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He kissed her.

Katara still thought about it, even though it had been weeks ago. Right before the invasion, Aang had kissed her.

Something about it made her stomach churn uncomfortably. She wasn't even sure why; there was nothing wrong with Aang. In fact, there was pretty much everything right with him; he was funny, kind of cute, and being the Avatar didn't exactly hurt, but...

There was just something off about it, something she couldn't quite place her finger on.

The breeze fluttered the flaps of her tent, and she shivered, pulling her limbs closer to her. She grew up in the coldest place in the world, yet she couldn't sleep with that cold air blowing on her.

Whether it really was the cold air making her sleepless or not, she wasn't exactly sure.

Nevertheless, she pulled her blanket more tightly around her and tried to drift off to sleep. Unfortunately, as little as the tents were windproof, they were equally soundproof. That was to say, not soundproof at all.

"Hey, stop it, Sokka..." giggle.

"Mmm, come here you little..." more giggles.

Katara growled and stuffed her fingers in her ears. She scooched over to the other side of the tent to avoid the scuffling in the tent beside her, but was to little avail.

After a while, the giggling seemed to settle down and stop entirely, and Katara was beginning to think she could actually sleep, until,

"Oh, Sokka..."

"URGH!" Katara slammed her hand down on the ground and got up, storming out of her tent, unable to listen anymore. She stalked all the way down to the edge of the lake and sat down defeatedly, her messy hair still in her eyes. Grumbling, she brushed it away and tried to relax as she watched the water push and pull at the lake's edge.

Aang kissed her.

It wasn't fair, Katara thought bitterly. It wasn't fair that he had kissed her and left her there, confused and bewildered. It wasn't fair that he hadn't mentioned it since. And it wasn't fair that it wasn't right.

Listening to Sokka and Suki night after night had started to get to her, she thought. Why can't I have that? The laughs, the shared secrets, the passion...

Of course, the matter of passion between her brother and his girlfriend was a matter Katara wanted nothing more than to forget. And she needed to remember, Sokka was older than she was.

Only by a year.

Whatever it was Katara wanted, it wasn't Aang, that much was clear to her. She sighed.

She was still cold.

"Not tired?"

The voice startled Katara and she jumped nearly half a foot in the air.

"I'm plenty tired," she said, her arms across her chest. "Other people who aren't tired are keeping me up. That's all."

"Is it?" Zuko's voice remained behind her, low and raspy.

"You snuck up on me."

"You would have heard me if you were listening."

"You..." Katara found herself at a loss for what to say, and faltered pitifully. "What do you want?"

"I don't know." he said.

"You don't know?" Katara scoffed.

"Can I sit down?"

"Sure. Plenty of grass for everyone."

Katara didn't look up, but saw his pointed boots next to her, and soon the rest of Zuko followed as he sat down next to her.

"Something's on your mind." It wasn't a question.

You're quite the observer."

Zuko looked at her. She looked at him too, from the corner of her eye, her head still bowed down.

"You don't need to tell me what's going on," he said, "but it's getting the better of you, whatever it is. You're getting all...frazzled."

"I am not frazzled!" Katara yelled, completely frazzled. "Just...ugh." her palm hit her forehead. "Sorry. I guess I am."

"I know," was all Zuko said before he took his eyes of Katara and looked out at the water. From this side, all Katara could see was pale, white skin. No scar, no sliver of an eye, no burn marks. Just the face of a boy.

Katara sighed.

"Zuko?" she asked. "Have you ever, uh...kissed anyone?"

"Yeah." was his raspy reply. He turned his head to look at her again. "Why?"

She didn't even know if she should tell him. But she supposed it was too late now, so she took a deep breath.

"Aang...kissed me a few weeks ago." she told him slowly.

"I know."

"You...what? You know?"

"He told me." he noticed her shivering. "Are you cold?"

"Why did he...yes? I'm..."

Like a shadow Zuko had moved, and Katara couldn't say another word before his cloak was draped over her shoulders.

"Oh," she said uncertainly. "Thanks."

"He said it was the happiest moment of his life."

"He...Aang? Aang said that?"

"No, Appa said that." Irritation crept into his voice. "Of course Aang said it."

Katara's head was swimming. The kiss, the cloak, Aang, Zuko...

"Why did he tell you?"

