full responsibility. However, we will only take along those who have the will to survive."

She then turned to the stunned teen, and gave a small smile.

"I have no doubt you all have that will."

Takashi gave her a slow nod, as his thoughts wandered on what she said.

They did have the will to survive, that was made clearly evident. However, how long until they lost that.

What of their families? What if one of them found out that their mother or father, or anyone they considered dear was now a monster.

Would they give up?

Would he have to leave them behind?

All these questions raced through his head.

Taka felt his eyebrow twitch at the scene he walked into. Somewhere in the the back of his mind he crushed the urge to call the spiky haired blonde an idiot as he twitched on the cold ground, sleeping peaceful, and a fully loaded weapon in his hand.

"This is the man we're supposed to follow through a hell torn city?" he thought, already dreading the trip they would soon be taking.

Sighing, the teen raised his leg and unceremoniously shook the blonde with his foot, watching as droopy blue eyes opened up slowly.

"Get up. Everyone else is already prepared to leave."

Naruto wiped the drool from his mouth, and slowly stood, rubbing his back and groaning as he did so.

"Oh man, my back!" the older teen mumbled.

Turning to the shorter boy, he yawned and did a little stretch, noticing Taka wince as his bones popped back into place.

"What time is it?"

"It's around six, we let you sleep in since you took Guard."

Naruto gave a bright grin.

"Well that was nice of you guys!"

"Not my idea." Taka mumbled, turning around swiftly and entering the small apartment-leaving a pouting blonde behind to glare holes at his back.

"Well, aren't you a ball of sunshine." Naruto mumbled.

Taka gave a small snort in response as Sen and Sasume walked into the small living room from the kitchen, small packs in their hands as they talked amongst each other, only to stop once Naruto entered, scratching his head with the back of the revolver.

"Morning Blondie! How'd you sleep?" Sen asked with a wide grin.

Naruto gave him a small smile, while simultaneously catching a small snack that Taka threw at him.

"Pretty alright. I needed some rest, no matter how uncomfortable it was."

His blue eyes glanced down to the small granola bar in his hands, it wasn't much, but it was something to put in his stomach for now. He really did need to find a way to thank these kids, and getting them to a safe location was a fair trade.

"Alright guys. Pack up, we're going to be heading out right now!" Naruto hollered, taking a bite of the chewy bar.

He blinked once he noticed they were already packed, and Taka gave him a slightly arrogant smirk as if saying 'we're already ready, and we're waiting for you'. Which meant he was the dead weight right now.

Naruto Uzumaki was no dead weight!

The blonde was interrupted from his mental rage by the female of the group.

"Um, Naruto-san, where are we going?" Sasume questioned.

In fact, the other two were just as curious.

When Sen had approached them earlier with Narutos offer, they were slightly nervous, even Taka could admit to that. They had a nice little set up here, but they knew they couldn't keep themselves fooled for long, sooner or later they would be stuck between a hard and a rock place-this area was less populated with the infected, but that wouldn't last very long and they all knew it.

So they had all decided that their best choice would be to travel with the blonde to a safer location.

"Well, the group I was traveling with was trying to find their families."

At the word families, Sen flinched, although the blonde was the only one who caught it.

"If they crossed the river, then the closest place they could have gone too would be Sayas."

It would also be the safest place.

Sayas mother and father were nothing to mess with, and the blonde was positive they had already developed some sort of safe haven or at least had a plan.

Nodding to himself, he turned to the three and gave them a bright grin.

"Alright kids! Give me a minute to be ready, and then we'll head out. Sen!" the blonde cried, tossing the weapon still in his hand to the shorter teen, which he caught swiftly, a nervous expression on his face.

"Be careful! This things loaded!" he barked.

The other two had inched away from the-insane in their eyes-blonde, while Sen caught his breath as Naruto walked calmly past them towards the bathroom, giving a small wave.

"Gather anything else you need, but make sure it's light. Chances are half the things you bring along won't survive the trip."

With that, the door shut behind him, leaving three flabbergasted young teens. As if something suddenly struck them, they glanced at each other awkwardly, then two pairs of eyes turned to the shortest of the group.

