The Will to Live

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Chapter V

"The Great Escape"



It was all that could be said to sum up the on goings of the campus, and one blonde haired Shinobi had a front row seat to it all. The teen rushed past student and infected alike, taking down as many as he could while effectively saving any cornered teachers or students.

"How many damn people are in this school?" he thought as he turned another corner.

He had searched high and low for his pink haired friend, and nothing came up, he even stopped to call her, but he was sure her phone was the last of her worries right now.

The whiskered teen could feel himself getting tired, he had been running non-stop, and the use of his Chakra was really starting to take a toll on him, the infection had spread almost everywhere from what he had seen when atop the Astronomy Club roof, his clone could see past normal distance with his Rinnegan activated, and all it picked up was fire, smoke, and corpses walking around ripping chunks off of other people.

It was a literal hell.

He hoped the make shift barrier that he created over Shizukas office was enough to keep her safe, although he was sure someone had already took it down by now.

Channeling more Chakra into his legs, the blonde winced at the pain but effectively ignored it, before disappearing from the normal eyes line of sight and moved at inhuman speeds through out the school, if there was one place he knew everyone would meet up in, it was the main hall, so without a second thought, he moved even faster.

"I need to hurry. They could all be in trouble."

Shizuka sighed to herself as she watched her fellow college down a glass of water, a hollow look in her light brown eyes.

"We're in trouble. Neither the police or the fire department are picking up. I examined one of the students who was bitten, and he was dead, then he came back to life and tried eating me!" she cried.

Kyoko glanced at the busty blonde and sighed as well, she had just woken up from her shock induced sleep a little while ago to all of the Chaos going on.

The ping-pong clubs adviser repressed a shudder at the memory of her beloved being pierced by a Kunai. She gripped the cup in her hands tightly as anger coursed through her being, anger at the blonde trouble maker who had saved her life.

"How dare he act so calm about it!" she thought in a heated rage "Taking my beloveds life, the only person who kept me sane in this world. Without him, I might as well have be dead."

The woman inhaled deeply and calmed herself.

Was she wrong for blaming the young blonde?

No, she wasn't blaming him at all.

Their could have been a way to save Teshima, but because of the blonde, he was long gone, taking the last piece of happiness she had with him.

While she was lost in her thoughts, she never noticed the other blondes eyes studying her with interest.

"That look in her eyes, something must have happened. She might be suffering from more of the shock." the busty woman sighed "Where is Uzumaki-kun when you need him?"

From the other side of the School, the blonde Shinobi sneezed as he sneaked by a group of the infected. Or, was sneaking, until he sneezed.

"Dammit!" he cried loudly as they all turned to him.

Realizing his mistake, the blonde let anime tears fall from his eyes as the walking corpses rushed to him.

"Why Kami, why?".

Back with the two women, Shizuka nodded her head to herself and moved to one of the cabinets that contained her first Aid equipment, intent on having something to at least help anyone she could as they moved through the school.

From behind them, a student who was sleeping peacefully not even ten minutes ago was beating away at one of them who had breached through the window furiously, intent on protecting the two women behind him.

Turning his head at the two, he growled to himself as he finished off the infected, one who had been a friend of his and then spoke.

"Hayashi-sensei! Shizuka-sensei! We need to get out of here!" he cried desperately.

That seemed to snap Kyoko out of her funk, and the woman stood suddenly, her breasts bouncing around electing a blush from the student.

The teen swallowed as the flesh moved around, unfortunately his moment was cut short as all the windows in the room exploded with multiple hands and bodies of the infected, each trying to make their way in.

The young man screamed as one of them grabbed onto his shirt, the scream attracted more of their attention, which cause even more hands to grab onto him. His screams increased as one of the infected sunk its grotesque maw into his arm, ripping out a good chunk of meat.

"Sensei!" he cried in pain.

The two women watched on in shock as more of them bit into the young man, his screams increasing until finally, he found enough sense to pull back, wincing as more of his flesh was taken from him, before stumbling and falling to the ground.

The infected continued to fight their way in, before the door finally busted and they swarmed.

"I-I don't want to die like this.." the teen whispered as he gripped his arm in pain.

Kyoko and Shizuka could only look on in shock as the infected approached slowly. Before they could come any closer however, long purple hair swept through them, and in the span of ten seconds, they all dropped dead, various wounds on their body, courtesy of the Bokken in the hands of one female swordsman.

The girl wore a modified version of the school uniform for girls, the skirt being longer, and going past her knees, as well as the shirt being baggier, but you could still tell of quite the body that was covered by the clothing.

This was Saeko Busujima.

Senior, and president of the Kendo Club.

The older student moved to kneel before the injured male, and placed a hand on his shoulder before giving him a small smile.

"I respect your courage in protecting Marikawa-sensei, as well as Hayashi-sensei. What is your name sophomore?"

The injured teen swallowed before speaking, the pain becoming even more intense.

"Ishii...Kazu.." he managed to mumble.

Saeko nodded, and looked deep into his eyes once more, ignoring the small blush that fell on the dying teens face.

"Kazu-kun, do you know what happens to those who are bitten?" she asked.

The boy managed a shakily nod, while Shizuka and Kyoko continued to watch, the later remembering what Naruto had done to her lover.

"Would you want your loved ones to see you that way? I have never killed anyone, however.." she trailed off.

" it.." he mumbled out with a smile.

Saeko gave a nod, and raised herself up before gripping her Bokken tightly.

"W-Wait! What are you doing?' the busty blonde questioned.

"Stop this! There must be a way to save him!" Kyoko followed.