"I don't know." Zuko shrugged. "Why did you tell me?"

His eyes pierced her. Eyes like fire.

"Because you're sitting here and I'm sitting here and..." Katara sighed, finally dropping her pretense of annoyance. "And I'm confused."

"About Aang."

"I shouldn't be. Right?" Katara asked. "He's a great kid, really. He's funny and...and sweet, and..."

"You said kid."

"I...I did?"

"He's a great kid, you said. And you're right. He is a great kid."

Katara nodded.

"But he's just a kid." Zuko pressed. "That's why you're confused. You spend every night listening to your brother and his girlfriend doing all the things kids shouldn't be doing, but person who kissed you is just a kid."

"I guess that's it," Katara looked away, feeling ashamed, because Zuko was right.

He was just a kid.

They sat in silence for a few minutes, no sound but the water lapping at the edge.

"Who have you kissed?" Katara asked, although she wasn't sure why. There was something intriguing about the matter, and she didn't want to ask herself why that was.

"Mai." was all Zuko said. Something about the way he said it made Katara feel like he didn't really want to talk about it. "And a few others."

"Hmm." Katara didn't know how to respond to that. She remembered Mai, the girl with the knives. She felt her stomach twist again, but she was certain that was only because Mai had tried to kill her, or something like it. Katara pulled Zuko's cloak around her as the wind sharpened, and couldn't help but wonder if Mai had ever been inside.

"Sometimes," Katara found herself admitting, "I'm just filled with so much...frustration."

Zuko raised an eyebrow in interest, signaling her to go on.

"Sometimes I just want to feel something like that. I don't even know what that is. But whatever it is...I keep thinking I need it." she looked up at Zuko. "Like a burning feeling. Inside. Does that make sense?"

"Perfect sense," were the last words from Zuko's mouth before his mouth was suddenly on hers.

Katara let out a muffled yelp of surprise, and Zuko pulled away.

"What are you doing?" she squeaked, her heart hammering. "I tell you Aang kissed me and I was confused and then you kiss me? What were you thinking?"

"Katara, I'm sorry, I..."

But he didn't have time to say anything, because all of the sudden, Katara was kissing him back.

A few seconds later, she stopped and opened her eyes, their faces still very close.

"What am I thinking?" she whispered.

"I know what you're thinking," Zuko offered in her ear, kissing her earlobe gently.


"It's fun to play with fire."

Katara felt herself go weak at those words, and then she was kissing him again, entranced by the way he traced his tongue around her lips and teased the opening of her mouth.

She understood the burning feeling. She understood it because it was consuming her, and it made her want Zuko everywhere; on her lips, in her hair, everywhere.

Back at the tents, the fire was flickering.

Zuko broke away from her lips to kiss her neck, slowly, achingly slowly, his hands running up and down her torso. Something between her legs throbbed.

"Oh," she uttered in surprise at the feeling. Zuko smirked against her neck and put his hands on her shoulders, pressing her down on the ground. He slid himself over her, his ragged breath warm on her skin. He played with her hair and hovered over her face, but he did not kiss her. Slowly he positioned his body on top of hers, and Katara lay there, her chest heaving, waiting for something...

And something pressed between her legs, something warm, something impossibly good, something so impossibly good that Katara couldn't take it anymore, whatever it was, and wrapped her arms and legs so fiercely around Zuko that they couldn't physically be any closer, and she kissed him with all the hunger she never realized she'd had. Zuko kissed back, almost ferociously, his teeth biting at her lips, his breath hot and short.

And he was still holding back.

"Zuko..." Katara let his name drag from her lips, and she could feel him shudder on top of her, the weight of his body pressing down on her in the worst and best way.

A frenzy had overcome her. Her hands were in his hair, on his neck, on his back, nails digging into him. She realized she was moaning, and the realization made her cheeks flush.

"Don't stop that," Zuko told her, his hands running everywhere but her chest.

"Make me," was her reply. Zuko gave her a wicked look and pinned her hands above her head.

He was so strong. So strong and fierce. His skin burned.

The campfire flared.

Zuko placed slow, careful, and tantalizing kisses all over Katara's neck. As much as she wanted to let it out, Katara glued her mouth shut. His hips pressed into hers; Katara had never realized until that moment just how wonderful, how delicious a person's hips could be, how delicious Zuko's hips felt pressing into her.