"Sen..this is your home." Sasume spoke "Are you sure you're ready to leave like this? I mean, we could barricade ourselves a lot better. We don't have to leave.

Taka gave a small nod, his expression serious and the usual smirk gone.

"She's right. We've done fine on our own. You don't have to leave, we'll stay with you."

The younger teen lowered his head at his friends words, they really meant a lot to him-more than they knew.

Glancing around, memories flashed in front of him of the three playing in this very house, while Taka and Sasumes parents watched. Of the first time he was introduced to his new home, of the cold nights, and the nightmares. Memories good and bad drifted through his mind as he scanned the small apartment, until it stopped on a single portrait.

One of the three of them, holding hands in the park. He had a bright grin, Sasume was smiling kindly, and Taka had a kind smile. It was his favorite picture of them, it was his most prized possession. "

They haven't asked once to find their families since all of this started, instead they stayed with me.." he mused "If we stay here, I'd only be risking their lives."

Walking forward, he extended his arm and lightly touched the picture of the them, tears beginning to line up on the corners of his eyes.

"I just want to keep them safe.."

He reached into his shirt, and gripped the newly placed necklace tightly in his hand "Please let us be safe..please let me be strong enough.." the teen choked on his own tears as he shut his eyes tightly.

He knew Taka and Sasume were watching him, and he hated himself for letting his tears fall..but he couldn't help it, this place, this was the only comfort he knew outside of his friends.

Sen snapped his eyes open when he felt two hands place themselves over his own-deep blue eyes turned to lock with dark brown and teal, as Taka and Sasume smiled kindly at their friend, tears of their own trailing down their faces. This wasn't just a house, it was a house they had built together, they had made warm together, a home they had made together.

From inside of the bathroom, Naruto smiled softly as he leaned on the door.

"These kids remind me of us..Sasuke..Sakura."

The blonde turned to stare at his reflection in the mirror, his eyes were baggy, and he seemed a bit pale, signs that he was near exhaustion. He'd been at it non-stop for almost a week now with almost no rest and even he couldn't take much more before his body had to shut down from sheer overwork, not to mental the mental stress.

"Just a little more, once I get to Sayas I can finally rest."

Takashi swallowed the small bit of annoyance he felt as he watched the two men carrying the sofa walk away, their words still haunting his brain.

"A job for an Adult." he mused quietly.

Nothing changed, after all he and the group had been through, once they reached a safe place they went back to being helpless children in the eyes of the older men and women. The thought of it actually stirred some feelings of rage inside of him, they deserved respect, he deserved respect!

His mental rant was cut off at the sound of quiet footsteps.

Turning around, the dark haired teen couldn't help but blush at the beauty before him.

Saeko, in all her glory stood before him, a traditional Kimono wrapped around her curvaceous form while her long hair fell across her back-she looked like an ancient Japanese princess.

"What's wrong?" the female Samurai asked, a small smile on her face.

Takashi smiled weakly, and stuttered as he spoke.

"N-Nothing...uhh..." he paused and stared at the ground, the blush intensifying "You look nice."

Saekos normally calm facade was broken by the slight blush on her pale cheeks, she wasn't used to getting compliments from other males, even though she knew she was attractive, her reputation as a skilled swords woman steered off most males away.

Noticing the blush, Takashi snapped his head up and gave her an apologetic smile.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean anything bad by it!" the dark haired teen stated quickly.

Saeko shook her head slightly, and gave him a small smile "Don't worry, it is fine. I won't take in the wrong way." the beauty spoke.

So the two stood there, a slightly awkward feeling in the air as they continued to avoid eye contact.

Luckily, they were saved in the form of the youngest member of their rag tag group.

"Onii-chan!" Alice yelled as she ran towards them, the small puppy running beside her-his tail wagging happily as he did so.

The two teens turned to her and smiled.

"Onii-chan! Did Whiskers-chan come back yet!? Zeke really misses him."

At that, the small dog barked as if he could understand what the younger girl was saying.