"Please, do not interfere. For all we know, there is no way to cure them, and this is his request, I must honor him."

Without saying another word, she raised her wooden blade, and with expert handling, swung her hand, ending the boys life and splattering blood on the opposite window, the two women cringed, but felt as if it was for the best, well, one of them did.

Turning away from the scene, Saeko bowed to the two older women and smiled.

"I'm sorry you had to see that, my name is Saeko Busujima. You had quite the shield out there, I was going to remove to see if anyone was safe in here, but they beat me too it."

"Shield?" Shizuka repeated.

Saeko motioned for the two to look to the destroyed door, or more like the piles of bodies outside.

"Oh! That must have been Uzumaki-kun!" Shizuka chirped happily.

"Uzumaki-kun?" questioned both women.

One for the familiarity that she held with the blonde, the other because of what she had heard.

Saeko had heard much about Uzumkai Naruto, the Hellish Prank King, the most interesting Sophomore as some of her fellow seniors had called him.

The young blonde was even rumored to be the reason why a local Yakuza seemed to crash over night, seeing as whenever one of the ex members caught sight of him, they would rush off in fear.

"Do you know Uzumkai Shizuka-san? You seem familiar with him." questioned Kyoko, her eyes narrowed.

The blonde nodded with a happy smile on her face.

"Yes, Uzumaki-kun has visited my office many times before, he also helps out at the local Hospital." she responded.

The answer seemed to satisfy the two.

Although it left the youngest with a unique curiosity. Moving her curiosity aside, Saeko slashed her Bokken quickly at nothing, the blood spraying off of it, then turned to the older women.

"We must go, it is not safe here anymore as most of the School has already fallen victim to whatever this disease is."

With that, she moved towards the door, stepping over the dead bodies, and giving a small prayer in her head for the fallen.

Without another word, Shizuka and Kyoko followed the girl.

Saya sighed for what felt like the dozenth time today.

She crossed her arms under her impressive bust as she watched Kohta search through out the room for anything they could use to defend themselves.

The school grew eerily quiet, expect for the random scream or groan.

It was for the best however, she suspected that the monsters reacted only to sound, she need only to test her theory.

The other teen blinked as he watched his companion take on a thoughtful expression.

"Ano, Takagi-san. What are you thinking about?"

Now normally, the pink haired girl would explode on the other teen, but her time with Naruto had mellowed out her anger, as she took on some of his carefree attitude.

Although, she still had her moments.

"Nothing. Keep searching." she responded with a glare.

She still had some work to do though.

Kohta nodded quickly and started up his search again. The two had been running for a couple of minutes now, until Saya decided that since they were close to the Engineering Clubs room, they could use some of their technology to defend themselves, how could he say no, he would do whatever as long as he could be safe.

The teens eyes drifted to the pink haired girl once more.

"She's so pretty." he thought to himself.

Sed girl caught him staring at her and had to repress an eyebrow twitch, they were in life and death situation, and yet he was still admiring her looks.


"Hirano. Come here, help me with something really fast."

The teen did just that.

He stood and walked two where the taller girl was. He peeked over her shoulder, as she was leaning over a desk overlooking something, that something happened to be a assortment of tools that they could effectively use to defend themselves.

His eyes landed on the biggest of the tools, a gas powered nail gun.

Says noticed and voiced her thoughts.

"Do you know what this is?"

Kohta nodded.

"Yeah, it looks like the air powered nail gun from Letha Weapon Two. It's this movie I saw while I was away at-"

"Yeah Yeah. Can we use it?" Saya interrupted.

"No, if it's not the air powered one, there's no point in taking it with us."

The pink haired girl gave a loud sigh.

The sound of tapping alerted the duo the the window where more of them began to stack against it, their images hazy and hidden under the thick mirror, but the outline was clearly visible.

A sudden strange look grew on Kohtas face as he stared at the make shift gun.

"There's one spare canister of gas.." he mumbled to himself.

Picking it up with his left hand, while simultaneously reaching for the sets of nails he let a smirk fall onto his face.

Saya began to sweat as they knocked on the window, their above human strength causing cracks to form along the sturdy glass.

"Get up! We need to go now Hirano!"

The male continued to ignore her as he pointed the nail gun, his eyes focused solely on the weapon.

"It's about four kilograms heavier, stability might be an issue."

Saya felt her temper rise, and she grabbed on to the boys shoulder turning him to her, only to widen her eyes at the look he gave her, a small grin creeping on his face.

Without warning, the undead slammed into the door and windows, pouring into the room.

"Shit! Hirano!" Saya cried.

Kohta took action quickly, using some tape, he wrapped it around the weapon to hold the nails in place, he then took a knee and aimed at the incoming walking dead.

"Put that drill, those nails, and the gas in a suitable place." he ordered.

Saya growled, no one ordered her around, and just as she was about to speak, Kohta fired.

Each shot landing a heat shot, the corpses dropping to the ground one by one.

Anything Saya had to say was dropped as she was more occupied with gaping at the other teen.

Shaking her head, she grabbed the bags and turned to Kohta.

"Come on, we have to get out of here!" she stated.

The teen nodded his head, and the duo ran out of the room.

"Huh?" questioned the boy aloud as he looked towards the window, watching as water fell over it.

"Is it raining?" he questioned aloud.

"Who cares!" Keep moving!" Saya repeated.

The chubby teen nodded his head once more, and gripped the make shift gun before taking off with her.

As she ran, the pinkett let her thoughts wander to a certain whiskered blonde.

"Naruto, please be okay." she thought.

The blondes black coat fluttered lazily behind him as he waked calmly through another deserted hallway.

