Pairing: Regina/Emma
Rating: NC-17, Smut

Disclaimer: These characters are not my creative property

Summary: Something smutty: sex with the babysitter.

Regina hated that it had come to this. In the past, she had no problem leaving Henry alone for the few hours she was away for her monthly evening town council meetings, but ever since Emma had come to town she hadn't been able to trust him. He had snuck off to see her and endanger himself way too many times.

Especially, since when he came home from school that day, eyes red and coughing up a lung, she just couldn't leave him by himself tonight. She bit the bullet and asked Emma to stay over to watch him. She figured he wouldn't try to run off if the person he wanted to see was right there anyway. She wasn't sure if it was better or worse since she and Emma had started a casual sexual relationship, but she hadn't had time to consider alternate options.

"Regina, stop worrying, he's going to eat and then go straight to bed," Emma shifted from foot to foot as Regina went over his cough syrup dosage and humidifier settings for the third time since Emma had arrived.

"Make no mistake. This will not become a regular occurrence, and I will pay you for watching him," Regina said directly, as she gathered her bag and retrieved her coat from the foyer closet. She glanced again nervously to Henry when she heard him cough from the dining room.

"You're not going to pay me. I mean, he is my kid I can watch him for a few hours," Emma rolled her eyes in frustration at Regina's stubborn insistence.

"I don't want you to get the wrong idea about this arrangement, Ms. Swan. I want to make sure there are firm boundaries because I…because we are…" Regina faltered, clearing her throat, unable to define or label their relationship.

"Then you can pay me in sexual favors tonight when you get home for all babysitting services rendered," Emma grinned luridly, smile widening, when she saw Regina take a step back and look down in discomfort.

"Do not speak of that. Henry is right there," Regina lowered her voice, speaking through gritted teeth.

"His ears are clogged up. He can't hear us," Emma blew it off and took a step closer to Regina, letting her eyes roam over her body. Regina's plum colored silk shirt and black form fitting skirt suit was her favorite. It was one of the few outfits where the buttons started far too low and revealed a tantalizing streak of the mayor's chest, and the skirt was just a bit snug in the back clinging to her shapely ass.

"Leave that outfit on, I want to be the one to undress you tonight when I take my payment in full," Emma purred, running a finger softly down Regina's chest.

"You sound like a whore, and that is simply distasteful," Regina explained shamefully, shirking from Emma's lascivious gaze. She needed a clear head to get through this meeting and she was already worried about Henry. She definitely could not afford to be distracted by the thought of Emma waiting for her to get home.

"Oh, I'm not the whore. You're the one paying me with sex so what does that make you?" Emma asked, delightfully confused and excited.

Regina licked her lips and sighed, this meeting was going to be torture, and "I don't know, Ms. Swan, what does that make me?"

Emma leaned in close, letting her breath tousle the lock of hair above Regina's ear, "Happy."

Henry tried to fight sleep, but the Nyquil kicked in and Emma had to practically push him up the stairs. He got into his pajamas and brushed his teeth on autopilot and flopped into bed where Emma dutifully rubbed Vick's Vaporub on his chest as Regina had instructed.

"'Night Henry. Hope you feel better in the morning," Emma whispered, kissing his forehead and shutting his door tightly behind her. Henry would not be waking up for the next 8 hours; that Emma could count on.

She was feeling so mischievous and so very, very horny, she had planned on setting Regina up for a shock ever since she received her reluctant call asking her babysit. It had become a little game of sexual one upping the other to see what they could do to surprise each other. For instance, recently Regina had called Emma to her office in the middle of the afternoon for an urgent meeting, which turned out to be a booty call for rough desk sex. For Emma's part, she lured Regina out to the sight of Henry's old castle under the pretense that there was something she needed to see. However, it was more something she needed to experience: sex on the hood of Emma's patrol car.

It was a fun game, and Emma had every intention of taking advantage of the situation tonight. As Emma had hoped and expected, she noticed the telltale glint in Regina's eyes before she left, indicating that she was going to be game for anything Emma came up with. This whole babysitting scenario was too good for Emma to pass up. She had brought along a change of clothes and a DVD. She went into the den and locked the door behind her to get ready.

1…2….3…exhale Regina thought to herself as she let out the deep breath she was holding. She had resorted to breath exercises to keep herself calm throughout the annoying and mind numbing meeting. Alas, her mind kept wandering to all the things she wanted to do to Emma just as soon as she got home.

After what seemed like an eternity, she sounded the gavel for the final time and said the words, "meeting adjourned," a little too gleefully, but she didn't care. She stopped for no one, putting blinders on as she raced out to her car and sped home. She had only been gone for two hours, but it was two hours lost that she could have spent fucking Emma.

When she pushed the key into the front door, she was met with complete darkness and complete silence. She threw down her purse and keys and glided from room to room looking for Emma. She noticed first, that the pot of chicken noodle soup she had made for Henry was still out, and the bowls still on the table. She went upstairs, opening Henry's door she heard his rattily, but steady breathing signaling he was peacefully asleep. Next she automatically went to her bedroom to take off her clothes, but remembered Emma's request that she leave them on, and turned to go back downstairs. Where was Ms. Swan hiding?

She spotted a blue glow under the door to the den and realized Emma was in there watching TV. She turned the handle and was surprised to find that the door was locked. Instead of knocking she went to get her keys.

Emma heard the doorknob rattle, and knew it would just be a moment before Regina let herself in to find her. She pulled her short school girl skirt up higher, tightened her pigtails, and made sure her white blouse was half unbuttoned and tied around her midriff (cliché, yes, but just to see the look on Regina's face was so worth it) She turned the volume up slightly on the film she had brought to watch, and spread her legs wide, propping one up on the coffee table.

Regina was looking down at the door lock when she entered, so it took her a minute to register that Emma was in her den watching porn. She blinked rapidly as she took in the details of a desk, chalkboard and a very sexy teacher in a skirt suit, leaning over a female student with huge fake breasts barely contained in her parody of a school uniform. It wasn't until she crossed the room to see over the back of the couch that her throat when dry and she stopped dead in her tracks.

Emma had her head thrown back, eyes closed, lips parted. Her hair was done in pigtails, wearing a very similar outfit to the girl in the video, but best of all her legs were spread and her hand was rubbing a languid pace between her thighs.

"What are you doing?" Regina asked in astonishment, her unused voice coming out much louder and deeper than she expected, startling herself and Emma.

"Oh, you caught me!" Emma said in mock surprise, but kept her hand ensconced firmly in place.