Takashi however fought down the small wince at the mention of the blonde, and quickly shot down any negative thoughts. From the corner of his eye, he noticed Saeko flinched as well the smile on her face suddenly growing a tad bit smaller.

Kneeling down, the dark haired male patted the little girls head.

"Whiskers-chan is fine, he'll be back before you know it."

"I hope." the teen added mentally.

Alice seemed to beam at the little piece of information, and nodded happily.

Saeko smiled at the little girl, her thoughts on her bright smile.

"To be as innocent as her, and having to live in a world like this. How many other children have fallen to those creatures, how many have had their innocence taken from them."

The very thought was enough to make her sick, and to think she wanted to leave this little girl to die, because of her own fears.

Samurai fear nothing!

"And yet, I fear the darkness inside of me.." she mused.

The familiar voices of Saya and Kohta brought all of the attention to a near by door, from which the two stepped out to join the three.

"Saya-chan! Kohta-chan!" Alice cried excitedly.

The pink haired girl gave the smaller child a smile, while Kohta gave a wide grin and extended his arm. Alice rushed towards the chubbier boy, and gave him a bright high five laughing as she did so.

Takashi and Saeko could only smile at the scene, Alice had taken a liking to Kohta, as he was the one who would play with her the most. The brown haired teen turned from the scene, only to face the now frowning face of Saya as she crossed her arms over her ample chest.

"Uhh." the teen began, only to be interrupted.

"We need to talk." Saya stated.

Takashi sent her a questioning glance, but nodded none the less, the look in her eyes gave no room for protest. Sayas eyes shifted to Saeko.

"All of us."

The violet haired swords woman gave her a small nod.

"Oh! Can Alice and Zeke come too!?" the young girl exclaimed.

Kohta gave her a bright grin and a nod.

"Of course! You two are part of our group as well!"

Saya looked like she wanted to protest, but let it go, there was no time to waste.

"We should talk in Reis room, she can't move right now." Takashi suggested.

"Alright, gather everyone and meet there in ten minutes." Saya responded as she walked past the teen.

Takashi gave Kohta a glance, one he understood perfectly.

"I don't know what she wants to talk about, we'll just have to see." he responded as he stood from his kneeling position, Alice by his side.

"What about Naruto though?" the gun expert asked.

Saeko and Takashi spared a glance.

"You're right. We'll talk to her in Reis room, he's apart of our group too."

With a nod, the four plus the small animal made their way towards the incapacitated girls room.

"Holy shit.." Taka, Sasume, and Sen mumbled simultaneously as they watched the blonde pile the last of the bodies on top of an already large pile of corpses he had made.

"That should do it. We're all clear from here to the next block, we'll walk to attract less attention to ourselves."

The three younger teens only nodded, completely in shock at what they had just witnessed. The blonde had torn through thirty of the infected in less than five minute without breaking a sweat...thirty. All with the use of a kitchen knife he had picked up from Sens apartment.

"Alright kids, stick close to me, and lets go!" Naruto cried.

The three spared each other a glance, and then shrugged and followed the taller blonde.

"Man, after fighting that bone monster thing. The regular one's are nothing but moving targets. Hell, I even feel stronger for some reason!" the whiskered teen mused mentally.

"You're exercising your Chakra coils more."

"Huh!? Kyubi!?" the teen cried aloud.

"Shut up blondie!" Taka hissed.

Sen glared daggers into the blondes head, while Sasume pinched the bridge of her nose as she sighed. Good thing they were too preoccupied with their own safety to actually pay attention to what the blonde said.

"Way to go brat. You've succeeded in adopting three other brats and looking like a fool in front of them."

"Shut up Baka-fox! Why are you even in my head, shouldn't you be napping?"

It was strange, the Kyubi only ever spoke to him when there was a dire situation, or if he was training him. So for it to just randomly answer a question of his was strange.

"And what do you mean exercise my Chakra coils?" He could hear the fox snort in his mind.

"You're still as ignorant as always. Now that you've been forced to push your Chakra coils to their limitations, more of the Rift energy has been circulating through them. Granted it's been tearing your organs to shreds, which by the way is a bitch to be constantly healing. But it serves the purpose of allowing you a small amount of strength every time you do it."

