Author's Note:

Welcome to part four of the Johnlock series! I didn't like the original title, so after talking to Audrey about it we came up with this one instead. I hope you guys found it okay! As usual, I am unsure how long this story will end up being. Thank you to those of you who continue to read these stories! I'm glad so many of you are enjoying them! The compliments and encouragement are greatly appreciated!

After their night of love making, Sherlock found it incredibly difficult to behave the rest of the time. His motivation was getting the hell out of the hospital. They both needed to get better and let their bodies heal. There would be plenty of time on the honeymoon to have all kinds of fun. After a few days of observation from the hospital staff they were able to leave the hospital and go back to London. God, it was good to be back home. Of course, Mycroft had a car waiting for them at the airport. It was almost like having a personal taxi service but without having to pay the driver. Once home, he wasn't sure what to do with himself. He looked over to John, to see what his fiancé was up to.

"As much as I loved our little vacation I can't wait to see Amy." John looked at Sherlock with a smile, shifting with a slight grimace as his jacket rubbed at the wound on his shoulder. It had been quite awhile since he had seen his little girl and the sudden biological pull he had to her, the urge to be around her and protect her, was so strong that he could barely handle it. He was still in his military uniform, the only clothes he'd had when they left, and he suddenly cringed every time he caught sight of himself. Being a solider wasn't what he wanted right now. He climbed the stairs to the flat slowly and a huge grin split his face when a small cry echoed from their flat.

"Thank the Lord." Lestrade opened the door and took John's bags, nearly shoving the little girl into John's arms. "She hasn't slept in hours. Please, do something." He rushed into the living room with John's bags.

"Oh, well hello there, little Amy." John glanced back at his fiancé and chuckled slightly before collapsing on the couch, putting the bulk of Amy's weight on his left arm. She wailed loudly so John started to hum, rocking her in his arm and bouncing his leg.

"Sherlock." Mycroft looked less happy to see the couple. "Your room. Now. We need to talk."

Sherlock looked over to John and little Sandi and was about to walk over to them when Mycroft requested an audience. He sighed and shuffled into the bedroom, managing to close the door quietly despite feeling the need to slam it shut. He looked to his brother, seeing if he could figure out what his sibling had to say now. More of Moriarty's men around still? A disapproving lecture about something or other? Those two seemed the most likely topics of discussions, though he supposed it could be anything really. His brother was a difficult man to read sometimes, even for him.

"I can't believe I'm saying this." Mycroft studied Sherlock for a long moment, relaxing marginally when Amy's cries quieted from the living room. "You can't marry him right now, Sherlock. He is injured. You are injured. Don't you both want to be healthy? Won't be much of a honeymoon, really." He was holding his ground despite wanting to pace, pinching the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger. "Except from what the hospital staff told me you two managed to do just fine shagging each other while he was nearly dead and you should have been resting!" There was a long pause for Mycroft to collect himself, taking a deep breath and relaxing even more when Amy had officially stopped crying. "I am just... Don't you think you two should wait until he is completely healed?" The word held more than just the physical standpoint of the Army doctor's clear issues.

Oh. That was what his older brother wanted to talk about. A disapproving lecture indeed. Sherlock smirked, obviously amused. "John wants to get married now." He shrugged as if that was good enough for him. Although, Mycroft had a point. He just hadn't argued with his fiancé about it, because he didn't want the army doctor, former army doctor now he reminded himself, to think he was as getting cold feet or trying to back out of the marriage. John was having enough problems coping mentally, the other man didn't need to be worrying about other things right now.

"Of course he wants to get married now, Sherlock." Mycroft glanced at his younger brother before shaking his head. "He has been through Hell. You have seen it. You are struggling to put up with it. I don't think you realize that getting married could make it worse. The guilt? Amplified." He took a step closer to Sherlock. "You need to talk to him. I know you want to make him happy. Christ, I want nothing more than to see John's life return to normal, but this... it could end badly." He went to turn and the light in the room glinted off of a simple gold band around his left ring finger, his eyes shooting up at Sherlock as he shoved his hands in his pocket once he noticed it. "Mum's worried."

"Mummy always worries," Sherlock muttered. He didn't reply to anything else Mycroft had said. Once more, his older brother felt the need to tell him how to run his life. It always annoyed him and made him want to do the opposite of whatever was told or expected him. The ring his sibling wore made his eyebrows arch but he didn't say anything about it. In fact, he was done talking to Mycroft. He opened the bedroom door and left, walking back into the living room so he could spend time with his fiancé and daughter.

