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Sherlock smirked and straddled John's prone position. He set the basket down next to them, opening it and then the lid to the fruit. He pulled out a piece of an orange put it in his mouth and then leaned down to offer the other side to his husband. They had done it with the pasta; why not try it now with the fruit?

They were so close and Sherlock was doing, quite possibly, the most adorable thing he had ever seen. How could John turned that down? He sat up slightly, propping himself with his elbows, and took the other half of the orange slice into his mouth. Their lips met briefly and he smiled the best he could, biting off his half and slowly kissing his husband. Sherlock's romantic side was making him smile like an idiot.

He was getting better at this, yes? It would seem so, because John was smiling. Sherlock leaned down to meet his husband's lips again. "I love you," he murmured behind the kiss. He continued it, exhaling through his nose when it became necessary to do so. He moved a hand to run through John's hair and the other began running along his husband's chest lightly.

John returned the kiss eagerly and arched into his husband's touch. Weren't they supposed to be eating? At this rate he wasn't going to make it. If Sherlock kept this up he was going to roll them and take his husband nice and slow. He pulled away from the kiss slowly, panting with a lopsided grin. "Again," he stated softly, reaching blindly into the basket and grabbing a slice if fruit. Apple. He put half in his mouth and looked up at his husband with a small smirk.

Oh right. They were supposed to be feeding each other. Sherlock returned the smirk and bent down to take the other half of the apple, their lips meeting as it snapped in half. This was even more wonderful than he had imagined and they hadn't even started shagging yet. Tonight was going to perfect.

John chewed his half happily, studying his husband with a small smile. "You are wonderful," he whispered as he met his husband's lips in a quick kiss. When had eating become so romantic? And even Sherlock was eating. Perhaps they would have to do this more often. "Here," he spoke softly and grabbed a slice of honeydew and held it against his husband's lips.

Now wasn't the time to be cocky, was it? Sherlock smiled down at John. He took the melon into his mouth, making sure to suck on the tips of his husband's fingers on the process. After chewing and swallowing the piece, he resumed sucking on John's finger tips again. He decided to start nibbling. Yes, perfect. Perhaps they should have some wine and cheese soon, because he wasn't sure how much longer he could wait. He was starting to get hard already.

Well, this was certainly having an effect on them both. John sucked in a deep breath as he watched Sherlock's mouth on his fingers, his own erection pressing against the inside of his husband's thigh. Should they forget the rest of the meal? Eat it when they were done? "Love you," he whispered as he turned his head, nudging his husband's ear with his nose.

Sherlock moaned as he felt John's erection pressing against him. It really shouldn't come as a surprise that they would probably end up shagging before wining and dining. He had wanted to but he couldn't bring himself to roll off his husband. "I love you too." In his confliction of desires, his head had nestled into John's chest.

After a few calming breaths John wrapped his arms tightly around Sherlock, kissing the top of his head. "Sometimes I want to stand on the roof of the tallest building in the world and shout to everybody that I am madly in love with you," he whispered with a bit of a smile. "Tell them how bloody amazing you are and that you are all mine." There was a pause before he let his eyes close and his body relax.

Sherlock smiled into John's chest, relaxing against his husband. This right here was nice too. Just laying with the man he loved. Tonight was turning out better than he thought it would. "Want to just lay with you awhile, I think. Do you mind waiting a bit my Love?" He shifted so he could look up at John.

"Of course not," John replied softly, moving his head to gently meet his husband's lips. "I will do anything for you." He studied his husband intently, eyes a bit wide in the dark. How in the world had he gotten so lucky? What had he done to deserve this wonderful man in his life? He shifted and moved an arm to reach into the basket, grabbing a piece of fruit and eating it with a bit of a smile.

For awhile, Sherlock laid there with his ear pressed against John's chest. His husband had listened to his heart beat on several occasions but he had never done the same. He wanted to see what it was like. He reached down, taking John's hand in his and intertwined their fingers. "This is nice. I am glad we did this. I love you."

