My name is Amaya. I'm not that pretty and I don't have a miserable past. I know in most stories you picture a beautiful girl that all the guys break their necks to look at. But not me. I don't have a miserable past at all. I have kept both of my parents and I'm happy with my family, we're all so close. I have a little brother named Daichi too. My mom is possibly my best friend and my dad is my great protector. I couldn't ask for anymore in this life.

But somehow I ended up in the Akatsuki. You know, the one with all of those S-rank criminals. I can't help but wake up and go to sleep thinking about what would my mother say if she knew I was in this group.

I ended up in this group because I stole something from them. It was secret scrolls. It was either join or be killed and I knew that my family would be heartbroken if I was killed.

Most girls think "Oh HECK YES being one of two girls in a group with a bunch of single and hot men!" Um no. Not for me. I just wish I could go back home. The Akatsuki are planning to destroy my village, Konaha. I was afraid for my parents and my brother. I now cry myself to sleep thinking about how the Akatsuki will kill all of my friends and family and that I know about it and I can't do anything.

So enough with the prologue stuff. Here's the true story.

I just woke up and I stretched. The Akatsuki lair wasn't so bad, but it wasn't perfect either. It was just… What's the word? Plain. I took a shower to start off my day and I put my auburn hair into a lose bun. I had no desire to do my hair and look my best today. I was just going to be a side on a mission anyways.

I put on black skinny jeans with pink skull converse and I put on a black tank top. Perfect. I thought. I then left my room. No one was awake but me. It was seven o'clock people should be up! But of course, all these criminals do is party and drink themselves stupid every night. Even thought I live with criminals I don't drink just yet. I'm only seventeen and a half, I don't need to ruin my life by getting drunk. God knows what would happen to me then. Especially with being around sex-starved criminals.

I skipped down the hall to the kitchen. I decided that I'd make breakfast for everyone today. I hated living here but that didn't mean that I still couldn't be nice and courteous to my new roommates. I decided to make homemade pancakes after a while; I made sure we had all of the ingredients. I was excited to have a little taste of home, my mother used to make these pancakes.

We had all of them, they were just scattered everywhere. There were dirty plates and bugs crawling everywhere. I double checked the expiration date on everything, no need to food poison my new roommates. That wouldn't settle well with them, and that's not the way to impress these guys—and one girl.

I doubled the recipe because I knew that my cooking was good and that the Akatsuki might want a big breakfast to start off their day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! But most of the members here just eat cereal (which is stale by the way) and wash it all down with some sake. The perfect way to get over a hangover. I'd like to see everyone sober for once.

I finished breakfast soon and I set the dirty, grimy table and waited for them to wake up. I soon got bored and checked the time. 9:30. Where is everyone? I was annoyed with them so I did what my mother always told me to do when I felt like I was going to snap. I decided to go take another bath. Yes, I bathe a lot but it's what relieves stress.

It was 10:30 when I got out of the tub and dressed again. I went to the kitchen to find all of the criminals feasting on my pancakes. I just stayed quietly near the doorway and smiled. They really enjoy my food, I thought. "Good morning!" I said joyfully as I took a seat next to Hidan who was chowing down on my food. I silently reached over to take a pancake, I had this smile plastered to my face. No one knew that I made them this, I was almost hurt but I knew I had to remain humble. All that matters is that they enjoy it and that they aren't getting wasted on sake again.

I cleaned up by myself after breakfast; those criminals sure can eat fast! And they're messy too! I just cleaned and cleaned until everything was done; it was almost lunch time by the time I finished.

"Amaya!" I heard leader-sama call my name. I finished drying the last plate and I quickly rushed to where I heard his voice from. The Akatsuki were having a meeting and everyone looked at me when I came rushing in. I bowed respectfully to the leader and apologized for my tardiness. Leader-sama just shrugged it off and told me not to be so lazy. Lazy? I was the one who made that lovely breakfast and I even cleaned it up! But I held my anger in and bowed again and apologized (yet again) I knew he could take away my life in a heartbeat. I heard chuckles from the members. Was I being to respectful? I grew self conscious and tugged at my clothes making sure I didn't have anything on me.

"Amaya, Sasori, Deidara, you are to go and capture the Kazekage of the sand village." Leader-sama ordered. Deidara just smirked at me, Sasori said nothing. I nodded my head. Maybe this would be a good opportunity to get some more ingredients. But first, on my day off I'll need to clean the kitchen…

"You leave today." Leader-sama ordered. I quickly nodded and racked my brain for all the things I needed to bring. My Kekke-Genkai? I can steal people's chakra and use it as my own. I don't think it's essential to Akatsuki in anyway however.

When the meeting was over I was left in the room with Sasori and Deidara. They both looked at me. "Well get packing." Deidara told me. I nodded and ran off to my room. I could feel Sasori's disapproving look burning into my back. I certainly didn't fit in here… At ALL.

To be continued….