It seemed as most of the undead began to center themselves in the lower levels, considering that's where most of the kids ran.

Twirling his bloody Kunai, the blonde took a step down the stairs, wincing as more of the putrid smells assaulted his senses.

He could practically taste the blood.

"Man, so much for the Arcade after School.." he mused.

Blue eyes suddenly widened "Shit! Morita!" he cried out.

The blonde ran to the near by window, over looking the dorms, only to see them over run with the walking corpses, more students running around like chickens with their heads cut off, while some had already been captured and turned into a meal.

Naruto slammed his fist on the window, his strength breaking it easily, but his hand bled from the glass.

"Morita.." he whispered.

What could he do now.

His friend was probably one of them by now.

"No! Morita is a clever guy, I'm sure he's fine. Just need to focus!" he told himself.

Taking a deep breath, the teen weighed his options.

"I could send a Shadow Clone, but that would slow me down. If I run to the dorms, then I can save him, but then Takashi, Saya, Hayashi-sensei and Shizuka-san will be left without protection."

Gritting his teeth, the blonde raised his fingers and in a puff of smoke, there stood a perfect replica of him.

"Fuck it. You know what to do." the blonde commanded.

The clone nodded and jumped out of the window to the grounds below, before making a mad dash to the boys dorm.

Naruto closed his eyes and rubbed his temples as the familiar pain coursed through him.

"Focus on your breathing, relax, control your thoughts, control the pain."

He remembered those words well, as the Kyubi had told him that when he first started his Tenkai training. He swallowed the blood that was forced through his throat with a wince.

Steeling his resolve, he walked slowly along the hall, glad that he could take a small break at least.

"I've wasted enough Chakra. I haven't used clones in a year, my body needs to get used to the tole they take on my Chakra. This rift energy needs to leave already, I'm barley at full power right now, not even fifty percent of my Chakra is usable without killing myself."

With a sigh, the blonde continued with his task.

While he did that, the clone rushed through the court yard, slashing and dashing at any of them that came near him.

"Boss says to find Morita, so if we know him like we do. He was probably trying to peep at the girls."

Just as he was about to increase his speed, a cry caught his attention.


The blonde turned to the sound only to see one of his most disliked teachers.

He was a tall man with dark silky hair, wearing a striped dark suit, his eyes were a yellow color, squinted and sharp, giving him a snake like appearance, reminding him much of Orochimaru.

This was Koichi Shido, and he, along with a one familiar face were rushing towards him.

"Damn the honor we share.." the clone whispered to himself.

Shido, along with the two students he was with caught up to him.

He recognized the first as Yuuki Miku, who was undoubtedly one of the most attractive girls in the school, however, she also had a reputation more famous than her looks.

As Narutos clone, he was never one for rumors, seeing as most of his creators childhood, rumors were what kept him from making friends with the younger generation, so he didn't particularity believe them.

The other was a male, tall and with brown hair, although the top part was dyed blonde, he didn't quite know him very well as his name didn't ring any bells, but it didn't matter at the moment, what did matter was Morita, and these people were wasting his Chakra and time.

"Uzumaki-kun!" huffed out the teacher as he approached.

"I'm so glad you're safe!" he spoke with a sickly sweet smile.

The clone knew he shared Narutos feelings, and he was right about feeling the need to wipe that smile off of his face.

"Shido-sensei." he nodded.

"Are you trying to escape as well, if you are, you're heading the wrong way." the teacher advised, smile still in place.

The clone shook its head.

"No, I'm going to search for a friend of mine. Then meet up with a group, before getting out of here." he responded.

That got a scoff out of the brown and blonde haired teen behind Shido.

"Screw that, they can save themselves." he commented.

"And who are you?" the clone of the blonde questioned.

The teen seemed to not like the tone of his voice, as he stepped up to Narutos face, being slightly taller than the blonde and growled.

"Tsunoda is my name you little punk, watch your tone. This world has gone to hell, so I would have no problem killing you!" the taller teen roared.

"Lower your voice." the clone ordered.

Tsunoda growled once more, and gripped the blonde by his shirt, before pulling him up in an impressive show of strength.

"Don't order me around!" he roared.

The clone sighed and gripped the teens wrist, before squeezing tightly, the taller boy cried out in pain and let go of the blonde as he stepped back and held his wrist in pain.

From the sidelines, Yuuki and Shido watched the exchange with different reactions.

"This boy, he's strong, and skilled. Form the looks of his clothing, he must have been the one slaughtering these walking shit stains. I could use him." the older man thought, as he withheld a devious smirk.

Yuuki on the other hand watched the exchange with mild interest, mostly surprise.

"I'm sticking with them, because they seem to be the most likely to survive, and Tsunoda is one of the strongest guys around the school, but Uzumaki just swatted him like a fly. Maybe...maybe I should go with him instead, he seems allot nicer than these two." the girl was cut out of her thoughts by the clone speaking.

"I said, lower your voice."

The clone twirled the Kunai in his hand and motioned to the now approaching undead.

"They react to sound, and you just attracted them with your unnecessary yelling." he finished.

Tsunoda scoffed, but felt sweat form at his brow as the infected began to run, instead of walk, towards them. He was about to high tail it out, when an arm pushed him back on his behind.

"Stay behind me." the clone ordered.

"If it was up to me, I would leave you to die, but I'm his clone, so I can't." the blonde duplicate thought.

Giving a sigh, it stopped twirling the Kunai, before rushing off to face the approaching undead. What would happen next would shock the ongoing viewers.