"I love you, too," John whispered. He squeezed his husband's hand and smiled softly. "My anchor," he added as he looked down at Sherlock. His smile was lazy but his eyes were bright and, damn it, just looking at Sherlock made his heart race. The man resting against his chest was his husband. He grinned and placed a soft kiss into Sherlock's hair.

They were supposed to be having dinner, but just laying here with John was nice. "I'm thinking we should take a holiday like this a few times a year. Not a whole month, but a week or two. And when little Sandi is older, she can come with us. What do you think?" Sherlock finally tilted his head to look up at his husband.

A family vacation. In a few years it wouldn't be about constantly shagging but he was all right with that. John nodded and grinned at his husband. "Yeah. I would like that. New place every year, let Amy see the world," he whispered. His husband was becoming such a family man. "We would shag in a new spot every year, too," he added with a soft laugh as he squeezed his husband's hand again. After a few moments he lifted their joined hands to his mouth, kissing Sherlock's knuckles.

Sherlock smiled and nodded. "That sounds wonderful. We are definitely doing that then." He finally shifted off John, coming to a sitting position next to his husband. He stacked cheese on a cracker and offered it to John with a bit of a grin. He pulled out the bottle of wine with his free hand. He had forgotten glasses, figures. They could drink from the bottle he supposed.

John leaned forward and slowly ate the food being offered, licking at his husband's fingers. God, he already missed the warmth of Sherlock. Wine. He reached forward and grabbed the bottle, sitting up and opening before taking a large gulp. Naturally Sherlock was right and it was delicious with the food he had just ingested. "Git," he muttered with a small smirk.

If John kept taking large drinks of the wine like that, his husband was going to end up drunk. He frowned at the thought and it only deepened at John's single word. Had he done or said something wrong? His brows furrowed together in contemplation, but he couldn't think of anything. He finally noticed the smirk and realized that his husband had been teasing. He smirked back faintly, offering John another cracker topped with cheese.

John handed the bottle off and leaned forward, accepting the food from his husband's hand slowly. He kept his gaze locked intently on Sherlock as his tongue darted out to clean his husband's fingers. "It does taste delicious," he clarified softly, sitting up a bit more to meet Sherlock's lips. His turn. Sherlock couldn't do all of the feeding. He reached around his husband and got a cracker and a piece of cheese, offering it to his partner with a soft smile. When had food become such a turn on for them?

Sherlock smirked bigger. "Of course it does. I am amazing and perfect, so obviously I would pick a good wine to go with dinner." He leaned forward a bit and took his time eating the cracker out of John's hand, his tongue purposely lapping at his husband's fingers. He continued sucking on them a little while longer, once the food was gone. He then took the bottle of wine and took a quick sip. Christ, John was right. That was delicious. He took another drink.

It probably wasn't appropriate to sit and stare at Sherlock's mouth but John couldn't care less. Hell, Sherlock was naked and he was in nothing but boxers, anything was appropriate, really. "Not too much," he whispered as he leaned forward and gave his husband a soft kiss. "Want you to know what is going on when I shag you nice and slow." He grinned and nipped at Sherlock's bottom lip.

Sherlock put the bottle down and leaned into the kiss. Since he couldn't pull John on top of him, he moved to straddle his husband once more. He pressed his erection into John's thigh with a small whimper of desire. The moment they had both been waiting for and it was almost upon them. Since he was on the receiving end, he figured his husband should have some semblance of control here. Don't beg for it. It would happen when John was ready.

Oh, God, that was wonderful. John gasped into his husband's mouth, reaching between them to slowly push his boxers down. It took a bit of wiggling but he finally kicked them off, looking up at his husband with a warm smile. "Sherlock Holmes," he whispered, lifting a hand up to rest on his husband's cheek. "The best husband in the world," he added before meeting Sherlock's lips in slow kiss. Did Sherlock want them to start? He had pressed his erection into John's thigh and he had definitely whimpered. Jesus. He lifted his hips slightly and pressed his erection against his husband's with a soft moan.

