A Raven's Pride

Chapter 3- Black Feathers

Kendall lay frozen, staring at the Men in Black. He still pointed that tiny gun towards the women, who simply let grins appear on their faces. The woman with short hair laughed.

"You think that thing can't take us down?" she mocked, pointing at J's Noisy Cricket.

"Turn around now, human," the other woman hissed, "what we want with his girl is not your business,"

"News Flash! If you're planning to take that girl against her will, it is my business!" Jay replied dryle, staring at the girl with the strange haircut. She was rather pretty…

The blonde woman let out a hiss, "as you wish,"

However, before any of them could do anything, a strong gust of wind almost blew them away. Kendall looked up and was happy to see a large, black-feathered winged figure coming down; the alien looked at the two women and Jay, its golden eyes showing anger. However, the sunlight prevented anyone from seeing its shape clearly.

Jay looked up and the first thing he tried to do when he spotted the feathered creature was to shoot; however, it seemed to notice, because as soon as he held up his Noisy Cricket, the animal whipped its tail and the tiny gun was knocked from his hand by Sharp knife-like feathers. Jay looked at his hand and noticed a slightly-bleeding cut.

"Brother, I'm over here!" Kendall shouted over the wing-beating, and the wind howling.

As soon as it spotted her, the black animal dived down into the narrow alley, snatched the girl in his claws and immediately flew away, as fast as its wings allowed it to. The two women growled in anger as they jumped up to the ceiling, not willing to let their prey escape so easily.

Jay, meanhwile, was frozen in confusion. That girl seemed to know the flying creature, and she had been apparently relieved when it snatched her and took her away. Brother, she had called it… Yet, he didn't recognize the form of the creature. Then he remembered the feathers it had thrown at him; Jay looked around and spotted one of those Sharp feathers lying on the ground. But it was very big for a normal feather; it was about two meters long, and was very thick. However, it was as light as a normal feather. When Jay touched the tip of the feather, he felt a small sting in his finger and pulled it back, seeing as a small drop of blood rolled down his finger.

For a feather, it was surely as Sharp as a razor.

"Slick!" Kay's voice brought him back from his thoughts, "what happened? Where are the people you chased after?"

When Jay turned around to look at him, Kay spotted the large feather he was holding. It made a bell ring in the back of his head, but he couldn't be sure. Jay looked up

"From where should I start?" he shrugged, "one moment, I'm trying to save a girl from two hot yet dangerous chicks, and the next I'm being thrown feathers by a giant animal!"

Kay kept staring at the black feathers; he had a hunch of what alien possesed feathers as big and dangerous as this one, but there was NO way those guys could have come to Earth unless they had a good reason.

"… Let's take that feather back to the HD,"


"I don't understand, why are you making such an uproar just for a feather?" Jay inquired as he stared at the black feather, now in a DNA scanner to verify the species it belonged to. Elle was baffled as well, not understanding why a simple feather was brought for such an intensive analysis. She had already made various tests to the feaher; X-rays, sample tests, and right now she was making a DNA test, comparing the feather's DNA with the DNA of various other species.

"I have the presentment that creature you saw is from a reclusive species that we thought was extinct.," Kay simply replied, not bothering to look at his partner.

"Come on! Perhaps it was just a mutant bird or somrthing!"

"Since when mutant birds throw their feathers like knives and are big enough to carry a fully grown human?"

"It's done!" Elle shouted over to the pair, as the machine started to make beeping sounds, and a blue screen appeared just above; in the screen, a figure started to appear from head to toes.

It was a large creaturel, much bigger than a human, and it had almost the appearance of a Griffin. However, it had also a few reptilian traits. It's snout, in particular, was shaped like a beak but it was covered in black feather- although the three could see a few fangs - just like the rest of its body. Three appendage-like long ears stuck out from its head, and it had a long tail which ended in a tuft of long feathers. It also possessed great, black wings, and these were very long. Apparently, it had a wingspan of about two meters.

"Damn it…" Kay muttered under his breath, his theory confirmed, and turned towards Jay and Elle, "We have a Kraehian,"

"a Kraehian?" Jay shrugged in confusion, "What's that?"

"According to this, Kraehians are a combination of bird-reptile traits that come from Kraehia, 300, 000 light years away from Earth," Elle read the information on the screen

"Big deal! So what's so important about these Kraehians?"