And then he slowly started rotating them, allowing her to feel everything, every crevice and...Katara swallowed...bulge.

For a second Katara's mind wandered. Of couse she had seen...them, but only in medical cases, she had never really seen one, or...touched one. The thought certainly made her a little nervous, but then it pressed up against her, and wave of pleasure rushed over her, and one betraying moan escaped her lips.

"There it is," Zuko breathed, letting her hands go and kissing and biting at her lips again. His hands travelled to her breasts, which he took and squeezed hard, so hard it almost hurt.

"Zuko," Katara said again, and he broke away from her lips and looked deeply into her eyes. "Teach me what it feels like to burn."

Something in Zuko's eyes burst with a wild passion at those words, and he was on her again, but this time, he wasn't holding anything back. His fingertips were singeing her clothes but she didn't care. He picked her up off the ground only to slam her against a tree, pressing his thigh up between her legs. Katara moaned again, and the water started to flush faster against the water's edge.

Zuko reached a hand between her legs and started rubbing, Katara nearly buckled for the sensation. It spread all the way to her fingers; maybe that's what made her reach for the bulge in Zuko's pants.

For the first time, a raspy moan escaped his lips, and it was the sweetest sound Katara had ever heard.

Somehow, Zuko knew exactly where to touch her. Soon, his hot fingers slipped underneath her dress and into her leggings and he was there, on her skin, in...

She gasped as he slid two fingers deftly inside her. Her grasp on Zuko tightened at the feeling, and he let out another stifled moan.

Everything blurred. Fire spread inside her. The tree dug into her back but she didn't care, Zuko's body was all she cared about, Zuko and his fingers and his ragged breath and the way he looked into her eyes with that wicked smirk. She slipped her hand underneath his tunic and into his pants as he had done to her, and as he stroked inside her, she did what she could to him.

"Ohh," he groaned, biting Katara's shoulder. "Do that harder." she did, and she felt him throb in response. He continued to pump his fingers in and out of her, his thumb rubbing the same place he was before.

"Oh, Zuko," Katara gasped, suddenly feeling like she was on the edge of something. "Z..."

"Shh," he whispered in her ear. "You're close."

Katara's vision went blurry, all of her senses faded away as the intense pleasure began to take over her body. She was vaguely aware of Zuko biting and moaning at her touches, but she couldn't...think...not...

"Ohhh...!" she screamed, the sensation of pleasure exploding from between her legs. Zuko's tongue was in her mouth and she bucked and writhed at the release.

"Kata...ra...don't...stop..." was all Zuko said as she nearly drew her hand away. The feeling had nearly taken away her ability to stand, but her head fell against his shoulder and she continued.

Zuko was sweating, his body overcome with heat. His face gritted and grunts escaped his lips every stroke Katara dealt him. From the corner of her eye, she could see the once small campfire blazing larger and larger.

"Oh god," Zuko hissed into her neck, his body starting to buck. He moaned again, and again, each time with increasing volume and urgency, until he gave one last, loud, shuddering groan and exploding everything he had into Katara's waiting hand.

Sparks rained from the sky.

"God, Katara," he said weakly, panting. He laughed and kissed her a little sloppily, and fell to the ground. She fell next to him, laying her head on his hammering chest.

"That was amazing," she breathed. "Only, there's one problem."


"The tents are on fire."

"What?" his eyes flew wide open. "Shit."

"We're under attaaack!" Sokka yelled, running out his tent, his arms above his head. "The Fire Nation is upon us! Everybody put your clothes on!"

"We're under attack?" Aang poked his head out of his tent and saw the flames. He gasped. "Oh no!" putting out the fire with a burst of air, he saw Katara and Zuko coming up the hill. "Katara! Zuko! Did you see them?"

"Them?" Zuko asked, yawning.

"The firebenders! They set fire to our tents."

"Oh, them! Yeah, they went, ah, that way." Zuko pointed to his left. "We fought them off. I don't think they're coming back."

"They got you!" Aang looked at Katara's clothes, singed with holes. She turned red.

"I'm okay, Aang." she said. "Man, fighting all those firebenders sure made me tired. Time for bed."

And with that, she pushed past Aang and went into her tent. Before she shut the flaps, she looked at Zuko, who gave her one sly smile before he disappeared into his tent.

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