Sherlock whimpered again. This was a fantastic start already. Everything he thought it would be. Well, better really and they weren't even shagging yet. He looked down at John and returned the smile and kiss, matching the pace set by the man below him. He pressed back into his husband with a moan, trying not to turn into a writhing mess. Slow and easy, he had to remind himself. So far it was going splendidly.

"Yes," John said softly, his head falling back as he took several deep breaths. Calm. It wouldn't do any good to get off before actually shagging his husband. He took several deep breaths as he lifted his hips again, a hand moving to gently grab his husband's ass he force him forward slightly. "Good," he muttered shakily. "God, so good." He managed a smile as he met Sherlock's gaze. "I love you."

Sherlock moved, moaning quietly. "I love you too." Ready. He was so ready right now. He pressed his erection into John again, this time against his husband's stomach since his position had altered slightly. He leaned down to kiss John again, hands finally moving to his husband's chest. His finger tips trailed along his partner's skin ever so lightly.

If John was reading Sherlock wrong than sod it because he was ready and he wanted his husband. He returned Sherlock's kiss, rolling them slowly so he pushed his husband against the blanket and settled easily between his legs. Perfect. Literally like he had imagined it. Except now he wanted to take it slow. He didn't reach for the lube and instead pulled away from the kiss, lowering his mouth to place soft kisses on Sherlock's neck."You are amazing."

Perfect. Yes. Things were going marvelous still. And God, John was on top of him. Sherlock tilted his head up so his husband would have better access to his neck. "You are too. This is amazing." He wrapped his arms around John, his fingers coming to trail along his husband's back now. With self control he managed not to buck wildly into the man above him.

Talking. When had Sherlock's voice become something that calmed him down and riled him up all at the same time? John arched slightly into his husband's hands, lowering his mouth to nip and kiss at his partner's collarbone. Attention. Everything he did was all about Sherlock and making sure the man knew he was loved, and cared for, and that John could never get enough of him. His hips pressed down and rolled slowly as he moaned.

Sherlock whimpered, pressing back up into John almost instantly. He moved one hand up to his husband's head, where he tugged gently at the locks of hair that were long enough to be pulled. Nothing rough. He just wanted to be able to give John some form of attention as well. His eyes closed in contentment, as he took in every sensation that his body was feeling right now.

So eager. God, how long was he going to be able to hold out? John moaned against the scar at the center of Sherlock's chest, one hand reaching out blindly to find the lube. It didn't take him long before he was able to find it, pulling it back toward them. Hair. Sherlock was pulling his hair and he gasped, his hips pressing slowly into Sherlock. "Lube?" He asked softly, before his mouth attached to his husband's right nipple and started gently sucking.

"Y-yes. Pl-please," Sherlock stuttered in his excitement. "Yes. Oh God yes," He begged again, not caring if he did now. He moaned, as he pressed back up into John. He continued the light pulling of his husband's hair. It was getting harder to maintain control and to give himself a little leeway, he scratched gently at his partner's bare back.

John fumbled with the bottle before opening it, smearing some on to his fingers and sliding two into Sherlock slowly. God, he couldn't wait. He had waited so long, almost a week, and he wanted to show Sherlock how much he was loved, how much he was cared for. It was clear that his husband was struggling to stay in control but he managed, taking a deep breath and switching to the opposite nipple before pulling away to take a deep breath. Scratches and hair pulling. "Shit, so good," he muttered as his fingers worked slowly in and out of Sherlock.

Sherlock moaned, the hand on John's back dropping to the blanket below where he tangled his fingers in it tightly. "Can't wait for you to be inside." Everything was feeling rather wonderful. He opened his eyes and tilted his head so he could look down at his husband. He had wanted to watch John while they made love under the stars. His husband looked amazing silhouetted against the moonlight. "You look incredible right now."

John slowly lifted his head, his eyes flashing in the light from the moon. "You do, too," he whispered with a lop-sided smile, his fingers sliding out as he sat up for a moment. He had intended on preparing himself but... shit, Sherlock did look wonderful right now. Legs spread and ready for him, a bit flushed from their activities and the moonlight casting his face into the most amazing thing he had ever seen. "You look fantastic," he whispered as he moved a hand to gently rub at his husband's knee, the only point of contact between them now.