Kay turned to look at his partner seriously, "imagine a giant crow, with a bad temper, proud nature and reclusive attitude flying all aroun Manhattan in search of prey,"

Jay looked at the ceiling, "IT wouldn't be pretty. If Earth crows are a nuisance, i don't want to imagine a giant crow,"

"We should tell Zed about the Kraehians and see if we can capture one,"

Elle interrupted, "How are we supposed to capture a giant crow?"

"Kraehians may be intelligent, but they still have the bird brain. How do you attract a bird?"

jay seemed to remember something; he had heard that, where posible, crows' favorite food was corn, but he didn't know if Earth corn would work with Kraehians..

"Corn?" he suggested

Kay nodded, "lots of corn"

Meanwhile, back in the top of the Empire State, Kendall sitting on one of the crates, her arms crossed and staring at the wall in irritation. In front of her, the same Kraehian from before was pacing around, giving her another of his speeches. He was twitching his tail in irritation, and his ears were drooped.

"See what happens when you go walking around without scort?" he growled

"Don't start with that again!" she snapped, "Everything was going fine until those two bithces spotted me!"

"You're lucky I was passing by, because if I hadn't you would be probably dead!"

"You're exxagerating! Besides, someone got ahead of you!"

The male Kraehian turned to look at her, "what's that supposed to mean?"

Kendall looked away, "Before you arrived, a human was already atempting to rescue me!"

"a human? You're saying a human can be a better protector than me?"

"No! I'm just saying that he seemed to be a good, honest person!"

Her brother snickered, "a human? Honest? It's like saying Blunt worries about his weight," he looked around, "Speaking of Blunt, where did that corn sac go?"

Kendall shruged, "I don't know, perhaps he went to look for food again. One of these days, he's going to be so heavy that hi swings won't be able to carry him anymore,"

"I'll take a look and see if I can find him, but this doesn't mean we are done talking," the male Kraehian growled as he walked towards the edge and dove down before soaring back up. Kendall just huffed and looked towards the Manhattan skyline. For some reason, he couldn't get the human who had stood up ot the women out of her head; as if she had some sort of attraction or something…


Meanwhile, the Kraehian named Blunt was flying around, in his crow form, looking for something to eat, like Kendal had guessed. For some reason, he was almost always hungry, and because of this he had a 'Little' extra weight, which made his flight slower than the others'. But he couldn't help it, he had a very strong hunger of corn; actually, all Kraehians had a strong hunger of corn, but in their planet only royalty was allowed toe at that delicious grain; because of that, as soon as they had put a claw on Earth, the first thing Blunt did was rush to a corn field and stuffed himself with corn. However, the others ahd more self control over their craving for corn.

Suddenly, a familiar smell caught Blunt's attention; corn… fried corn… with butter, which happened to be his favorite. He looked around for the source of the smell, and soon he was able to locate the smoke from the frying corn; he dove down into Manhattan's Central Park, not minding if it was a trapo from the women. HE just had a thought in his mind; corn.

Meanwhile, Jay and Kay were waiting until one of the Kraehians stepped into the electronic cage; that particular cage was of Arquillian design, due to their war with the Bugs. The cage was desiged to actívate when any living being stepped on the metal base, and there was no way of escaping it. This had helped the Arquilians get a few Bug prisoners for interrogating, but they eventually learned how to avoid them. In the middle of the cage, there was a bowl of fried corn as bait; after all, no crow could resist to the aroma of corn… and that was excatly the problem.

Over the last hour, they had caught lots of crows, but none of them was a Kraehian. And there were the piegons as well.

"Really, I don't think this is going to work," Jay let out a yawn, "every bird we have caught turned out to be a normal Earth bird! I think those Kraehians were not as 'bird-brained' as you say,"

"Patience, slick, soon or later one of those birds will fall in,"

"In how much time? My ass is already aching from all these hours sitting in this damn bench,"

a few meters above, Blunt was diving towarsd the corn, not noticing the metal base uner it. He only cared about eating, his stomach was killing him, despite the fact he had eaten justa an hour ago. He also failed to notice the two men dressed in black suite in a bench near the cage, waiting for another bird to fall. Soon, Blunt landed above the metal base and started devouring the corn, but soon the cage activated and he was surrounded by energy, electrical bars. The disguised Kraehian looked around in horror, and spotted the two men nearby walking towards his cage.

He had gotten into hot water.