This is my first Pokemon crossover. I thought I would change it up a little and give this a shot. Give me your honest opinions!

This is a slightly alternate universe kind of story. Hope that's okay.


The Flaming Heart

Chapter 1

Welcome to Amity Park

Ash Ketchum and his friends Pikachu, Dawn and Brock were continuing on their journey through the world of Pokémon. Ash had seven out of the eight required badges needed to enter the Sinnoh League. Dawn, a Pokémon Coordinator, needed one more ribbon before entering the Grand Festival. Brock, a Pokémon Breeder, was looking through a travel book to see where the nearest town was.

All three trainers heard the sound of a growling stomach. The source: Ash.

"Hungry again, Ash?" asked Dawn.

"What do you expect?" Ash asked weakly. "I haven't eaten since lunch."

"Chu-pika," said Pikachu just as weakly.

"Piplup," said Dawn's penguin Pokémon, Piplup.

"Brock, how much farther till we enter the next city?" asked Dawn.

"Don't you mean where is the next city?" corrected Ash.

"Relax, guys," Brock assured his friends. "We're almost in Amity Park, a city known for its Ghost Pokémon."

The young trainers paled. "G-G-Ghost Pokémon?" they repeated fearfully.

"That's the most common type of Pokémon there," said Brock. "It's also the most haunted city in the region."

"W-W-Well, I don't mind skipping that town," said Dawn nervously. "I d-d-don't mind another month of camping."

"I do," muttered Ash.

"There's burger joint we can check out," Brock added.

The mentioning of food immediately changed their minds. "We're in!"

As they continued onward, they walked past a giant billboard welcoming them to Amity Park. The town itself seemed pretty grey and dull aside from an occasional Ghost Pokémon attacking them in the form of a prank. After getting directions at a nearby Pokémon Center, our heroes found the local burger joint, the Nasty Burger.

Dawn grimaced at the name. "I hope the food tastes better than it sounds," she said wrinkling her nose at the name.

"As long as the food is edible, I don't care!" Ash exclaimed.

"Pika!" Pikachu exclaimed agreeably.

When they ordered their food, they didn't notice that three certain employees also worked there. Team Rocket, a group of thieves that steals other people's Pokémon. These three members, however, have been following Ash since they encountered him in Viridian City at the very beginning of his journey. Jessie, the leader of the evil trio, had long magenta colored hair. James, her partner, had lavender hair and was not the brightest of the three. Meowth, the scratch cat Pokémon, was the third member. Unlike most Pokémon, Meowth can stand on his hind legs and speak the English language.

"HEY! I didn't pay you three to lull about!" shouted the manager.

"Y-Y-Yes, sir!" they shouted. They immediately went back to work.

"Do those three workers look familiar to you?" asked a clueless Ash.

"They're kind of weird," said Dawn.

"Pip-Lup!" Piplup agreed.

"You'll get used to it," a voice said.

The trio turned around and came face-to-face with an African American boy with glasses and a red beret.

"What do you mean?" asked Dawn.

"This whole town is weird," said the boy. "It's something that you get used to. By the way, I'm Tucker. Tucker Foley. TF as in 'Too Fine'."

"PIP-LUP!" shouted Piplup as he tried to puff out his chest as far out as he could, trying to intimidate the boy. Dawn sweat-dropped at Tucker's flirting.

"I'm Dawn and this is Piplup," said Dawn.

"I'm Ash and this is my best buddy Pikachu."

"Pikachu!" greeted the yellow mouse.

"I'm Brock, a fellow ladies man," said Brock with a smirk.

"You like girls too?" asked Tucker.

"You know it!" Brock exclaimed excitedly.

Ash and Dawn groaned. Just what they needed: another ladies' man. At least Brock's Croagunk will keep him in line.

"So Tucker, do you train Pokémon?" asked Ash.

"Who doesn't?" Tucker answered. "Everyone in town owns at least one. I'm the proud owner of Porygon2," he said proudly.

"You own a Porygon2?" asked a surprised Ash.

"That's a rare Pokémon to find," Brock added.

"Pika," Pikachu agreed as he licked ketchup from the bottle.

