Jasmine took another sip of the warm, sweet black tea, pretending to listen to the Mad Hatter ramble on about his favorite book. She'd nod every so often to make him think she was paying attention. In truth she was just happy to have some company, even though she wasn't the best listener. She thought maybe if she played her cards right, she might just have found a new friend. She was sitting at the far end of the table, as far from Jervis and his "friends" as possible. Still, Lady Luck figured this tea party was safer than Gotham streets at night, especially with the possibility of Batman being just outside.

"Now, tell me, Jasmine," Unfortunately, she still wasn't paying him any attention, "How did a young girl like you wind up in Arkham in the first place?" He waited several seconds, before realizing she hadn't heard him. "Are you listening?!" Jasmine jumped a bit, "Of course I am!" Jervis rolled his eyes, he wasn't convinced.

After a few seconds of silence, "Where's Alice?" Jasmine asked, nonchalantly. Jervis' eyes went wide, remembering. Then he suddenly crossed his arms, and turned his head away, "You didn't answer my question, why should I answer yours?" Jasmine didn't even remember him asking her one. Her face started turning red, and shifted in the fancy wooden chair, "I'm sorry, what was your question?" Jervis rolled his eyes, "How did you wind up in Arkham?" "Oh," Jasmine bit her lip, "I was transferred here, from the last hospital I stayed for more intensive treatment. The truck crashed on the way there, so I was free for a little while."

"Why did they put you in an asylum to begin with?" Jervis prodded further. "My obsession with blood, paranoia, Schizophrenia... there, happy?" Jervis said nothing, and looked down at his tea, pondering. "Now answer my question," Jasmine demanded. He sighed, "She... Went and married someone else..." He said it so quietly that Lady Luck almost didn't hear him.

"Oh, I'm... I'm sorry," She mentally kicked herself, wishing she'd kept her mouth shut. She started to think how his wonderland must be spoiled because of that, a perfect world ruined by just one person. There had to be more though, with his lost love being the tip of the iceberg. Her sick curiosity wanted to know more, but she knew better this time, some doors were meant to stay closed. Instead, she said something to quickly move away from the subject.

"Can I have some more tea?" "Oh yes! Of course!" His sudden mood swing made Jasmine jump. "March Hare," He said, causing the man dressed as a rabbit to get up, get the tea-pot, and pour her some tea. Jasmine was beginning to see how thin his happy charade was; he didn't deal with reality very well, did he? Than must be why he wears his costume, and takes on a new identity. Jasmine could easily relate, she loved the feeling her costume gave her, she had a new identity. She was no long Jasmine... Ugly, useless, lonely Jasmine, she was Lady Luck, invincible, respected... Feared.

She began to wonder if Edward was the same way, or Dr. Crane? Was the rest of the rogues gallery? Wearing a mask to avoid who they used to be? Could even Batman be the same? Maybe...

"Police!" Is all that was heard, before smoke grenades flew and landed on the stage. The flight response to a hold of her, Jasmine bolted, making her way to a backstage ladder, and climbed up to the catwalk. She found and slipped through an air vent, and found her way outside. She climbed onto the roof, then jumped to the next, then the next, until she was at the other side of the block.

She crouched, and watched from where she was, hoping she was hidden enough. They seemed to be no sign of Batman, fortunately... He must be in the theater now, Jasmine thought. She watched, she really couldn't hear anything from where she was, and couldn't focus to well because of the bright blue lights on the police cars.

After several minutes, she spotted Jervis being dragged out by Batman, then was handed to a couple of Police officers. An ambulance rolled up, Lady Luck guessed it was for the two mind controlled men that were at their tea party. The Mad Hatter was shoved into a police van, and started driving off; passing right by the building she was sitting on.

She took off after it, but of course, she had no hope of keeping up. She took a short cut towards Arkham Asylum, hoping to cut the van off. While on top of one of the roofs, she found a large shard of broken glass, and picked it up. She climbed down a fire escape onto the sidewalk, just as the van turned the corner. She pretended to collapse onto the street, forcing the van to stop before it ran her over.

The two men climbed out of the van, and ran over to her, throwing all caution to the wind. One man checked her pulse on her wrist (the shard was in her other hand). "Call an ambulance," He told his partner. The man gently shook her shoulder, "Miss, are you okay?" "Yes..." She quietly answered, before grabbing his arm, and ramming the make-shift weapon into his throat, causing blood to run down his body. The other man screamed, and reached for his gun. Jasmine pulled the dying man closer to her, running her tongue into the wound, tasting the sweet fluid.

The guy fired, emptying the clip, and of course, none of the bullets hit her, but a few went into his partner's head, killing him. She turned, and lunged, driving her weapon into his neck as well. Jasmine pulled it out, and then stabbed it into the area between the man's neck and collarbone, then took it back out again. The man was still alive, attempting to scream, nothing but came out, however, when Jasmine reached and grabbed the keys off his belt.

She was licking the blood covered shard of glass like it was a Popsicle, as she strolled around to the back of the van. She unlocked the doors, and pulled the both open. Her tongue stopped when she saw Jervis wasn't the only rogue in there.