The blonde began to expertly dance around them, killing them swiftly and quickly, it was as if he had been doing it all his life. In under ten seconds, all of them were on the floor in a pool of their own blood.

Shido shouldn't help but shudder.

"If I have him on my side, the possibilities would be endless. I don't even think trained officers can fight like that."

Tsunoda was quickly regretting his decision on messing with the blonde, as he witnessed the show of brutal yet effective slaughter.

Yuuki was seriously re thinking on who to travel with.

The clone turned back to them, and shook his Kunai of some of the blood, then with a small wave, turned back to the direction of the dorms, and just as he was about to take off, Shido spoke.

"Wait! Uzumaki-kun, come with us! You could be of great help!" he bargained.

The Naruto clone shook its head a no.

"Sorry Shido-sensei, but I have a friend to save."

The man growled to himself, but kept a clam smile on the outside.

"Come now, Uzumaki-kun. Be reasonable, what are the chances that your friend survived. The Dorm is full of kids, there's no way he could still be okay."

The clone did not respond, instead it turned and seemed to stare at something else, then it just gave another wave as it took off.

Shido growled, and turned sharply to the two, his anger hidden expertly.

"Come, I'm sure he'll join us sooner later, someone like that will not die easily."

Tsunoda nodded, but Yuuki was still watching the blondes retreating back.

"Miku-san, come, we must hurry." the snake like man spoke.

Yuuki gave a hesitant nod, before turning to the duo and running along with them, although her mind was on something else.

"He looked at me, and I could tell exactly what he meant to say.." she thought.

Her eyes looked to the older man next to her.

"Stay away from him."

Yuuki couldn't help but shudder to herself, she had a choice, survive with them and lose her sanity and will, or die. Her fear of death was great, but what was a life controlled by another.

The clone finally made it to the Dorm, and seeing as the door was already busted open, made his way in.

He ignored the bodies, unmoving or not, and rushed towards the girls room, a feeling of anxiety rushing through his system, and this was unlike the time his creator, along with Morita and Takashi snagged some peeks in the locker room either.

"Finally!" it thought.

Busting in, he ignored the randomly moving bodies of the undead girls, some clothed, some not, and chose to rush to the locker in the very center.

It was a utility locker, large enough to fit around for or so people, and the Physical Ed instructor never let anyone in, little did she know that with Narutos help, and Moritas raging perverseness, they managed to convert it into their very own peep spot.

The clone felt its heart pump, and as he used his creators inhuman strength to rip open the locker, noises be damned, he was shocked to see a wincing Morita holding a wounded arm, leaning in the corner.

"N-Naruto!" he cried in shock.

He seemed suprised to the see the blonde, or what he believed to be the real blonde.

The clone only gaped, here was one of his first and closest friends, along side Takashi, they we're the big three.

The inseparable trio.

Now, cruelly ripped apart.

"M-Morita.." the clone whispered.

The boss was not going to like this when he dispelled.

The Mohawk teen gave a grin in response.

"H-Hey buddy...looks like I got myself in a bit of a situation.." he mumbled weakly, a strong cough tearing through him as blood spewed out.

"Shit man!" the clone exclaimed.

Dropping one of his Kunai, he rushed to his friends side.

"Morita! Fuck man! Fuck!" the clone exclaimed.

Sed teen only waved his hands weakly, a small smile on his face.

"C-Can you believe it I w-was. Minding my own business, s-sneaking into our spot, when t-this chick with her chest all o-out is walking towards me. Then all of a s-sudden, she bites my arm. What a b-bitch right?" he chuckled at his own joke.

The clone remained silent.

"I-I've been watching e-everything that's b-been going on through the hole...I-I'm going to turn i-into one of them if you don't k-kill me.." he continued.

The clone picked his friend up slowly and carefully, still not speaking.

"H-heh, r-remember that one time, w-when we j-jacked my dads car and d-drove it around the c-city. T-Then we s-snuck into the strip club-"

"Then Takashi drank for his first time, and he hurled all over one of the strippers." the clone finished.

"Haha, then we h-hauled ass out, and you got behind the w-wheel, and almost k-killed us all."

Naruto hugged his friend as he moved his arm over his head, the Kunai poised behind him.

"Y-Yeah, I remember.." the clone whispered.

"H-Hey, N-Naruto...thank you, for being my f-friend.." he finished as his eyes closed.

"No problem buddy.." the teen whispered in his ear, and in one swift move, jammed the Kunai in his head, and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

The real Naruto made his way through the last of the halls, finally reaching the lower levels of the school.

He need only step down one more set of stairs and he would be meeting everyone soon, as he was sure this was the only safe way to escape. He knew Takashi, Saya, and Shizuka knew that.

Just as he was about to take his first step, his eyes winded, and he was attacked by his clones memories.

The blonde felt his whole body shake, in sadness and in anger.

"Fuck..Morita!" he whispered.

The whiskered teen growled, much like an animal would, and slammed his fist onto the wall, creating a dent in it.

"Damn you Shido! If you wouldn't have slowed me down! I could have saved him! I should have just left you to die!" he cried in his mind.

He could feel the rage bubbling up, along with the familiar energy that he has come to know as the Kyubis Chakra.

He would have lost it, had it not been for the familiar cry from below.

"Die you little shit! Die!"

"Saya!" the blonde thought.

Putting his grief away, the blonde rushed down the steps just in time to see his pink haired friend jamming a screw driver into the head of one of the infected, blood spewing all over her.

"Shit!" he cursed.

Ignoring everyone else around him, and the approaching dead, he scooped the shocked girl up bridal style, while also flicking one of the Kunai he had out behind him, ignoring it as it blew through two of the undead before finally piercing the last one, making it tumble and fall down to the level below.