Oh now John was just teasing him. Or at least that's what it felt like to him. Sherlock whimpered, his leg twitching from his husband's touch. How much longer was he going to have to wait? He was trying really hard not squirm and writhe all over the place and so far he was actually doing a pretty good job of staying still. He wasn't sure how much longer he could he wait before he sprung up and tackled his husband to the ground.

Right, Sherlock was practically ready to jump on his cock. John smiled a bit and prepared himself, leaning down to meet his husband's lips. "I love you, Sherlock," he whispered as he slowly entered his partner, his eyes slamming shut as he struggled to control his hips. Slow. Stay slow and calm. Talk. "I love you. God, you are wonderful, Sherlock." His hips moved in slow, shallow thrusts as he breathed heavily into his husband's neck.

Sherlock moaned, rocking in time with the slow rhythm set by John. Now he knew why his husband loved it so much when he talked. It was glorious to hear, especially with his partner inside of him. "I love you too." He smiled at John. It was tempting to just lay back, close his eyes and enjoy every second of it but he had wanted to be able to see his husband, so he locked his gaze on the man above him.

John met Sherlock's gaze for a moment before his eyes closed and he moaned softly. It wasn't difficult for him to go slow, it was a pace he had been used to for his entire life until he had met Sherlock. "Love the way you feel. So wonderful, responsive." He swallowed hard and let his body tense for a moment, tugging his bottom lip between his teeth. "Perfect. You're perfect and, oh..." He gasped and opened his eyes, gazing at Sherlock intently. "R-Rest of my," he muttered brokenly.

Sherlock couldn't help but smirk faintly. John was trying. The man above him made noise when they shagged, but his husband had never talked to him before. It was adorable and endearing to witness. Who would have thought that he would have an easier time to whisper sweet nothings while shagging than John did apparently? It came as a slight surprise really. He stroked his husband's head lightly. It was hard for him to not to want to take control and force a faster pace, but if he focused on John he seemed to do okay. It was all feeling rather wonderful and he didn't want to disrupt it anyway.

How the Hell did Sherlock manage to talk when they shagged? John's thought process was jumbled and he couldn't think about anything except Sherlock and, damn it, the man really was a genius. He gasped and his hips hitched before he started to move a bit faster, his eyes slammed shut. "Moonlight," he groaned and his hand fisted roughly into the blanket beside Sherlock's head. "G-Good look on you," he finally got out, his body tensing for a moment as he tried to keep his hips under control. Sherlock had wanted slow, wanted to make love, and he wasn't going to ruin it.

John was struggling. Maybe he had asked too much of his husband. Sherlock smiled encouragingly at the man above him. Maybe some words of reassurance would help? "You are doing fine Love." The hand running through John's hair, dropped a bit to run along his husband's cheek. Oh God. A faster pace. He moaned, bucking up into the quicker thrusts reflexively

Jesus. Sherlock just talked like it was nothing. John took several deep breaths, swallowing hard. Apparently he was doing all right. Focus. Just...focus. "You are the best shag ever," he whispered, managing to get the words out with stumbling over them. He grinned a bit before it vanished and his focus turned to his hips, to Sherlock bucking beneath him. Should he slow back down? "G-Good? Making love," he whispered. "Making love to you." He let his head drop on to Sherlock's shoulder.

Sherlock smiled again, but it took him a moment to answer. The faster pace made it more difficult to concentrate because all he wanted to do was make it go faster still. He forced his hips to still, so John would have an easier time with keeping a slower rhythm. "Yes, it is wonderful. You are wonderful. You feel wonderful."

John glanced at Sherlock for a moment when his husband's hips went still, smiling shakily before he shouted. He came roughly, holding himself up on shaky arms. "God," he muttered before finally lower himself to rest on his husband's chest. "God," he repeated. That had been...amazing. "S-Sorry," he finally whispered because he should have lasted longer but he was exhausted and... "I still get to give you a blow job," he whispered as he pulled out of Sherlock, reaching for the lube as he grinned eagerly.

