Little Bonnie & Nanny Marcy

Chapter 4

Last part.

There's no flashback here because I may use it in another story telling fic.

"Wow," Finn said, "it sounds like you guys were pretty close."

"Yep." PB stated.

"But, I'm curious as to what drew you guys apart." Finn replied.

"Well, that's my fault." Bubblegum sighed.

"It's not all your fault." Marceline said.

"It's mostly my fault." Bubblegum said unhappily.

"What?" Finn asked.

"As I got older and got a mind of my own my growing independence made me rather...nasty." Bubblegum said remorsefully, "I didn't wanna a listen anymore, plus I got kinda burdensome because through the years Marceline never let me call her..."

"Don't," Marceline asserted, "don't say it."

"Mom." Bubblegum said meekly.

"It felt...weird." Marceline said awkwardly, "I felt too young to be "Mom" anyway."

"Why did you wanna call her..." Finn wondered.

"That's another long story," Marceline said, "which I will tell...some other day."

"All right then." Finn shrugged.

Then he walked away.

Leaving PB and Marceline alone.

"Speaking of long stories," Bubblegum voiced, "when are you going to tell me?"

"Tell you what?" Marceline replied.

"You know..." PB prompted, "about my real parents."

"Oh right," Marceline answered, "that."

"You told me you would." Bubblegum said firmly.

"Yeah, okay," Marceline said, "the thing is...what the hell is that!" she pointed in the opposite direction.

As soon as Bubblegum looked away, Marceline was gone.

"Hey! Marcy!" PB yelled after her in vain.

More will be told in my next story telling fic.