"Saya! Are alright?" the blond exclaimed.

"N-Naruto.." the girl mumbled.

Suddenly realizing the situation she was in, she grew a heated blush and pushed herself off of the teen and gave him her back, crossing her hands under her ample chest once more.

"Yes! Never touch me like that again!"

The blonde gave her a dead pan stare.

"Yup, she's fine" he thought.

"Uzumaki-kun!/Naruto!" was the cry from Shizuka and Takashi, both of them glad to see the blonde was safe.

The teen turned to the duo and gave them a wide grin, it almost faltered however when he looked at Takashi, the memory of Morita still fresh in his mind.

Something Shizuka did not miss.

"Hey guys, the hero always arrives just in time." he stated.

He was oblivious of the attention he had drawn to himself.

"That was an amazing show of precision." a certain purple haired sword wielder thought "He didn't even look, and he threw it with enough force to tear through bone and muscle fiber. Uzumaki-san, you truly are an interesting one." she mused.

"Wahh! That's Uzumaki Naruto! Number one Sophomore in all of Fujimi High!" squealed Kohta in a fan boyish kind of way.

Saya felt her eye brow twitch at the chubby boys reaction.

"I suggest you never do that again, if you want to be friends with him." she whispered.

Curse Naruto and his unbearably bright personality, attracting weirdos to him like moths to a light.

Kyoko felt rage bubble up inside of her at the sight of the blonde, and yet, she also felt gratitude to him for saving her life.

"I can't get close to him, I wouldn't even be able touch him with the kind of skill he just displayed." She grit her teeth, and took a breath to calm herself.

"I don't understand why I'm so mad, he saved my life." her eyes darkened again "He killed my lover."

Her inner turmoil was interrupted by the sound of more infected approaching.

Naruto flicked his wrist, and his last Kunai sprung to life.

"Look sharp, we've got company. I've got center." he spoke.

Saeko gave a nod "I shall take left."

"Rei!" Takashi cried.

"Got it, we've got right!"

With that, the three were off, Saeko quickly ended her side, while Rei and Takashi tag teamed and tore through the infected in their way.

Naruto...he was a bit different.

He walked through the corpses, slashing randomly at them, but still somehow killing them, until only one stood in his way.

The tension grew as the blondes eyes got unnaturally cold, all eyes were on him as he bent low, and twisted the Kunai in a reverse position. The whiskered teen tapped his foot loudly, and the last one of them reacted to the noise by rushing.

In almost untraceable movements, Naruto stood behind it.

Nothing seemed to happen, until blood gushed out from its head, and two arms, all three appendages dropping to the ground, followed by the body.

"Looks like you've just been.." he reached into his coat, and pulled out a pair of black sun glasses, then with a snap, he placed them over his face "Disarmed."

Just like that, the tension was gone, and Takashi face planted while Saya face palmed.

Shizuka giggled while Saeko gave a small smirk, and Kyoko didn't know whether it was impressive, or just plain stupid.

Kohta...he was doing a very good impression of a worm as his eyes shone like stars.

"So cool!" he cried.

Naruto turned to Kohta, and walked towards him, before kneeling down before him, the stupefied teens expression reflecting on the dark glasses.

"Kohta-kun, it's nice to meet you in person, I've heard allot about your weapon skills from the local Gun club."

Suddenly, the background shifted into a familiar sunset with the waves crashing behind them.


"Please, call me Naruto."

The waves became even more intense as the blonde stood, his arm extended out in a peace sing, while he flashed a smile that strangely twinkled.

"Come Kohta-kun! From now on, you are my apprentice!"

Kohta felt anime tears of joy fall from his face. He nodded, and posed the same way Naruto did, the same twinkle in his teeth.

From behind them, the words 'Youth' sprung up, and two dolphins wearing identical green jumpsuits and matching bowl hair cuts and buhsy eye brows danced in the water.

Saya didn't know what was more horrible, the fact that that just happened, or the walking corpses..she was leaning towards the scene before her.

After the whole ordeal was over and done with Saeko turned to the now gathered group and gave a smile.

"Hello, my name is Saeko Busujima, Hayashi-sensei and Shizuka-sensei already know of me."

Rei gasped, as she was standing in front of a living legend on campus.

"You won the National Tournament last year! I'm Rei Miyamoto from Sou-jutsu club."

Kohta, now snapped out of his daze, stood next to Naruto with a small smile, and spoke in a meek voice.

"Ah, uh, I'm Kohta Hirano from class B."

The blonde next to him gave a bright grin as he twirled the Kunai in his hands.

"I'm Naruto Uzumkai, better known as the Prank King from Hell." he paused "And this little devil is Saya Takagi, resident Genius and loud mouth! Over there we have Takashi Komuro." the teen finished with a grin.

He ducked as the pinkett missed a swipe at his head, before sliding behind her and wagging his finger.

Saya turned to him, and was about to speak when her own image caught her attention. The girl was soaked in blood, not as badly as Naruto or some of the others, but still, it was enough to make her feel dizzy.

"O-Oh my, look at me, I'm a mess. I'd better clean up before I go see my mother.." she whispered.

Then suddenly, it all came crashing down.

She felt a strong pair of arms warp around her, and before she knew it, she was sobbing into the chest of the blonde Uzumaki.

Everyone else watched, keeping a silence in respect for her, they were all losing their sanity slowly. It was only a matter of time before it all came crashing down on them as well.

The small moment of rest was interrupted as more groans sounded from down stairs, it seemed like the body that dropped with Narutos Kunai lodged in its head mad quite the ruckus, just as they did.

