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Dragon Nest Family




Just because he was the oldest out of the four of them doesn't mean that he always has to spoil them...right? Staring at the mailbox in front of him, Aoshiro heaved out a sigh of defeat as he slipped his Adventurers Pack from his back and started to rummage through it, only to remove his hand to reveal a small pouch in his grasp. Ripping open the drawstring, the Paladin looked inside only to nod in reaasurance as he recognized the red glint of the Crude Rubies and then pulled the drawstring closed. Aoshiro then proceeded to approach the mailbox, pulled the lid open, placed the pouch inside before assigning the name, 'Nabiha' as the reciever before closing the lid. After staring at the mailbox for several seconds, Aoshiro then reopened the lid only to smile as he gazed into the empty box. Checking how many sends he has left, Aoshiro then proceeded to pull out another pouch from his bag and repeated the process before he pondered for a second, gazing at the third bag he was going to send to his 'brother'.

Unlike Aoshiro, who is currently residing in Saint's Haven, Nabiha lives in Carderock Pass with their other two 'siblings', Khayru and Hilal and the Swordsman is the second oldest amongst the four of them and as such, Aoshiro always sent him items first before sending the other two anything else. Usually he would max out his sending with just Nabiha but today, Aoshiro wants to send Khayru and Hilal some items as well, especially since with the knowledge that the two of them are the youngest out of the four of them. Of course, none of them were blood related but they have known each other long enough to consider each other as one, especially since they've known each other since childhood.

Musing for several seconds, Aoshiro's will caved in as he placed the pouch into the box and closed the lid, sending the third pouch of items that day to the Swordsman.

Though Nabiha was the second oldest, his maturity level is far from it. Even Aoshiro is occasionally baffled by the teens lack of common sense though he is fully aware of the intelligence that his 'younger brother' holds. Intelligent in mind, Nabiha is also quite efficient with a sword and also makes up his lack of strength with speed. A smile cracked onto the Paladin's features as he recalls the time when Nabiha dashed past him to attack an enemy before he could even blink. A speedy individual, Nabiha is also quite cocky and has an outgoing persona to match his arrogance, something that bothers Hilal greatly if Aoshiro recalls correctly. Pondering on his brother for several more seconds, a smirk appeared onto Aoshiro's features as he suddenly remembers the way Nabiha's face would turn red every time Khayru would compliment on his strength or whenever he makes a mistake in front of their 'sister'. The Paladin can't understand how Khayru and Hilal can't see that Nabiha has an obvious crush on the elven.

Suddenly remembering the others items, Aoshiro rummaged through his pack before pulling out another pouch but this time, as he peered inside to look at the contents, a shimmer of blue can be seen before it disappeared as the Paladin closed it shut. Placing the bag inside, Aoshiro changed the name from 'Nabiha' to 'Khayru' before closing the box closed.

Khayru was the only Elf amongst the four of them but her age is younger than that of Aoshiro and Nabiha, much to their surprise. Being the only female, Aoshiro can't help but constantly worry about her thanks to her skills as an Archer; though great in far ranged combat, they're quite vulnerable if placed into a close ranged battle. So Aoshiro was relieved to hear news that his 'sister' has chosen the path of an acrobat, an elven class that specializes in close combat and shortbows. Being born into an elven race, Khayru's personality is quite feminine and her mannerisms is quite formal and somewhat naive to the nature of humans. Though occasionally guillible to the traditions of humans, Khayru is fiercly loyal to her 'siblings' and is willing to do anything to protect them. Pondering upon a memory, a chill ran down Aoshiro's spine as he recalled a time when the youngest, Hilal, was injured and Khayru was not afraid to unleash her wrath upon the enemy who had harmed him.

Releasing another shiver, Aoshiro then pulled out another pouched, opened the lid, placed the object inside, and changed the name from 'Khayru' to 'Hilal' before shutting it once more.

Hilal is the youngest out of the four of them and as such, is sometimes doted upon by the other siblings. Aoshiro knows fully well that the young Priest is annoyed by that fact and he recalls how his 'younger brother' claimed to be strong enough to be on his own. A chuckle escaped Aoshiro as he remembered Nabiha tackling Hilal to the ground the instant the Cleric had chosen the path of the Priest, a healer and supporter between the two paths. The Paladin had to admit, he was slightly disappointed that his 'younger brother' had chosen a different path than he but was supportive of his decision all the same though he just wished that he was actually there to congratulate him. He just hopes that the distant and cold Priest would forgive him once they meet up here in Saint's Haven.

Tapping his finger upon his helm, Aoshiro pulled out another pouch but as he attempted to open the lid, it stuck fast, unwilling to open to the Cleric. Realizing that he had maxed out his sending, Aoshiro heaved out a sigh as he shoved the pouch back into his pack and slung it over his shoulders.

He'll just have to send the other items tomorrow. Hopefully, they can make it to Saint's Haven safely. Glancing at the sky, Aoshiro calculated the time before he nodded his head, walking towards the meeting area to greet a friend.

The four are based off of my Dragon Nest Characters XD

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