"What!? Why didn't I just do that years ago!? Why didn't you tell me I could do that in the first place? I would have been at full strength by now!"

The fox grumbled lowly to himself from within the seal.

"Yes, but then you would have fried yourself by the end of the month. The only reason you're even gaining any power back is because you're body has been growing as you have aged, so therefor, so have your Charka coils. The bigger they are, the more room there is for Chakra to flow, and the less room for the Rift energy."

"So, that means?.."

Kyubi sighed and resisted the urge to smack his jailer for his ignorance.

"It means, once we proceed with the Chakra overload. A good amount of your strength should be returned to you, we'll have to see how the Rift energy takes place in all of this however."

Naruto furrowed his brow.

"What do you mean, I thought you said it would leave my body?"

"Yes, but it's also infused with your Chakra, it could make you stronger..or it could send you spiraling off into another dimension, or transport you back to the dimensional tear. Depends on how lucky you are."

The blonde went pale as ghost, and swallowed the lump that had built up in his throat, returning to the dimensional tear was the last thing he wanted to do, but dimensional jumping seemed very interesting.

"Are you saying that if I learn how to use the Rift energy, I could return home?"

"Who knows." Kyubi responded casually.

The teen raised an eyebrow at the foxes sudden change in attitude, however, he was completely oblivious to the strange looks he was receiving from the three pre-teens with him as his facial expressions changed every few seconds.

"Is he okay?" Sen whispered to Taka.

"I don't know, way to pick them idiot, he's freaking loony!" the other boy whispered back heatedly.

Sasume flicked the two on the arm, and shushed them both.

"Quiet, we'll worry about his mental health later. For now focus on the task at hand!"

The two teens shared a look.

"Stay focused she says, he's not even paying attention!"

The three suddenly halted as a line of cars, trucks, and even motor bikes flew past them, at the center was a black stylish car that looked to be able to seat six in total.

Sen whistled as they approached at high speeds, any of the infected unfortunate enough to be in their way was crushed by the large truck in the front, or shot down with silenced pistols by the two bikes next to it. The first three vehicles passed, but the center one suddenly stopped right in front of them, which caused all of the cars to stop as well.

The three pre-teens tensed as the door opened, Sen holding the gun in his hand tightly as he aimed it at whoever or whatever was about to step out. Unfortunately for him, multiple guns were pointed at them at the same time.

So either way, it seemed like they were screwed.

"Well, isn't this a pleasant surprise." a deep baritone voice spoke from inside the car.

"So you're telling me, that you guys actually have genders?"

"Well, yes and no. We choose what we want to be, for example, Nibi chose to be a female. While I choose to be male."

Naruto hummed to himself as the random piece of information.

"That so? So if you have a gender, does that mean you have a name too?" he asked.

"That's personal information brat. Heads up though, you've got company."

Naruto finally snapped out of his inner conversation and took his body off 'auto-pilot' as he called it. He then noticed the huge swarm of vehicles surrounding him and the others, as well as the familiar-and imposing-figure approaching him.

"Holy shit.." Sen mumbled for the second time as the huge man walked calmly past the three and towards the now nervous looking blonde.

"Naruto, why is it that you're here and not with Saya?" the man asked.

Blue eyes met a bright orange, and Naruto seemed to shrink under the mans hard gaze.

"I can explain." he mumbled weakly.

"In the car, now." the taller man spoke, leaving no room for argument as he pointed towards the open car door.

"Dammit.." he whispered as he dragged himself to the car.

"Come on kids, we're getting a ride."

The three shared a glance, then back to Naruto, and finally to the tall imposing man with the blade strapped to his hip. It wasn't hard to make a choice as they rushed inside the car, not wanting to face the seemingly angered strangers wrath.

"Is he your dad or something?" Taka asked as Naruto stepped into the car and took the only open seat, which happened to be next to the imposing man, while Sen, Sasume, and Taka took the other side.

The car itself was designed like a limo so their was enough space for all, the back seat having two couch like seats facing each other with a small table in the middle.