Naruto glanced at Saeko, the only other trained warrior in the premisses from what he could tell, and gave her a nod, one which she returned with a small smile.

"Come on, let's go upstairs and find somewhere to hide out at, we can plan an escape from their." he ordered.

The group nodded, and as Saya pushed away and wiped her eyes, she couldn't help but blush.

"I'm so pathetic..this is the second time he's seen me do this. When did my mission go from find out who Naruto was, to cry on his chest every time you feel bad."

"Hey." the blonde whispered.

Golden brown eyes stared into deep blue ones (the glasses somehow gone), and she was suddenly reminded of that night.

A much younger version of the blonde stood in front of her, a bullet hole in his shoulder as he squeezed her hand tightly.

"Everything is going to be alright." he spoke reassuringly.

The same words he said to her a year ago.

"Takagi-san! Naruto! Come on!" Takashi spoke as he and Rei, along with the others waited patiently atop the stair leading to the upper rooms.

Giving the pinkett one last glance, the blonde gave her a small smile and motioned for her to follow. Nodding, the two ran up stairs, and once they were together, the group searched for some form of safe haven.

In a matter of minutes the group found themselves in a large room.

Takashi leaned on the wall while Kohta sat in a chair beside him, looking out the window to the outside. Naruto washed the blood away from his Kunai in a near by sink, while Shizuka was sprawled out over a desk, Saeko beside her, a thoughtful expression on her face. Kyoko stood by the window next to Rei, who was busy staring outside as well.

It was Takashi that spoke up first.

"We need to get out of here. Hayashi-sensei or Shizuka-sensei, do any of you have your car keys with you?" the dark haired teen asked.

"No, I left mine in the Ping-Pong clubs room." the brownish red head replied.

Shizuka however was busy searching through her small purse, a victorious smile fell over her expression as she pulled out a set of keys.

"Right here!" she stated.

"Will your car be able to hold us all?" the sword wielder questioned.

The victorious smile fell as quickly as it came, that seemed to answer everyone's question.

"What about the buses?" Kohta commented "They're still here, and we have all the keys in with us in this room."

Naruto shut off the water and dried his Kunai with a near by rag, and with anther flick of his wrist it was gone, back to its hidden location inside of his sleeve.

"Seriously, how no one ever noticed you have a dangerous weapon on you at all times I'll never know." Takashi commented with a smirk.

Naruto gave a grin as he took to leaning on the wall next to him.

"Trademark Ninja secret."

Takashi and Saya both groaned.

"You still going on about that?" they both spoke.

The blonde only held up a peace sign, and gave them a foxy grin.

"Ano, Komuro-san. Where would we go anyways?" the busty blonde questioned.

The dark haired teenager seemed to think it over before replying.

"We go check on our family's, then once we are sure they are safe. We try and find some sort of safe house, I'm sure the Special Unit and the Police should have everything under control by then."

As if on cue, the television that showed nothing but school announcements changed to the news, courtesy of the disaster awareness center. All eyes fell on the woman who was standing on a random area of the city, behind her, chaos.

"Due to large riots erupting all over the City and the Nation, the regular emergency response has been neglected. When questioned on their ability to respond to this strange outbreak, the representatives gave no response. Now here I am in-" she was interrupted by the camera shaking, and a load cry of pain, before the screen went blank.

"What the hell! Why aren't they showing more!" Takashi questioned, his eyes wide.

He wasn't the only one, everyone held heir own degree of shock. This was more than just a simple virus, it was spreading faster than any of them could ever imagine.

"They don't want to cause panic." the pinkett responded as she adjusted her glasses.

The television continued to relay the same message.

Stay inside, lock all windows and doors, and await further orders. It continued by updating viewers on the situation all over the world, the United States, The United Kingdom, Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, Asia, all have been contaminated.

It was unbelievable.

"This..this is impossible. The disease is spreading like wild fire." Rei uttered, her eyes wide as she gripped Takashis arm tightly.

"If this is just like the Black Death, and Influenza, then we're in trouble." mumbled Saya.

"The what now?" questioned the whiskered teen.

"They were two of the most horrible sicknesses ever to strike man, the Black Death alone wiped out one third of the population of Europe." Kyoko responded "You should have payed more attention in World History this year Uzumaki."

Naruto scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

"She seems to have recovered well." he mused "Although, the way she looks at me, I'll have to keep my guard up around her."

"How did they end?" it was Kohta who asked a question this time.

"They just disappeared, it seemed people had finally grown an immunity to them." Shizuka answered.

"That's not going to work, this virus bring the dead bodies it kills back to life. So no ones is going to be building an immunity to that." the busty blonde finished.

"So you're saying there's no cure?" Kyoko questioned, a slight look of madness crossing her eyes, although no one seemed to notice.

"Who knows, the main priority right now is to survive, as a team." Saeko finished.

Naruto gave a smile to that, the words of his old Sensei ringing up in his head. He quickly squashed those memory's down, as they would do nothing but distract him at this point.

"Yosh!" he cried, slamming his fist into his open palm "Let's do this then! As a team!"

The others, even Kyoko seemed to brighten up at this, and with that, everyone grabbed their stuff and rushed out of the room and into the hall.

For a second, their positions froze, Naruto and Takashi in the front side by side, one with a serious expression while the other grinned like a fox.

Saeko and Kohta behind them, each holding their respective weapons tightly, a small smile on the female while a huge grin was placed on the male, in between them Rei held her make shift spear tightly, an expression of pure concentration on her face.