John looked up at Sherlock and smiled slightly before glancing down at the infant in his arms. Amy had quieted down almost instantly, John's dog tags wrapped loosely in a little hand as she stared up at her father. "Wedding plans?" He asked Sherlock softly, turning his head marginally but not taking his eyes off of his daughter. He had been waiting patiently to get married to Sherlock, now it was all he could think about. In two days they would be officially married.

Mycroft entered the room slowly, glancing at Lestrade before motioning his head toward the kitchen. The Detective Inspector followed with a quick glance at the couple on the couch.

Sherlock glared as Mycroft and Lestrade entered the kitchen. He had hoped the two would just leave, so he could be alone with his soon to be family. Well, he supposed they already were minus the legal documentation. Wedding plans? Yeah, right. Something like that. He sat down next to John. "Just tying a few loose ends." He gave his fiancé a small smile.

John smiled and leaned over to place a soft kiss on Sherlock's lips. "I am so excited," he muttered, giving Sherlock another kiss. His stomach twisted in excitement and he relaxed slightly before tensing again. "Could you, um, could you come help me change?" A small blush spread across his cheeks as he glanced up at his fiancé. The Army uniform was upsetting him now and he just wanted it off.

Excited. Yes, Sherlock supposed he was as well. Damn his older brother and his words. He returned the kisses, ignoring the doubt now nagging at him. "Well, I can either help you here or in our bedroom. Where doesn't matter to me but I figured you wouldn't want to disrobe with Mycroft and Lestrade in the next room over." He gave a smirk.

"Hush." John said with a smile, standing slowly and looking down at Amy. "Your Papa is silly, isn't he Amy?" He placed a soft kiss on her forehead as he headed into the room. Walking into the room gave him such a sense of calm that he just froze, looking around for a moment before moving toward the crib and setting Amy down. "Just want out of this damn uniform," he whispered. He stood in front of the mirror and tensed, studying himself with a small frown.

Sherlock followed after John, shutting the door behind him as he walked in. He came up behind his fiancé, set a hand on his good shoulder and rest his chin on the top of the other man's head. "John…are you sure you want to get married so soon? I am…worried about you my dear doctor." He peered into the mirror, staring at John's face with a slight frown etched upon his lips.

Of course John wanted to get married. He let his eyes lift to meet his fiancé's in the mirror, swallowing hard. What was he supposed to say? Oh, I'm fine. Really. Just feel guilty about killing three men, nearly getting you killed, and I can't sleep. But really, I'm fine. He dropped his gaze and stubbornly lifted his left arm to start unbuttoning the military shirt, yanking at each one several times before they came undone. At this point he couldn't even trust himself to speak.

Sherlock reached up his free hand and gently took his fiancé's wrist, to stop him from continuing to undo his shirt. "John, I am not questioning whether or not you want to marry me. I'm questioning the timing. We just went through Hell and came back again." He was quiet a moment, thinking. Compromise. "How about we still get married as planned but wait a couple weeks for the honeymoon. That way we can have a proper one." He smirked at his fiancé through the mirror.

Sherlock's touch made him tense momentarily and he wearily lifted his gaze. John managed a small smile because he really couldn't hide anything from Sherlock. The man had practically read this thoughts. "I understand," he muttered with a small chuckle. "I just... I want to be with you and go on our honeymoon." He bit his bottom lip and leaned back against his fiancé with a small sigh. "That will be fine." He tilted his head be placed a soft kiss on the underside of Sherlock's jaw. "Whatever you want."

Sherlock gave a faint smile. "We can stay at the flat after the wedding. Take care of little Sandi together. That way she isn't stuck with my brother and the Inspector again so soon." He moved John's hand gently down away from the buttons, before releasing his fiancé's wrist. He then began to undo the shirt for the other man, the hand on John's shoulder reaching around to help. He pulled his fiancé closer to him lightly, to give a small hug.

Having Sherlock literally undress him should have been arousing but all he could do was relax. He hummed softly in agreement as his eyes slipped closed. "I think that is a good idea," he muttered. His fiancé's touch was enough to make him sleepy for the first time in days. "I don't want to see this uniform ever again," he whispered, tilting his head to nip at Sherlock's jaw. Right now he couldn't decide if he would sleep or have lazy sex with his fiancé.

Sherlock nodded and kissed the top of John's head. He continued to help his fiancé undress, first the shirt and then the pants. He took the other man's dog tags. "Do you mind if I keep them?" He understood why John wanted to get rid of the uniform but maybe his fiancé would let him hold onto these. "I gave the other set to little Sandi." He smiled gently, tilting his head to the mobile above the crib.

