In a world that shouldn't exist.

There is a war fought by two sides.

The side of Discord lead by Chaos.

An malicious God wishing to have the world in ruins.

The other of Harmony lead by Cosmo.

A Goddess wishing to keep the balance of both good in evil in order.


Both sides fought.

They would clash.

Blood would be the paint.

Screams of pain would be the music.

Bodies would be the fertile for the soil.


Despite this, death would never come for the two sides.


For you see.

Each time a warrior fell.

They would fall into a deep slumber.

Their memories of how they died would be erased.

So when they awaken, they are ready to fight once more.


Though despite the never ending war.

Only one warrior remembers how she died.

She lost count on how many deaths she went through.

But she remembers each one vividly.


She would tell the other warriors of the never ending war.

Telling them to cease and bear arms against the two Gods.

That way, they will have the chance to return home.


Cosmo tried to reason.

But her words were on deaf ears.

The warrior disrespected her in front of the other warriors.

Yelling profanities of the war and wishing to be returned home to her family.

Chaos seeing his sister's own warrior lash out, urged her to punish her.

As did the other Gods, watching the war from afar.

But Cosmo could not due such a thing.

It was against her morals.


Cosmo was getting lashed at by her family about the mortal woman.

All them, urging her to take action to punish the human.


Cosmo did not know what to do.

In a desperate plea, Cosmo went to The Fates.

Asking them to what she could do to find a suitable punishment.

The Fates pondered for a moment.

Then answered.


"Punishing is not in your nature…." they began

As they looked at the beautiful Goddess.

"….no matter what you try to do….."

"You will not be able to punish her for her disrespect…."

Cosmo got on her knees and begged them for help.

The Fates gathered in a tight circle

Whispering amongst themselves.

After what seemed like an eternity.

They parted and looked at Cosmo.


"There is a way for you to punish her accordingly…"

One the muse lifted her off from the ground.

"You must go to your sister, Minerva the Wise, ask her and she will be able to help"

Cosmo thanked The Fates and left to find her sister.


Minerva the Wise was having trouble of her own.

Having a war of her own going on between the Assassins and Templars kept the Goddess busy.

Minerva was about to lay to rest from watching the war play out for the day.

When her sister Cosmo came forth.


"Cosmo! Thou knows we must rest. What brings thee to me?"

"Sister I ask for your help!"

"What help can we offer?"

"A warrior of mine disrespected me in front of the whole family and warriors!"

"They urge me to punish her!"

"Then punish her!"

"I cannot! It is against my nature!"

"Then what does thou want me to do?"

"I ask for your wisdom on a suitable punishment"


Minerva looked to her sister.

She pondered on the problem that was spoken of.

Minerva did not want to be bother by this.

She has a war of her own to deal with!

She does not need this to deal with.

But before Minerva was about to decline and send her sister away.

She stopped herself.

For a brief moment, she looked over to a sliver sphere.

A sphere she kept to watch the war play out.

A sphere similar to what the both sides where fighting for.

A piece of Eden.

Minerva smiled and then looked to her sister.


"Cosmo…We know the perfect punishment"


"Hand your warrior over to me. We will know what to do to her"

"What will you do to her?"

"We will simply put her in my war, a war were she will fight for we"

"Your war? But she will surely die!"

"Die? Perhaps. But at least she will not go through the pain of remembering ones death"

"Besides…if she does die. We will send her back home with her memories erased"

"But your war is known to drive people to insanity and take innocent lives!"

"All is fair in war sister. Thou must know that. No one is safe from such things"


Cosmo looked at Minerva.

She pondered for a bit.

If she was to hand her warrior to her sister.

Then the problem would be solved.

Her family and Chaos will cease to bother her.

She could back to try to return balance once again.

Not having to deal with a coup d'é·tat happening again.


"Very well Minerva…I will hand her over to you"

"Thou made a wise choice sister"

"I will tell father and everyone else about this"

"See that you do Cosmo! But make haste!"


"I wish to send her soon,

so that the Assassins may have a upper hand in the war!"

"Very well. I will send her into the rift and there you must meet"

"Very well. We will meet with her"

"Though Cosmo?"

"Yes Minerva?

"What is the name of the warrior?"

"Her name is Claire Farron de Bodhum"

"Also know as Lightning"


Minerva watched her sister leave.

She turned back and smiled.

Now the Assassins have warrior that can help them.

A warrior that can not only assist them, they can assist her as well.

Minerva went over to her bed and sat down with the apple.

She kissed it and it glowed a neon silver light.


"So now begins the tale of how the Lightning struck the heart of the Eagle"


MAN! That was a major pain to write! Nah! I enjoyed every part of this! Anyway this a X-over fic of Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy and Assassin's Creed. Now before you say anything….YES THERE IS SOMETHING SIMILAR TO THIS BUT I ASKED KJRS BEFORE WRITING THIS AND KJRS SAID IT'S FINE! You can ask the author….anyway I was inspired by that other story and wanted to write something of my own. So R&R readers!