Different Worlds (I'll Leave the Ocean Behind)

"I've been out on the ocean,

Sailing alone, traveling nowhere.

You've been running on hard ground.

With just you around,

Your heart beats the only sound."

Takumi Usui stared out in to the open and endless sea. Expressionless, he looked at nothing in particular. His mind was blank with only one face in mind.

"Ayuzawa…" Usui whispered her name in a tone that clearly showed absent longing.

The boat rose and fell with each and every passing wave. England was still in the distance, becoming smaller by each passing moment until it was replaced as nothing at all.

It has almost been three months since he last saw her gorgeous face. He missed her big golden eyes, her long and soft raven hair, and her ever-lasting bright cheeks which were usually tinted red. Most of all, he missed her herself. Her lack of presence has been killing and eating him away in to an emotionless oblivion.

"But I know once in a while,

We will find,

The sound of your heart beats with mine.

And when it's time,

I'll leave the ocean behind."

Usui can still feel her small and soft candy-pink lips. He can still hear her silent mumbled words which were caused when-ever he did something embarrassing. Perverted Outer-Space Alien. A small smile tugged his lips as he thought of his frequently used nick-name.

And, most of all, he can still hear the way her heart beat with his own.

"So, I'll look out for a Lighthouse.

See through the fog,

Search the horizon.

You'll be back in a movie,

Where everything starts.

You can see clearly now."

The boat finally passed the English Lighthouse declaring that they would be leaving English waters very soon.

Usui sighed in relief. Another part of his journey was complete. It won't be much longer until he can see the woman he loves more than anything in the world. She is the shinning sun in his darkened world. She is the only one who could ever make him smile and express the happiness he missed during his childhood days.

The morning fog was beginning to clear and Usui could see the beautiful late-morning horizon.

Memories wondered in Usui's head. Memories of the cherished moments he shared with Misaki over the years. The first was the day they met, the day he would remember as one of the happiest days of his life. And, the last was the day three months ago when he had to say goodbye, a day he would rather leave behind.


The crash of the waves,

Will beat our way.

And I will sail in your arms.

As when it is time,

I'll leave the ocean behind."

Takumi is hoping that their time away from one another will bring them closer to one another like never before.

Usui made a promise or more like an oath to himself. "When my journey is over, I will never leave her side again. I will make sure that I'll be the one to dry her many tears. I won't be the cause of her sadness. I will be her shinning sun like she is mine."

Usui closed his emerald eyes as the wind danced across his handsome visage.

In time… I'll leave the ocean behind. Forever, my Misa-chan.


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Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama! - © Hiro Fujiwara

Lyrics - © Jes Hudak

Story/ Plot - © Katerina Anne/ Xx-Love-NOT-War-xX