Sherlock was about to tell John that lubricant wouldn't be needed for a blow job, but he stopped himself and smirked at his husband. He studied his partner in the moon light. John looked worn out. "If you are tired my dear doctor, you don't have to." His hand moved back to run through his husband's hair soothingly.

Sod being tired. John wanted Sherlock to fuck his mouth and he was so ready for it. "Please. God, please," he whispered as he opened the lube and spread it eagerly over his husband's cock. That had worn him out but if this blow job went like he wanted then he would be fine. "C'mon," he whispered, lowering his mouth on his husband's penis slowly before coming back up. He stopped with his mouth at the tip and glanced at Sherlock with the best grin he could manage.

Why was the smell of the blueberries so damn amazing to smell? Actually, Sherlock really knew the answer. The sense of smell can trigger responses when it is associated with something good or bad. And in this case it was associated with a memory he never wanted to lose. He whimpered as he felt John's mouth on his penis. What his husband waiting for? Oh. He bucked up into the waiting mouth with a moan.

John hollowed his cheeks out and gagged slightly, lifting his head slightly into his husband's hand. God, so good. He bobbed his head several times because it wouldn't be fair to make Sherlock do all the work. He hummed around his husband's cock and lifted a hand to scratch at Sherlock's thigh. He was already breathing hard through his nose, the smell of blueberry overtaking his senses.

Sherlock moaned again, arching up into John's mouth again. Shit, and now his husband was scratching him. So wonderful. His fingers dug into the blanket below him, twisting the sheets around his knuckles in his ecstasy. "John," He managed to breath out as he bucked up into his husband once more with another moan.

Why wasn't Sherlock touching his head, pulling his hair? John grabbed one of his husband's hands and placing it on his head. God, it was so damn hot to have Sherlock do this. And he enjoyed it, clearly. He was saying John's name and he wanted to hear it again. He took a deep breath and lowered his mouth, taking Sherlock's penis into his mouth until he gagged, pulling back with a shaky exhale through his nose and pulling back so Sherlock could continue his thrusts.

Sherlock smirked a bit, apparently John like his hair pulled just as much as he did. He grasped a few of the longer strands, tugging at them. He moaned out John's name when his whole cock had been enveloped. He thrust back up into his husband with another moan. Another thrust and he came with a loud moan. "Oh God…'sgood…"

John managed to swallow with ease, wincing a bit at the overwhelming blueberry flavor. Sherlock had clearly enjoyed himself and he pulled away with a smile, resting his head against his husband's thigh with a small cough. "God. God." He took a deep breath and laughed. "Good night then? Didn't disappoint?"

"No you didn't. It was wonderful, thank you." Sherlock smiled down at John. Tonight had been perfect. Hopefully the rest of the honeymoon would go just as well. He reached over and grabbed a random piece of fruit and popped it in his mouth. The hand in his husband's hair began scratching lightly, rather than tugging on the longer strands.

At this rate John could fall asleep right here and be content with everything. That had been exhausting, every bit of it. But so worth it. "Wonderful," he whispered with a small cough and a grin. A small shiver running through his body from the feeling of Sherlock's fingers in his hair.

Sherlock put everything in the basket and then moved it off the blanket. He shifted and then moved down to lay next to John, pulling the blanket over them. He rested his head on his husband's chest. "We can sleep out here tonight if you want my Love." He leaned his head up and gave John a kiss on the lips.

Sleep. John smiled against his husband's lips and let his eyes shut slowly. "Yeah. Good," he whispered before forced his eyes open slowly. "I love you. I love you so much. Thank you for everything. Everything. You are wonderful." He took a deep breath and closed his eyes again before falling asleep.

Sherlock smiled. "I love you too." He snuggled into John, an arm draped over his chest. He stayed awake for a little while, stroking his husband's hair. Eventually he fell asleep. He slept peacefully at John's side.

The rest of the honeymoon went well. They didn't fight the rest of the time. They worked on talking things out. It was nice change. The time flew by and before they knew it, it was time to head back home.

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