A Whole Other Place

By Jilly Harris

Disclaimer: All characters associated with Star Wars that I did not create myself belong to George Lucas, Lucas Films, and Lucas Arts. All characters associated with Where the Heart Is belong to Billie Letts, the author of the wonderful book, and Twentieth Century Fox, and Wind Dancer Production for the movie. I make no moneys off of this or from the Star Wars, or Where the Heart Is characters.

Author's Notes (They are long so bear with me): I love the way that Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman looked together, but unfortunately because of the characters they play, we all know that Amidala ends up with Anakin. So I took it upon myself to write this crossover/AU where Novalee Nation meets Obi-Wan Kenobi. You can guess what shall happen. I hope that I can stay true to both the characters from both movies and still create a good story. I see Star Wars as being in the distant future, despite the "long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" line. I figure TPM being 500 years in the future of our time. Also, there are some things that occurred both in Phantom Menace and in Where the Heart Is. I explain why they did not happen for some, but here is my take on other things. Qui-Gon was NOT killed. Instead I have in mind that he managed to side step Maul's thrust, but was still badly injured that put him out of commission for a bit. He took a major saber slice to the side. Hence why Obi-Wan is still training Anakin. It had to be done and done now or he would lose valuable time waiting for Qui-Gon to recover. I am using the wonderful Soap Opera Aging Machine they used for their kids, so that I can use Hayden Christiansen as Anakin still, putting him at 17 or so. But I don't want it too far into the future so Obi-Wan doesn't have his beard yet. I like him clean-shavin' g. Anyways, other things that occurred in Where the Heart Is are explained, like the absences of Forney and Leon (Eddie in the movie). Read on and enjoy!

July 2500

Mace Windu had his hands tucked into the sleeves of his Jedi robe. His ever-watchful eyes looked around. Yoda walked over to him, leaning against his stick. "Coordinates set are they?" the little green alien asked.

"Yes. Exact date and place," Mace said.

Ric Olie, Queen Amidala of Naboo's personal pilot poked his head out of the ship's cockpit to look at the two Jedi knights. "We are ready to go," he said.

Mace nodded. "Let's go. The faster we get there, the sooner we can return," he said. Olie nodded and soon Yoda and Mace could feel the ship lifting out of the hangar and flying away.

Mace straightened just a bit. "We go to the past to save the future," he said.

Yoda nodded. "Last hope she is, trained she must be," he said.

Mace nodded. "Americus Nation. Let's just hope that her mother allows her to come," he said.

Yoda looked at the tall man. "Choice she shall not have. Must this child come. Future depends on her it does," he said. All Mace could do was nod.

July, 2000

"Americus don't you go near that tree!" Novalee Nation called.

"She is something else, I give her that much," Lexie Coop said as she pulled lettuce from the head to make a salad.

"Brownie ain't helping by encouraging her to be a tomboy," Novalee said setting Lexie's youngest baby, Peanut, on the blanket stretched out on the grass.

Lexie gave Novalee an indignant look. "Are you saying that my son is a bad influence on your daughter?" she teased. Novalee merely gave her an impish grin.

"So…" Lexie started as she continued to shred the lettuce. "Have you heard from Forney?"

Novalee sighed as she continued to cut tomatoes. She didn't answer. She paused in her cutting and wiped her hands on the dishtowel beside her. "He still writes Americus, though I'm surprised," she finally said.

Lexie's hands dropped into the bowl she was putting the lettuce in. "That's it? He talks to Americus but not you?" she said. "Does he even put, "Please extend my best wishes to your mother" anymore?"

Novalee glanced at Lexie. "He's married now Lexie. He has no need to write me," she said, picking up the knife again.

"And whose fault is that?" Lexie asked. "Please don't ever do that again okay? I don't want to try and explain to Americus why her mother died a miserable old woman."

"I am not going to die a miserable old woman," Novalee said her hands spread wide. "I made a mistake, what else can I do?"

"Don't do it again," Lexie said rising with the lettuce. She walked the few feet to where Novalee stood and set the bowl down. "You didn't think you were good enough for Forney, so when he told you he loved you then point blank asked you if you loved him, you said no. And when you finally realized your mistake, it was too late. Forney had gotten married. If the chance comes up again with any man, are you going to make that same mistake again?" she asked.

Novalee looked at Lexie and sighed heavily. "I don't know. I can't answer that," she said softly.

Lexie shook her head at her. "That's because you probably would," she said. She put her hand on her hip. "Having Americus at 17 and not being married doesn't make it a sin for you to finally be happy. The sin is throwing that happiness away." Novalee just looked at her. She shook her head and headed into the house.


"What are you doing Americus?" Brownie Coop, Lexie's son asked.

Americus looked intently at the rock she so desperately wanted in the small ravine behind her house. It was a shiny blue, and she really liked blue. She concentrated with everything she had in her five-year old body. "Getting a rock," she said. Brownie's eyes widened as the rock slowly rose into the air with no one picking it up and started to levitate towards Americus. She grinned at him as she took it in her hands.