"I'm a techno-geek. It popped out of my computer one day as a Porygon," Tucker explained. "I freaked out and started beating it up with a baseball bat. I then caught it before it could flee back into my computer."

Dawn got out her Poke'dex and entered Porygon2. "Porygon2, the Virtual Pokémon and the evolved form of Porygon. With planetary development software installed, it is now capable of working in space."

"Wow! A Pokémon capable of going into space!" Dawn exclaimed.

"Pip! Piplup!" said Piplup.

"That's nothing. You should come with me to my friend Danny's house. His family specializes in Ghost Pokémon," said Tucker.

"Wow! I bet there are tons of Pokémon at his house!" Ash exclaimed excitedly. "Does he battle?"

"You bet he does! He's the only kid at school that can handle Ghost Pokémon."

"I'm in! He can help me train for my final Gym Badge," said Ash.

The four left the Nasty Burger and followed Tucker to Danny's house. Team Rocket overheard the conversation and became interested too.

"If what that four-eyed kid is true then his friend's house must be Ghost Pokémon Central!" Jessie said excitedly.

"Maybe we should take a rain check on this one," James said nervously as he remembered their past experiences with Ghost Pokémon. None of them were pretty.

"Don't be such a scaredy Delcatty!" Meowth said to James. "If we follow the twerps to that Ghost trainer's place then we can grab as many of those spooky Pokémon as we can to give to the Boss."

"Not to mention we can grab Pikachu and that Porygon2 Four-Eyes mentioned," Jessie added.

"Wobbuffet!" Jessie's annoying Psychic Pokémon cried out.

"GET BACK TO WORK!" yelled the manager.


"Hey Tucker!" a Goth girl called as she approached the group. An Umbreon followed close behind her.

"Hey Sam. Heading to Danny's?" asked Tucker.

"If it means getting away from my parents, yes," said the girl named Sam.

Suddenly, Brock got in-between the two. "My name is Brock but you can call me your boyfriend if you want to – GAH!" Brock's Croagunk popped out of its Pokeball and used Poison Jab on Brock's side. "My dark rose…" he groaned in agony as the poison toad dragged him away.

"And who was that idiot?" said Sam.

"That's just Brock. He's like that with all girls," Dawn explained like it was no big deal. "Oh! I'm Dawn by the way and this is Piplup."

"Piplup!" greeted the little penguin.

"I'm Ash and this is Pikachu."


"Nice to meet you. I'm Sam. Sam Manson and this is my Umbreon, Phantom. Are you guys new here?"

"We're just passing through," said Ash. "We actually want to meet Tucker's friend, Danny. We heard that he's quite the Ghost Pokémon trainer."

"That's his specialty," said Sam matter-of-factly. "His sister prefers Psychic. I should know; her Alakazam is an awesome tutor."

Brock recovered and joined in the conversation. "Do you prefer any type of Pokémon?"

"I don't really care but my favorite type is Dark since I'm Goth," said Sam proudly.

"That would explain the dark clothing," muttered Dawn.

Sam glared at the young Coordinator. "I'm Goth because it makes me an individual in this conservative town! And I have Pokémon to back that up."

Ash got excited again. "Really? What Pokémon do you have?"

"A Houndoom, an Absol and a Grumpig," said Sam. "As well as Phantom, my Umbreon."

"Umbreon!" the Dark Pokémon exclaimed.

"Awesome! Do you think maybe we can battle later?" asked Ash.

"I prefer Contest battles," said Sam.

Tucker burst out laughing. "You HATE Pokémon Contests!"

"I'm not going to enter them to win. I'm going to enter them to make a statement about individualism," Sam defended. She then punched Tucker in the stomach.

"In that case, can I battle you later?" asked Dawn. "I'm trying to get my last Ribbon and I could use all the practice that I can get."

Sam sighed and gave in. "Fine."

"Danny should be willing to battle you, Ash," said Tucker. "Let's go."

Well? What do you think? Should I keep going?

Danny will be mostly human. He'll have some Phantom-like features, such as the occasional flashing green eyes and rapid healing. Not to mention, he'll be able to understand what Ghost Pokemon are saying! Cool, huh?

To keep up with the Phantom-theme, some of the Pokemon will have nicknames...if that's okay.