"Might as well be." the blonde whispered back.

"He's...sorta scary." Sasume commented, the other two pre-teens nodding.

No more words were spoken as the man entered the car and shut the door and sat next to the now sweating blonde.

"So Naruto, are you not going to introduce me?"

The blonde gave a nervous grin and nodded.

"Guys, I'd like for you to meet my caretaker, Takagi Souchiro."

"Pleasure." Souchiro spoke.

His voice was hard and commanded respect, something the three teens gave to him without a thought.

"Nice to meet you Takagi-sama!" they spoke in unison.

The man gave a small nod, then turned his sharp eyes to the squirming blonde.

"What a coincidence that we meet up like this Naruto, I do hope you have a good reason as to why you're here and not protecting my daughter."

The blonde nodded quickly, and as the car started and began to move, he prayed to whatever God for mercy. If there was one thing he had learned about the man before him, it was that he loved his daughter, and with the recent events and the task placed upon him by sed man..well..

"I hope he believes in giant bone wielding mutated monsters."

"She's safe. I promise, you know I wouldn't let anything happen to her." the blonde responded.

The older Takagi nodded once more.

"I never questioned your ability to keep her safe, what I'm asking is why you are not by her side."

The three pre-teens watched the exchange in silence, debating on whether to be fearful or amused as they watched the normally fearless-and insane-blonde squirm under the older mans eyes.

"This is going to be a long ride home.." the teen whispered.

The whole group crowed into the spacious room. Kyoko and Yuuki chose to stand near the bed, beside Saeko where Rei laid in pain, blushing in embarrassment at all of the present people that witnessed her half naked body under the sheets.

Shizuka stood next to Kohta and Alice, who cuddled Zeke close to her. The gun crazed teen was resisting the urge to stare as the busty nurse pealed a banana and ate it in a very...provocative way, at least in his mind. Finally, Takashi chose to stare at the back of his pink haired friend as she stared across the yard from the window.

"So..what's this all about?" he asked.

Saya sighed, and crossed her arms.

"The next time we head out...I don't think I'll be going with you guys."

Most eyes widened, while Kyoko narrowed her own at the girls proclamation. Yuuki didn't seemed very fazed by her choice, as to her it made good sense.

"We're in a bigger group now. I'd stay if I was her as well.." the short haired beauty mused mentally.

As if reading her mind, Saeko spoke up with the same conclusion.

"Of course. Now that we've banded with a bigger group.." Saya turned to them, and gave a quick nod.

"Yes, I have two choices. Can you understand that!?" she yelled.

The pink haired teen was never good at things like this, so her more aggressive side came out in an effort to protect herself.

"Split up?.." Takashi whispered "Hold on! We're not all here! We should wait for Naruto if we're going to discuss something like this!" the teen finished, his voice growing in volume.

There were a few nods from the room, but the girl genius just scoffed.

"If he even comes back. He could be-"

"Don't even!" Takashi interrupted dangerously, his eyes narrowed in anger.

No one had said it, but they all couldn't hep but face the idea that the blonde might actually be..dead. It was a thought that made most of them feel very uncomfortable, but in the situation they were in they had to face reality.

"Takagi-san, you must not think like that." Shizuka mumbled.

The pink haired teen turned her sharp eyes to the busty nurse.

"Stay out of this Sensei!" she barked.

"Takagi-san that's enough!" Saeko spoke, her voice firm.

The genius girl clenched her hands and lowered her head, shaking in what seemed to be pure rage, a combination of all of the frustrations she had been feeling lately.

"Don't you see.." she whispered.

"Look around!" she exclaimed, raising her head to glare at all of them "If you still don't understand then you're all fools!"

The group turned their eyes to to visible streets, all infested with the walking dead, some still ripping apart the poor victims that they managed to get their hands on. It wasn't just that however, the small camp they had set up in the front of the house full of survivors. Parents hugging their children, men and women yelling in outrage. The tension was almost visible.

"The world we know is gone..this is all that remains, and it's only going to get worse. Do you really think that we can survive on our own!?" she asked, tears beginning to leak from her eyes.