"Well, what a surprise," She said. "Jasmine?" Edward had a puzzled and surprised look on his face; he looked like he'd been ruffed up, his green suit was covered in something, he must have fallen at some point. Jonathan Crane, who was also in his full outfit, was also with them; Jasmine wasn't sure how she felt about that.

They all climbed out of the van, Jasmine put the glass in between her teeth, and started taking off their cuffs. "Thank you very much," The Mad Hatter said, rubbing his now free wrists. Jonathan stared at her, he had yet to say anything, he just studied her. "Why did you help me?" Scarecrow asked. She lifted an eyebrow at him.

Jervis and Edward had made their way to the front of the van, looking at the dead men. The Mad Hatter made a comment about "painting the white roses red," referring to the white shirts now stained with blood.

Sirens could be heard in the distance, and Jasmine, as if it was becoming a reflex, took off into the cover of the dark alley, and then the three other rouges followed her. She grabbed the glass out of her mouth and threw it. It would have cut her cheeks open if she accidentally ran into something; she'd wind up looking like Joker!

She got to the other side of the block and stopped, trying to remember which way her hide-out was. "The sewers," Scarecrow ran up beside her, and pointed to a man-hole. There were blue lights in the distance, so Jasmine obeyed, and lifted the cover off. They all climbed down the ladder, with Jervis last, so he pulled the cover back over, plunging the group into darkness. "Oh great idea, Spooky! How the hell do see where-" Edward stopped as soon as Jonathan lit a flare. "Oh." "Will that last until we get out of here?" Jasmine asked. "I have a few, it should suffice." He answered. Jervis and Edward covered they're noses. "Come on then," Jasmine started walking down the walkway and the other followed.

"I can't believe we have to travel through the sewers!" Edward complained. "Well, the cops wouldn't think to look down here for us, would they?" Jervis responded, both the voices were muffled from their hands. "You didn't answer my question." Jonathan pointed out to Jasmine, right after lighting a new flare. Jasmine rolled her eyes. "You don't like answering questions, do you?" Edward asked. "What are you talking about? I answer your riddles." "You know that's not what I mean." She rolled her eyes, but didn't answer. "Also, how is the smell not bothering you?" Edward continued. The girl thought for a moment, "I've smelt worse, a lot worse, in fact." "Like what?" "Chicken houses, cow pastures and... Other rotting animals.

"While it's not the best place to get blood, but I couldn't keep biting into chicken or cows without the other farmers sitting out on the porches at night with their guns. I wasn't worried about getting shot, but they'd go to my dad about what I was doing. Though the problem with finding dead wild animals was that most of the blood was already drained out, and there were sometime maggots on-" "OKAY! THAT'S ENOUGH!" Edward practically screamed. "To much?" Jasmine asked. Jervis was a few feet behind, heaving. "Uh... Sorry about that..." She apologized.

It was several minutes before she spoke again, "Where are we going?" She asked. "You're leading the way." Jervis pointed out. "Well there's only one of two ways we can go, unless you feel like going for a swim. I was referring to when we get out of the sewers." Jasmine responded. "Well, my old hide out's a bust, so I was thinking I could hide out at your place, if it hasn't been found yet." "No." Jasmine said, flatly. She started walking just a bit faster, trying to put distance between herself and the other rouges. "Oh come on, it'll just be for a couple of days, and then I'll be out of your hair." She ran for the ladder just up ahead and climbed up, she just wanted to be away from them.

She pulled herself out, onto the street. She was shaking her head, trying to shake the thoughts, the flashbacks... The fear. She couldn't make rational decisions if she was freaked out and stressed. She was wrapped up in her own thoughts again, and failed to register the cop that approached her, "Don't move!" Jasmine lifted her eyebrow, "Oh, look, the fat pig." Bullock glared at her, his gun pointed at her, "Where are the other 3?" "Who?" "Don't play stupid, the 3 freaks you helped escape!" Lady Luck folded her arms, and shifted her weight to her back foot, "Oh them, well, I don't know where they are now." She glanced down, seeing the other were actually still there, at the bottom of the ladder, the red glow of the flare suddenly went out.

Jasmine let her arms fall, and she put her hands in her pockets. "Put your hands on your head, or I'll shoot," Bullock threatened, "I mean it!" She didn't listen, and only smiled at him. He wasn't stupid, firing his gun would have been pointless. "Alright, how about we make a deal?" He offered. "I'm listening..." "You tell me where to find your buddies, and I pretend I never saw you." "Oh?" Jasmine's eyebrows went up, and she smiled. "A nice offer, but like I said, I don't know where they're at."

'Lady Luck isn't a fucking snitch,' She thought to herself. Bullock reached and grabbed his radio, "This is Bullock, I'm at-" Something flew out of the open man-hole, hitting Bullock in the face. It released some kind of gas, causing Jasmine take a few steps back. Bullock screamed, clawing at things that she couldn't see. Dr. Crane pulled himself out of the sewer, followed by Nygma and Tetch. "Nice shot, did you play baseball in school?" Jasmine joked. He didn't respond, he was too busy watching Bullock squirm.

"We should get out of here before the cops show up," Edward said. Jasmine nodded, "Agreed." She started down the street, leading the way towards her hideout. When she noticed Jonathan wasn't turning away, she called, "You coming or not?" He finally looked at her, then followed.