Behind them, Saya, Shizuka, and Kyoko stood next to each other, the first adjusting her glasses while the blonde smiled brightly, the last of the three held a small and focused frown.

With that, they were off.

The group ran down the stairs to the second level, while Saya gave them helpful information.

"Guys, they react to sound, so be as quiet as possible, I'm sure most of you have realized that by now. Also, they're strong enough to rip a door off of its hinges, so melee combat is out of the question. Don't over do it, we're just trying to escape, knocking them over is fine, only fight head on if you have too."

"Right!" the group chorused.

As they reached the final set of stairs that lead to their escape, they noticed a small group of people, three boys, and two girls cornered by them, the boys had surrounded the two girls in an effort to protect them.

"Shit!" Naruto cursed as he flicked his wrist, the now clean Kunai springing to life once more.

The action gave out an unspoken command and the four weapon wielding teens charged down. Naruto stabbing the Kunai into one of the male undead head, while Saeko crushed another skull with her Bokken.

Takashi doing just as Saeko did, but with his bat, wile Rei stabbed her spear through one of the head of another, and Kohta shot nails into the last ones brain, ending its life on the spot.

"Are you guys alright?" the bat wielder questioned.

"Y-yes! Thank you!" one of the girls responded rather loudly.

"Lower your voice." Saeko commanded softly, making the girl nod.

"Are any of you bitten?" she asked.

"No! None of us are." the same girl responded.

Rei looked them over before turning to the Bokken wielder.

"They all look fine." she finished.

Saeko gave a nod, and motioned for Saya, Shizuka, and Kyoko to come join them.

"Ahh man, I just cleaned this thing.." the Jinchuuriki wined as he looked on his now once again bloody Kunai.

Saya sighed as she walked past the blonde, and moved to look down below her.

"Naruto!" she cried suddenly.

The blonde blinked and moved to stand next to the girl.


The pinkett pointed at familiar body near one of the large shoe lockers. On its head, was the Kunai Naruto had thrown not even half an hour ago.

"Baby!" the teen cried as his eyes grew wide.

He grinned as he ran down the steps towards the body, only for a slender hand to grab onto the back of his long coat.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!" the girl genius whispered heatedly, all attention was on the two now.

"I'm getting my Kunai back, they react to sound, as long as I'm quiet they won't even see me coming." he responded with a care free grin.

The girl sighed, and let go.

"Well, I guess we can test my theory with you." she finished.

Takashi turned to the small group and gave them a smile.

"Would you like to come with us?"

The group nodded quickly, and the now larger group stood at the end of the steps, watching as the whiskered teen calmly waked over to the dead body, and pulled out his Kunai, sweat dropping when he hugged it to his chest, not even caring about the stains.

"Doesn't he care that he just wiped someones else blood on him?" Kyoko thought to herself.

"Of course not! He's nothing but a killer! Why would he care!" she responded to her own mental question, although more aggressively.

Naruto turned to the group and gave a thumbs up.

Giving a nod, they moved out, moving silently through the spacious room towards the double door.

Naruto opened one of the doors, while Takashi opened the other, and the two held them open as the others rushed out into the open court yard.

Finally, the last of the survivors, one boy carrying a large metallic stick that was used mostly to hang things from, and just as they were home free, the end of the metallic object bumped against the door.

"Shit!" the blonde cursed as all of the near by infected reacted to the sound.

"Everyone, run!" Takashi yelled.

That was the final straw, between the door and the yell, most of the infected had their attention drawn to them.

The group took off in a dead sprint towards the bus, Naruto clearing a way before him, while Saeko and Rei watched the sides.

Takashi and Kohta were behind, taking care of nay left overs. In the middle of them was Saya, Shizuka, and Kyoko, along with the unnamed students.

"Why did you have to yell!" Saya hollowed angrily.

"Shut up and run!" responded Takashi as he swung at another one of them.

"We're almost there!" Rei cried, feeling relief course through her very being.

A scream interrupted the moment as everyone looked back to see the make shift leader of the group they had rescued being grabbed by two of the infected.

"Takuzou!" shouted the girl that was running along with Saya.

"What the hell are you doing! You'll die!"

"I don't care!" the girl hollered as she broke away from the group and ran back to her lover.

"He's the only one I trust! What's the point of living if he's not there to live with me!"

Saya was absolutely shocked by the logic, and watched in disbelief as the two hugged and kissed, even as the infected tore into them.

Kyoko watched the girl and boy, and felt tears swell in her eyes, thoughts of her own lover invading her mind.

"Now he's gone! I won't even have a chance to be with him, because of Uzumaki.." her anger grew as she glared at the blonde in front.

All of her rage was gone in an instant as she looked into his eyes, eyes that in that very second reflected pain and loneliness, and a guilt that made her skin feel cold.

Then, just like that, it was gone, replaced by an unyielding flame.

She watched as the blonde began to tear into the infected even more wildly than before, moving ahead of the group and effectively securing a safe path.

"What...just happened.." she wondered.

Naruto stopped at the doors of the bus, and hurried everyone on, his eyes still holding the fire. One by one, they ran in, finally feeling safe.

Saya looked back to the scene and growled.

"I don't understand! Why would she do that!"

Shizuka sighed and turned to the girl.

"I understand. If the world is really this bad, then I'd rather die with the person I love, then live." the blonde explained with a sad smile.

Kyoko felt a pang in her chest, and the anger was back.

"You're supposed to be a nurse!" the pinkett exclaimed.

"Ano, Takagi-san, after all of this is over, will you finally consider going out with me?" Kohta questioned meekly.

From behind them, Saeko smiled.