The others watched the exchange with a bit of sadness in their eyes, they all felt what she felt in a way. Could they really survive? They had barely made it here safely.


"Call me by my first name!" she snapped.

Takashi flinched, then sighed.

"I don't know if we can survive...but we've done well so far. We're alive."

The girl snarled.

"The only reason we're alive is because of my parents and Naruto."

The dark haired boy growled, he was beginning to grow annoyed with her attitude. He always knew she had issues with her parents, but to him it seemed like she was blaming them for everything. After the talk he had with her mom, he knew they cared for her more than anything, in truth she was acting like a brat.

"At least she knows her parents are safe.." the teen thought darkly.

"Your mom and dad-"

"Are perfect! I know!" the pink haired teen couldn't help it, she knew it was wrong, but she just couldn't stop "They're amazing, and they have a lot to be proud of! I get it! Even in situations like these, they stood up and took control, saving countless lives!"

Saya suddenly stopped yelling, and unlatched her hands as her eyes took on a sadder tone.

"Too busy saving anyone else they couldn't even bother to look for their own daughter.." she whispered.

Takashi had enough.

"Stop it Saya!" he roared, grabbing the girl by the front of her shirt and pulling her up, glaring into her eyes.

Everyone was silent as the scene unfolded, even Saya was at a loss for words as she stared into dark brown eyes.

"Don't you think we're all having a tough time! We're all in the same boat here! So wake up!"

From around the room, the younger females and male looked down, most of them feeling the same fear and worry. Even if their parents were away, after the news broadcast and the discovery that the whole world had become infected by this outbreak..well, there wasn't much hope left.

Saya closed her eyes, and sighed.

"Okay...I get it. You can let me go now." She whispered.

Yuuki narrowed her eyes at the girl, while glancing around the room taking in everyone's expressions.

"Tch, pathetic. They'll be dead soon if they keep this up." she thought to herself.

The only reason she was here was because of the blonde, and that was because he was the strongest. With him most likely dead, her best chance was to stay with the bigger group now.

"That idiot blonde had to play hero. Oh well, people like that don't live long anyways." she smirked mentally "Too bad, he had quite the body. I wouldn't mind going a few rounds with him."

While she was lost in thought however, she never noticed two pairs of eyes watching her closely.

"She's up to something.." Kyoko mused with her eyes narrowed.

Even in School, Yuuki was never on her good side. The girl had joined the Ping Pong Club, and a few weeks later all of the males in the group were her slaves broken by her flirtatious ways. Because of that, they boys team had lost the Championship game the next day, and after that she quit.

"Miku Yuuki.." Saeko thought to herself.

The girl was smart, but the look in her eyes put her on the edge. She was like a cunning snake, whispering sweet nothings..and when you were close enough.

She struck.

"Sorry.." Takashi spoke as he backed off. All thoughts were cut off as they returned to the matter at hand.

Saya gave a small smile, and brushed fixed her glasses.

"It's back to the matter at-"

"Open the Gate!" a voice yelled from outside.

Looking down, they watched as men and women scattered everywhere while multiple cars entered the lot. Sayas eyes widened as the middle car stopped, and the door opened.

"Is that?.." Takashi whispered.

By now, everyone had crowded around the window to see.

From the door, three young teens stepped out, each looking nervous and confused.

"Who are they Takagi-san?" Kohta asked.

"I don't know.." she whispered in return, slightly confused.

After them, two figures stepped out, the first being slightly shorter than the second. All at once, eyes widened as a familiar mop of blonde hair could be see walking side by side to a much taller and imposing man, while the three kids walked behind them.

"Naruto!" Takashi and Kohta cried aloud, wide grins on their faces.

Saeko felt a smile wash over her face, and relief flood through her body at the sigh of the blonde, even Rei felt a wide grin fall across her face. Shizuka almost cried as she bounced up and down, her breasts swaying as she squealed in glee at the blondes the sight of the blondes whiskered face. Alice jumped with her, while Zeke just barked at the sigh of a happy Alice.

Kyoko however flinched at seeing the teen, the memory of what happened in the laundry room still fresh in her mind.