Brownie's eyes were as big as saucers. "Mama!" he cried running towards the house.

Americus turned her head, hearing a rustling in the bushes nearby. She could hear Brownie still calling behind her.

Yoda slowly walked out of the clearing and looked at the little girl. "Americus you are yes?" he asked.

Americus tilted her head looking at him. "Who are you?" she asked.

"Yoda my name is, come with me you must," he said.

"My mama told me not to talk to strangers or go with them," Americus said.

Mace walked out of the clearing, behind Yoda, towering over the green alien. "Your mother is a very smart woman, but we won't hurt you," he said.

"Americus," Novalee called as she walked down to where Americus was. Her eyes widened when she saw Yoda and Mace near her daughter. She ran over scooping the little girl into her arms. "Who are you and what are you doing with my daughter?" she demanded.

Mace stared at Novalee. He tilted his head regarding her. "Yoda..." he started.

Yoda nodded once. "See the resemblance I do," he stated.

Novalee was shaking a bit as she heard Yoda talk. "What are you?" she asked staring at him.

Americus looked at her mother. "They want me to help them Mama," she said.

Novalee looked at her. "What are you talking about baby?" she asked, her eyes never leaving Mace or Yoda.

Americus began to play with the gold cross adorning Novalee's neck. "I save-ed the future with my powers," she said.

"Americus baby what are you talking about?" Novalee asked again, her daughter seeming to speak in riddles.

"With my powers. I can lift things Mama. With my head if I want to. I can read thoughts too," she said looking at the rock.

Novalee started to open her mouth and say something, when Americus slowly levitated her blue rock from where it had fallen on the ground. Novalee's knees started to shake as she watched her daughter. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she passed out. Americus felt it coming, as did Yoda and Mace.

Yoda aided Americus in lowering herself to the ground, and Mace lowered Novalee to the ground. He looked at Yoda. "If we are to go, we must go now," he said.

"What about Lexie?" Americus asked toddling over to her mother.

Yoda waved his hand once. "Go we must," he said. And they were off.


Qui-Gon Jinn shook his head as he watched his former apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi instruct his own apprentice, Anakin Skywalker. He chuckled when the younger man went tumbling to the ground.

Obi-Wan sighed heavily. "Concentrate, Ani," he said.

Anakin looked at him. "I know that, Master," he said.

Qui-Gon felt compelled to step in but didn't. He looked to his left when he saw Mace and Yoda coming towards the trio, a young child in front of them. His eyebrow rose at the sight. "Master Yoda, Master Mace," he said bowing to them. "To what do we owe this honor?"

"A council we the queen we must have," Yoda said. "This child… our future in her hands it lies."

Qui-Gon raised his eyebrow, but nodded.


"Master Yoda, Master Jinn said you wished to see me," Queen Amidala, Padme to her friends, stated. She was dressed unformally but had chosen to see them anyway.

"Say that I did," Yoda said. "Someone you must meet I think."

"All right," Amidala said.

"Mama?" Americus said with a tilt of her head when she walked in, her hand clasped in Anakin's.

Amidala frowned. "Master Yoda?" she asked.

"Understand you will, in time," Yoda said. "For now, sit, I think we should."

Amidala's eyes never left Americus as she sat down. She finally glanced around the room to see that Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon had joined them, standing behind Anakin who still held the little girl's hand in his own. Mace Windu had also entered the room.

"This young girl is our future," Mace said. "She holds the key… the power to save us all."

"She is so young," Amidala said, enthralled with the little girl.

"Young she is," Yoda said. "But strong she is. Great power this one has."

"How is she to help us?" Qui-Gon asked.

"Trained she will be," Yoda said. "Master Qui-Gon, take Anakin you must."

"But Master Yoda--," Obi-Wan began with a frown.

"Master Obi-Wan, argue you must not," Yoda said. Obi-Wan ran a frustrated hand through his longer hair. He bit back his annoyance and steeled himself through the force.

"I must question this action, Master Yoda," Qui-Gon said.

"Reason for everything there is," Yoda said. "Obi-Wan shall train the girl. Train the boy YOU must." Qui-Gon raised his eyebrow but he nodded. The transferring of Padawans was something that just wasn't done, unless the Padawan is still young and their Master was killed in battle.

Americus looked up at Obi-Wan and grinned. "Mama would like you," she said impishly.

Amidala raised her eyebrow and smiled at the perplexed look on Obi- Wan's face. She frowned as she heard a far too familiar voice in the halls.

"Where is my daughter?!" Novalee was in the halls demanding to know where Americus was.

"Madame…" some unknown guard was saying.

The doors burst open. Except for Mace and Yoda, everyone looked at the young woman in astonishment. The silence was almost deafening in the room till Americus broke it.

"Mama!" she squealed. She ran towards her mother who knelt down and scooped her into her arms.

Novalee pinned Yoda and Mace with a glare. "Where am I? And what in the hell are you doing with my daughter?" she demanded. Obi-Wan could only stare in astonishment at the woman that bared an identical resemblance to Amidala.