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Italics are Steve's thoughts.

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"Thor's coming back."

My head snapped up involuntarily. That was the last thing I expected Director Fury to say and it was certainly the most interesting statement out of him in weeks.

Although I was curious about this new development, I pulled my eyes from Fury's face and glanced around the table to gauge everyone else's reactions. Clearly he had all everyone's attention now. The whole team had fixed Fury with hard stares.

Fury, of course, didn't seem to notice.

"Stark," Tony cocked his head slightly at the mention of his name, "since you've been so generous about housing the Avengers in your tower, Thor will be staying here too."

Tony pursed his lips. "Well, I…"

"Pepper said it would be fine with you. You'll have to forgive me for not speaking with you directly."

We all turned to look at Tony. His expression flashed from surprise to annoyance to glowering at Fury for all he was worth. Of course he would have nothing to say where Pepper was concerned and it was simply too amusing. Bruce was smiling outright and Hawkeye smirked lightly. Even forever stone-faced Fury couldn't help the quirk of his mouth as he tried to hide his amusement at Tony trying to work out a proper reply. I hid a smile behind a scratch to my nose.

Finally Tony seemed to settle on a sentence much to his apparent chagrin. "When do we get to see the big guy?"

"He'll be here in just a moment. Pepper is dressing him in less…obvious clothing."

I heard Natasha huff out a small laugh beside me. Just then the door swung open.

"Friends! I have missed you!" Thor exclaimed as his giant frame filled the room. He was wearing a dark red sweater and black jeans that clung to his body. The sweater in particular seemed absolutely desperate in its attempt to cover his broad chest, thick arms, and taught stomach. I couldn't help the color the rose to my cheeks. He might as well be naked.

"Tony," Pepper interjected before Thor could say more, "It seems we will need to order Thor some custom made clothes. As you can see," (we all can see very well, thank you) "these simply don't work."

"Yes, yes do whatever it necessary. You seem to be doing a great job of it already," Tony answered as he fixed her with an aggravated look. Pepper merely smiled and kissed his cheek.

Looking ever like a petulant child, Tony turned his attention to Thor and the shift in expression was practically instantaneous. Mischief sparkled in his eyes.

"So big guy, how do you feel about a little soiree," Thor looked at him quizzically," a party to celebrate your return?"

"That is a fine idea, my friend."

Tony clasped his hands together. "Fantastic. Pepper, you handle settling the big guy on the floor above the Cap and I'll go about party planning. I'm the master after all." Pepper rolled her eyes and turned to address Thor.

"Thor?" Thor turned his impossibly bright blue eyes onto Pepper. "All you brought with you is what I have seen, correct?"

"Yes," he replied.

"Alright, well, I'll make sure it's put onto your floor. In fact, I'll go take care of it now." She turned on her heel to exit, but stopped just short of leaving. "Wait, are any there particular colors you'd like in your room?"

He flashed her one of his boyish grins and my stomach flipped excitedly in response. "Since I am not of your realm, I trust your judgment in this area Miss Pepper."

She favored him with a smile in return. "See you later." She turned on her heel once again and made her way out of the door. The clicking of her heels grew faint as I watched her retreat down the hallway.

Turning my attention back to my friends, from my position on one of the executive chairs I watched the others greet Thor more informally. Dr. Banner said hello in his quiet way, but soon excused himself to continue with an experiment he had been working with assurances of 'catching up' later. Tony, of course, was conspiring with Thor about a no doubt, incredibly lavish, welcome back party. Then there was Clint and Natasha who seemed especially happy to see him. I guess it is unsurprising considering how well they bonded before he left for Asgard after the whole…situation with Loki. I could hear them planning Wii lessons and promising to teach Thor more about Midgard (if his thunderous laughter here and there was anything to go by, he was quite happy with this prospect).

Soon enough however, people went back about their business leaving Thor and I very obviously alone and I…I was inexplicably nervous. I don't know why I hung back from of our circle of friends as they said hello and it certainly did not make any sense now as Thor gazed at me with the happy confidence that he so exudes at every moment. I swallowed thickly and stood.

"Thor, it is certainly good to have you back." I extended my hand for him to shake.

"A handshake, Captain Rogers? I believe us to be closer than that, are we not?"

Heat flooded my cheeks. "Err…well, yes."

"Good," he replied and pulled me into an embrace. Amazingly, despite the obviousness of this impending hug, I flushed deeper. The tips of my ears burned fiercely.

Beyond my embarrassment however, I couldn't help but notice that his body was hard warmverywarm and yet I didn't find it uninviting (I didn't?). While that thought struck me as strange, before I could contemplate it further, Thor pulled back, but left a heavy hand on my neck. It felt incredibly intimate.

"It is good to see you again Captain Rogers," he said. His voice was quieter than I ever heard it.

"Just call me Steve, Thor. Just Steve."

"Well, then it is good to see you again Steve." He grinned at me contently.

I gave him a shaky smile and desperately hoped he couldn't feel my pulse racing beneath his fingertips.