"I need to talk to him.." she thought.

Yuuki herself was smirking.

"Well, that's interesting." she mused.

Saya herself looked about ready to cry.

"You're alive..idiot." she whispered.

As everyone rushed down stairs, some faster than others, Saya stood at the window still staring at the blondes figure.

"Takashi." she spoke, stopping the teen just as he was about to leave as well.

"Huh? Yeah?" he asked, his smile still in place.

Saya turned and walked towards him, her relived expression replaced with a more serious one.

"It's time we get some answers from him." she whispered so that Rei wouldn't hear.

The teens dark brown eyes winded, and he paused.

"Was it time? The last time I wanted answers he wasn't t keen on answering." he was reminded of the park and of Narutos betrayed glare.

"I know what you're thinking..I was awake when you and him had that talk, I just couldn't move-but it's now or never!" she whispered hotly.

The dark haired teen nodded slowly, and turned to glance at the now grinning blonde as he talked to the three younger teens.

"You're right." he whispered in return.

From the bed however, Rei narrowed her eyes as she heard a part of their conversation.

"What is Naruto hiding? They mentioned the park, that means they were there when the 'shooting' happened.." she thought as she furrowed her brow "I think it's time I get to know Uzumaki Naruto a little better."

Once she was up and moving, the blonde mystery would be spilling whatever it was he was hiding, and if it threatened Takashi in anyway, then she needed to end it then and there.

"Fuck!" Sasuke grunted as he ducked another bony appendage.

The weapon in his hand was out of ammo, and he was all the way on the other side of the Airport.

"I can't let this thing get near the civilians or the team."

Glancing around for anyone that could have been potentially watching the battle and sensing no one, he nodded to himself.


His dark eyes morphed into a crimson red, three coma like marks spinning wildly around the pupil.

"I bet Naruto isn't dealing with this shit!" he grunted, swallowing the rush of blood that flooded his esophagus as he charged up Chakra into his hand, the familiar sound of chirping birds assaulting him. Dark markings began to run over half of his face as he entered his Level One Cursed Seal stage.

"I've got one shot. Damn this handicap!" the Uchiha thought.

The beast before him gave a loud roar before rushing towards the shorter ex-Shinobi, the bone like weapon in his hand aimed to tear him in half.

"Chidori!" the teen cried as he rushed forward, the Chakra like blade tearing the ground underneath it apart.

Sasuke jumped high into the air, landing over the huge muscular arm of the creature before crouching and cocking his arm back, then without a seconds hesitation, slamming the energy coated limb into the beasts face, watching as it tore through bone, flesh, and muscle. The creature gave out a roar as its body glowed a white color, before the energy drifted off into the sky and the body dropped to the ground.

The Uchiha removed his hand from the now dead monsters face and snarled at the bloody appendage, before turning his now normal eyes back to the creature.

"What the fuck is happening?.." he whispered.

He needed to find Naruto soon.

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What is the Tenkai(Heavens Release)?

The Tenaki is my stories version of Sage Mode, although weaker. I took the concept of the Eight Gates, and reversed it. To a normal human, it would rip them apart because of the stress it puts on the Chakra coils, but since the Uzumaki have the healing factor. They can use it. It works by expanding the muscles and the Chakra coils, increasing the strength, speed, reaction time, ect, of the user. When using its three main attacks, such as 'Heavens Judgment' which can be used with any limb by thinning out the Chakra coils, and transferring all of the available Chakra to one limb, without killing the user for a powerful attack, kind of like how Naruto punched Haku. That's the basic concept, but it stressed out the body, and does weaken the user considerably after use.


Sasuke cannot access Chakra fully, just like Naruto, he has the same handicap as you can see. He can activate the Sharingan, just as Naruto can activate the Rinnegan. He will play a major role in the future, and I'm not sure about his pairings, or if he will have any yet. Him and Naruto are on good terms, or will be after they meet again. He's searching for Naruto, and doesn't believe him to be dead. He does have Rift Energy in his system, but it has affected him differently. You'll just have to wait to see.


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