"Oh my, I didn't know you two were that close, I'm envious." she commented with a smile.

Saya just blushed, and turned away.

From outside the bus, Naruto turned to the only person left outside with him.

"Takagi, get in the bus." he ordered.


"Get on the bus, Kohta, if you can hear me, give me some cover. I'm about to clear a path for us." the teen spoke.

Giving a hesitant nod, Takashi entered the bus, while Kohta rolled down the window and positioned himself for maximum efficiency.

"Start the bus Shizuka-sensei!" Rei cried.

"U-Uhm, I don't know how! This isn't like my car!"

The busty blonde calmed her nerves and started the engine, before looking over the controls.

"A-B-C" she mumbled while pointing to the controls.

Once she was satisfied, she gave a happy nod, and turned to everyone.

"We're ready to go!" she hollered.

From the outside, Naruto gave a grin and nodded, finishing off one more of them and turned to enter the bus, when a familiar voice cried out.

"Wait! Uzumaki-kun!"

Blue eyes winded, and flashed red, before settling back down.

All eyes were now on the oncoming band of people, lead by none other than the snake himself, Shido.

"Who's that?" Kohta asked.

"Shido, from class 3-A." Saeko replied, a small frown adorning her face.

"Shido.." Rei whispered with malice.

Kyokos eyes narrowed at the snake like man, more than once had he tried making a pass on her.

"Shizuka-sensei! Hold on!" Takashi ordered as he made his way to the bus door.

Rei grabbed the teens arm and pulled him away, a fierce determination, with some hate in her eyes.

"We're not saving him!" the girl stated.

"What! What the hell is wrong with you!" Takashi yelled.

"That man, he's better off dead!" the brown haired girl responded just as loudly.

Back outside, Naruto glared at the incoming man, his grip on his Kunai tightening.

"I should leave him to die.." he thought darkly "But he's got students with him, I can't let them suffer. Still, I could just cut him down now, and say he was bitten.."

Naruto shook his head, and sighed.

"I'm starting to sound like Sasuke." he whispered to himself.

Pumping Chakra to his feet, the blonde took off towards the in coming group, surprising those already on the bus.

"What the hell does he think he's doing!" Rei cried angrily.

"The right thing!" Takashi responded as he freed himself from her grasp and ran out of the bus to help.

"Everyone! Hurry! They'll help us!" the snake like man yelled as he pointed to the bus.

He watched from the corners of his eyes as Naruto and Takashi cut down any of them attempting to end their lives. A small smirk made its way on his face.

"Yes, assure my survival. You shall both be rewarded." he thought to himself.

Once everyone was ahead, he turned and was about to run, when a hand grabbed onto his leg.

Shido looked down to see one of the students he had taken under his 'protection' wincing in pain.

"Shido-sensei! Help! I twisted my ankle!" the student whimpered.

Shido glared coldly at him, but let a chilling smile fall onto his face.

"I see, very well." pulling his leg back, he slammed it on the students face, grinning at the sick crack he heard from the now blooded face of the student.

"This is where we part ways my friend."

With that, he was off, leaving the screaming teen to his death, as more of them approached.

Naruto heard the teens scrams and turned to his direction and growled, pushing even more Chakra to his legs, he rushed towards the teen, passing a now livid Shido as he predicted the blondes motive.

"Uzumaki-kun! There's no time! If we waste anymore, we might all be in danger!"

At the words waste and time, Naruto felt himself stop, anger coursing through his veins.

"Time wasting!" he thought enraged "If he hadn't held me up! Morita would still be alive!"

He felt the Kyubis Chakra burn his system, increasing his anger.

Blue eyes turned to the still screaming teen, and then back to the bus, well aware that more and more of them were approaching. The blonde shut his eyes tightly, and glared at the suited man behind him.

"You can save him, but you'll be risking the lives of everyone else in the process!" Shidos voice echoed out.

From within the bus Saeko felt her eyes narrow, as did Reis. Both knowing full well, he was just toying with the blondes already in turmoil mind.

More of them were approaching, more than he could count, and in that second, the downed student screamed as they bit off his whole arm.

Blue eyes widened at the scene before him.

He was too slow, to indecisive once again, and once again, someone paid the price for his weakness.

Gritting his teeth, Naruto turned to the bus and ran, his anger leaking out around him as he carved a brutal path of blood through any of the undead that stood in his way, he no longer was aiming for the head as arms and legs, heads, and everything else fell to the ground.

To the viewers inside the bus, it was brutal.

Once he was in the bus, he turned to Shizuka, a cold edge in his usually warm eyes.

"Go!" he stated.

The older blonde nodded and slammed her foot on the gas.

"They're not human." she whispered as she ran over them "Not anymore.."

From the end of the bus, clapping could be heard, and all eyes fell on Shido, a smile on his face as he stared at the panting and blood soaked blonde.

"Well done Uzumaki-kun, you truly are incredible. I'm glad you're safe."

Naruto growled, but felt his exhaustion, both emotional and physical kick in, and suddenly, he didn't have the energy to fight with the man before him.

Shido smirked, and extended his arms.

"My, what a large group we have here." he commented "In such times, we must be organized, therefor, I say we choose a leader." the smirk morphed into a grin.

"You're going to regret saving him.." Rei mumbled as she passed Takashi and Naruto.

Somehow, they both knew she was right.

I had never felt more pathetic in my life, I could have saved both of them, and yet, I let them die. All because of me, it made me sick to my stomach just thinking about it, and Shido, that bastard. The world really had gone to hell, and things had gotten rough, I needed to shape up soon, or else...if I only knew how bad it would really get.


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