My Girl

Summary: When foster child, 7 year old Payton, goes to Seattle to have her brain tumor removed, her life will change forever. Little does she know it will be more than just becoming healthy again, she might just find her dad and finally have the love she deserves.

A bit of background info:

Meredith and Derek are happily married with two kids. 5 year old Brooklyn (dark brown long straight hair, blue eyes) and 2 year old James (dark brown shaggy straightish hair, blue eyes). They remain best friends with Callie, Arizona, Mark, and Julia. Mark and Julia did get married and have a 4 year old, Thomas (has Julia's hair color and Mark's blue eyes). Callie and Arizona of course have Sophia (dark hair and dark eyes) whom just turned 7 and a baby, Kennedy (blonde hair blue eyes). Christina and Owen made it past there differences and had one child, Drew (clone of Owen) who is 5 years old. Teddy stayed at Seattle Grace and never married but adopted an 8 year old girl named Lisa (blonde hair, brown eyes) Miranda and Ben got married, Ben adopted Tuck after Tuck's father died and Tuck is now 13 and also had a baby girl who is now 6 and named her Addison (looks just like Miranda) after well of course Addison. Jackson and April ended up together after April finally passed her boards and recently moved back to Seattle with their new born Gretchen (darker complexion with black hair and brown eyes). Alex settled down and married a pedes fellow he met at John's Hopkins named Leslie and after a lot of convincing from Arizona they got jobs at SGMW and live next door to Meredith and Derek with their 3 kids, 1 year old Paisley (blonde hair, blue eyes), 3 year old Davis (blonde hair, brown eyes) and 6 year old Nicole (blonde hair, brown eyes). Amelia Shepherd (Derek's sister) moved to Seattle after the death of Addison because of a fatal car accident which caused the practice to crumble, and is very serious with her love life with the new ortho surgeon named Daniel. As for the rest of the Shepherds (Hayley, Kathleen, Nancy, Carolyn, the kids, and the husbands) they come to Seattle for Easter and the fourth of July, while Amy, Derek, Daniel, Meredith and the kids go there every Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I tend to forget to tell how each person is related and stuff so I put a little character guide.

Chapter 1:

Payton P.O.V

Today is the best day of my life. That's what everyone keeps telling me. I'm no convinced though. The best day of my life won't come until I have a mom and a dad to love and take care of me. We flew on a helicopter to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital to finally have my tumor removed. My name is Payton….well I guess I don't really have a middle or last name like all the normal kids, but then again I'm not your normal 7 year old, and I have something called a medulloblastoma brain tumor. I've been sick since I was a baby, the tumor is just now big enough to take out, that's what they tell me. They say my mommy and daddy loved me very much, but there marriage was falling apart and if there was any chance at saving it, a sick baby would not help. They say a lot of things, like after today I will be normal. After today people will want to adopt me, but I can't trust what they say anymore. Every time they would but me in a foster home, they said that the new mommy and daddy would take care of me, that I would be loved. In reality, that would only last a day or two. The mommy and daddy would fight constantly over me, and eventually send me back. I love my social worker very much, but every time I trust her, I always get my hopes let down. One time I almost had a real mommy and daddy, but they didn't feel like a mommy and daddy should so I was really bad so they would send me back. My social worker says this should be the best day of my life, but this is not the best day of my life.

Derek P.O.V

Being a surgeon is intense. Most of my colleagues say they love being surgeons for the high, the rush the OR gives them. Not me. I love it because of the peace, the quiet of the OR. Growing up with four sisters, constantly bickering and trying to put make up on me, quiet was hard to come by. Being a surgeon, a neurological surgeon, means I have lives literally in my hand. People let me cut open their brains to try and heal them. One wrong move and they could be dead. It's like a puzzle, every case. No matter how many times I have done a procedure, I never know what is going to happen once I'm actually on the inside. No matter how many scans of tumors I see, I never know how much the tumor has grown until I'm actually standing there, staring at the inside of a patient's brain. I almost always love being a surgeon, but not on days like today. I have a 7 year old little girl with a medulloblastoma brain tumor, one of the biggest I have seen. Her chart says she's been in the foster system for her whole life. Every time I have a foster kid or adopted kid I feel guilty. About 7 years ago, when Addison showed up at Seattle, there was a secret. She was pregnant. We couldn't have a baby though, we tried to work it out. We tried staying together for months just to see if we could work. It didn't work so she went to Los Angeles with some close long time friends. Once the baby was born we put her up for adoption. She deserved better than a father in Seattle and a mother in Los Angeles. Days like today, I don't like being a surgeon. Such an innocent soul, with such a big problem. I hate having to operate on kids, thinking that they could be my nieces or nephews, or even my own children. It's days like these that make me hate my job, wish I had picked something where I wouldn't see dying children almost daily. I could never let the kids see this though, me being upset of having to work on them. I finally made it to the room I was looking for, on floor 4, devoted only to the children. I walked in with my neuro residents and sister behind me and gave my warmest smile to the little girl. She was tiny for her age, probably the size of my 5 year old daughter, Brooklyn. She had long dark curly brown hair and big blue eyes that could melt anyone's heart. I spoke, "Hello Payton, my name is Dr. Shepherd, and I will be saving your life today."