Dog tags. John's stomach lurched as he glanced at the mobile across the crib and smiled. "Yeah." He stepped out of his pants completely. "Keep them." He nearly wanted to rip the spare set from the crib but froze when he saw a picture of himself as well. "Think she was going to forget me, then?" He studied Sherlock with a smirk as he moved toward the dresser. Civilian clothes. He slipped into a pair of flannel pants, pulled his tan shirt over his head carefully, and froze. His new scar made him suck to his stomach and he moved back to the mirror. "I look horrible."

Sherlock smiled and shrugged. "I just thought she should see her Dad every time she woke up." He frowned at John's last words. "No you don't." He wrapped his arms around his fiancé's waist gently, to draw him into a light hug. He placed another kiss atop the other man's head.

"I'm already losing muscle definition," John stated softly as he kept his gaze locked in his reflection. "I have been shot three times now. How could you possibly want to marry me?" A soft smile tugged at his lips as he leaned against Sherlock. He paused for a moment before turning swiftly in Sherlock's arms, meeting his lips and pressing him against the door with a small moan. After everything they had been through, how his body looked and even his mind betraying him, Sherlock wanted to be his husband. Now he couldn't keep his hands off the other man.

Sherlock was about to reply when John kissed him. He returned it for a moment before breaking it. "John, we shouldn't." He wanted to, God did he want to keep it going. He kept his embrace on his fiancé, his forehead leaning against the other man's. "I know the last time the deal didn't work out very well, but perhaps we should wait for our honeymoon to do anything. Neither of us are in either shape. We need to get better so we can take care of our daughter."

"Just wanted to kiss you," John whispered breathlessly. He pulled away from his fiancé with a sheepish smile and glanced toward the crib. "Wouldn't want to do anything with her in here." He moved to sit on the bed with a sigh, studying his bandaged shoulder. "We are shagging on our wedding night, Sherlock. Period." A steady smirk tugged at his lips and he stood, clearly not sure what to do with himself. Out of a war zone. Constantly safe. "What now?"

"Yes, well I have difficulty stopping after kissing." Sherlock smirked and then shrugged. "I still need to teach you to dance, but that can wait for a bit. It isn't something we need to do right this instant though. You need to be taking it easy." He was quiet for a thoughtful moment. "When little Sandi wakes up, I can take you guys to see the office. We never got to do that last time you were home."

See the office. Learn to dance. John slowly lifted his gaze and bit his bottom lip. "Yeah. Should be good. I am going to take a nap, okay? I'm a bit tired." He smiled and shifted to lay down. "I'm tired. Go talk to your brother or... something." He closed his eyes because at this point he wanted his fiancé to be doing something, to not be held down.

Sherlock didn't feel like talking to Mycroft. With any luck, his older brother and the Detective Inspector had already left the flat. He thought about moving over to the bed, to snuggle with John while the other man slept but his fiancé didn't appear to want him around at the moment. "Yes, you should get some sleep. You haven't been getting enough lately." He studied John for a moment, a thoughtful frown on his face. He decided to leave the room, and laid down on the couch out in the living room. His back was to the room, it had seemed like a lifetime ago since he had last pouted in this spot.

John tossed and turned for at least half an hour before soft cries from the crib made him get up. "Shhh, Amy." He picked her up, his forearm knocking against the dog tags and making him cringe. "It is fine, baby girl." He opened the door to the bedroom slowly and moved instantly to the changing table. Amy sat still, her eyes lazily wandering from John to the ceiling, and once she had a new diaper on she seemed more content. "There. Just like I told you." He lifted his daughter to his chest and bounced her slightly, turning to look at his fiancé with a sigh. "You alright over there?'

Sherlock turned over when John spoke. "Yeah, just thinking." He gave a shrug as he sat up. His chest was still tender from having a cracked rib, and couldn't help the cringe that crossed his features. Repeatedly, he had turned down the pain medication and it was times like these that he regretted it. It would be better in the long run. "Apparently Baby Girl takes after us both, doesn't want to sleep." He smirked slightly at his fiancé.

"Apparently," John replied softly, moving to the couch and sitting next to his fiancé. "I get caught up just staring at her sometimes," he muttered as he moved a lock of light blonde hair from her forehead. "She is a little part of me. That's just...mind blowing. I can't believe it." Amy shifted slightly and gave a small squeak as John spoke, grasping weakly at his finger. "It scares me."

