Jed and Abby Barlett stood in the door of the mural room, both with equal looks of annoyance on their face. The smoke was beginning to clear thanks to the open windows. Their gazes were fixed upon two men, whom they thought of like sons, both standing next to the fire place looking quite guilty.

"So...what exactly did you two think you were doing?" asked President Barlett, talking a few casual steps forward with his hands in the pockets of his jeans.

"It was Sam's idea." said Josh

"Hey!" exclaimed Sam

President and Dr. Barlett gave them both a look. Charlie bit back a snicker, earning him a look from the Deputy Chief of Staff and Deputy Communications Director. Abbey rolled her eyes. She sure felt like the mother of the three boys.

"What were you doing?" asked Dr. Bartlett

"It's freezing. We wanted to start a fire. It's a fire place. But apparently the flue has been welded shut." said Sam.

"You didn't think to look and see if the flue was open before you started it?" said President Barlett

Josh and Sam stammered. Charlie's grin got bigger.

"Alright boys. No harm done. But everyone needs to go home. Whatever work you're doing can wait until tomorrow. " said Dr. Bartlett, looking at Charlie as well. The three mumbled a 'yes Mrs. Bartlett' and apologized to the first couple for waking them up and shuffled out of the room. As soon as the door shut and footsteps could no longer be heard, the two busted out laughing until tears ran down their faces.