"It shouldn't be, because it is amazing how much she is like you already." Sherlock smiled and looked down to little Sandi. "Isn't that right Baby Girl? Tell Dad he is silly." He looked back up to John and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "I'm glad you are back home with me…with us," he admitted softly. Maybe life could finally be normal, something he had run away from all his life and now he didn't want anything else. The excitement just didn't have the allure anymore, not when he had a family to take care of now.

Already like him? John glanced at Amy and pursed his lips in thought, his head giving way slightly to Sherlock's kiss. Sherlock's quiet statement made him turn his head slightly. Home. With his family. "Me too," he whispered as he leaned slightly against Sherlock and rested his head on his fiancé's shoulder. "Amy." He clicked his tongue against the top if his mouth and smiled when her eyes shot toward him. "Hi there." He slowly lifted his right hand and gently tickled her stomach. "We are getting married in two days."

Sherlock smiled and leaned his head onto John's. This moment only amplified the feeling and need to protect these two. Wow. A family. It was hard for him to believe that he had one. Him. Sherlock Holmes, a family man. A year and a half ago that would have been the most absurd idea to him but now it was the only thing that seemed to make sense. "You think she likes music? I was thinking about playing our song for you."

"She might. Anything as beautiful as the things you play will be enjoyable." John took a deep breath and tilted his head up to gently kiss Sherlock's jaw. "Play it. I want to hear." He took a deep breath and placed another kiss on his fiancé's neck. "But be warned, your music turns me on," he half-joked as glanced down at Amy.

Sherlock got up off the couch and turned to look at John with smirk and a cocked eyebrow. "Does it now? Hmmm, I will have to write music for you more often." The smirk only got bigger as he turned away, went to their bedroom, and retrieved the CD with the recorded violin music. He came back out and put it disc into player he never really realized they had until he had burned the CD on John's laptop. There was a brief moment of silence before the sounds of the violin came through the speakers. It was a simple tune, having a moderate tempo. Perfect for a waltz or foxtrot.

The sound of the music filled the room and John let his head fall back with a pleased smile. It was beautiful and very Sherlock. He lazily lifted his head and nodded. "It is beautiful. I love it." He shifted slightly and froze when he realized Amy had finally fallen asleep. Turned out she did enjoy Sherlock's music. His grin grew and he relaxed back in the couch. "Any type of dance you wanted to do, specifically?"

"I figured since you didn't know how to dance we would keep it simple. A waltz, the box step. Very easy to learn. If you can count to three and slide your feet to make a box, you will do fine. All you have to do is follow my lead." Sherlock smirked a bit. "Here…I will show you…" He stopped the second track that had started playing and went back to the first track on the CD. When it started, he counted the beat in time mentally. He slid his left foot to connect with his right and then slid the right down, the left trailed after the right and then moved left, this time the right foot traveling after, the left moving up and the right coming after and then the dance repeated. Just to show off, he did a few spins and twists despite not having a partner. When the song ended, Sherlock turned to face John that smirk still plastered to his face smugly.

John watched Sherlock, captivated with the fluid movements of his body. It was beautiful to watch and he shifted slightly on the couch. He wasn't going to be able to make it through their dance without getting a hard on, especially since he was going to be pressed against Sherlock. He slowly lifted his eyes, raking them up his fiancé's body before meeting his gaze. "I... don't think I can do that. Not that well, at least. That was..." He shifted again in the couch. He shouldn't be aroused while holding his daughter but shit. "I love you."

"You will do fine. To be honest, the hardest part will be staying in the same position. Where the hands go and keeping them in place." Sherlock let the smirk twitch back into place. He let the CD continue to play, and moved back over to the couch. He sat down next to John. "I love you too." He leaned over and gave his fiancé a kiss on the cheek.

"I am going to assume that since you constantly say you are the dominant one that I will have my hand on your shoulder?" John smirked and turned his head to gently meet Sherlock's lips. "I mean, your Mum put me in a white tuxedo." The smirk that tugged at his lips was amused and he glanced down at Amy. "Think Harry would hold her through the ceremony? I mean... I think Mike is going to be my best man." He leaned back against the couch and listened to the music with a soft smile. "If I put her back in the crib could I sit here and make out with you like some teenagers? That possible?"

Sherlock smirked yet again and then nodded. "Yeah, sure. That would be good." He arched his brows. "Well, I never made out while a teenager so maybe I can make up for lost time with you." The smirk returned to his lips. Married. In a couple days he would be a married man. It was crazy and amazing to him all at the same time.