Hello everyone! Well this story is very different and very OOC. I love the idea, I got it from watching a show and instantly I thought of Eclare, but it won't instantly be Eclare though, it will be a slower moving process than what I usually write. Please give it a chance. R&R!

"Ali I need more fondant!" I shouted as I rolled out the brown modeling chocolate.

"How much longer do we have to stay here? I'm tired and have a life you know!" Ali shouted as she came into the back room lugging a large bucket of white fondant.

"Sorry, but this wedding cake is our biggest order in a long time. We have only until tomorrow evening to get it perfect." I said as I attached the brown tree to the side of the cake. It was a cherry blossom cake with pink and white flowers and the tree climbing up the cake. It looked beautiful so far.

"Whose wedding is this for anyway?" Ali asked as she took a seat on a metal stool making petals for the cake. I let out a sigh and said,

"Imogen and Fiona's wedding actually." Ali's eyes almost bugged out of her head and said,

"Oh my god, they are still together?" I smiled a little and nodded while going back to my work.

The day of the wedding…

Both brides looked radiant as they walked down the aisle together. Their smiles beamed and the room lit up with Imogen's and Fiona's families smiled at the happy couple. They had been together since their senior year of high school, now it is ten years later and they seem happier than ever. I scanned my eyes over the crowd and saw a few familiar faces. Declan, Eli, Adam, Drew… and so many others.

Eli and I rekindled our relationship after the frostival, but we ended up going our separate ways after he left to go to college. He actually broke up with me that time. I never told anyone, but I was so heartbroken that I even tried to commit suicide. I know I'm pathetic.

I caught myself starring at Eli when I realized I needed to be setting up the cake and various cupcakes in the dining hall.

Ali finally showed up an hour late and she helped me set up all the stuff. When it was all finished we stood back and looked at our hours of work. It looked spectacular. The cake was perfect, the cupcakes were shimmering with sparkle dust and the petals on the flowers were magnificent.

Ali and I were packing up out equipment when someone came into the room. Ali kept packing while I looked up. It was Eli?

"Hey, Clare." He said with his hands in his jacket pocket. I looked at him and graciously nodded a hello before finishing up and starting to walk out, with Ali close on my tail.

"Clare wait!" Eli shouted as Ali and I went to out hot pink delivery van. I turned around and walked over to him. I wiped my frosting covered hands on my pink and white chef coat and said,

"Hey, Eli. What can I do for you?" He looked at me and then down to my hands.

"Um, I was wondering how you were doing is all." I smiled and said,

"Oh same old. I got to get going though; I have somewhere I need to be." Eli looked at me curiously and said,

"Where? Do you have another wedding to cater to today or something?" I smiled and shook my head no. He looked lost and said,

"Where then?" I looked at the ground and said,

"I have to go pick up my daughter." Eli's eyes nearly bugged out.

"You have a baby?" I laughed a little and said,

"Well she's not really a baby anymore, she's almost seven actually." Eli nodded and said,

"Who's your husband?" I sighed and said,

"I married Jake, but we just got a divorce, so I have full custody of her." Eli smiled a little and said,

"Well I will see you around then." I looked at him confused and left to go back to the delivery van.

"What was that all about?" Ali asked me as I got into the driver's side.

"I don't really know." And we left the conversation off with that.

Two months later…

"I can't believe we're building my baby's birthday cake! I want it to be the biggest and the best!" I said as I iced the bottom tear.

"I can't believe Lily is seven. I feel so old." Ali said with a chuckle. I smiled and nudged her shoulder and said,

"Oh you feel old huh? Well I feel ancient, she is a handful sometimes. I mean I had her when I was twenty and now I am twenty-seven and own a fairly successful business." I sighed a little.

"I know, but we seem to be doing really well. I mean hell I'm divorce too and you don't see me complaining." I laughed and Ali and I went back to building my princess' cake.

I went home that night exhausted but happy we completed a master piece for my baby. Ali and I share a four bedroom house, so she went to pick up lily from school while I took a hot bath and relaxed a little.

Ring. Ring…

Not a moment of silence!

"Hello?" I said in an irritated tone.

"Hey Clare, I'm sorry I can't make it to Lily's birthday, I um have a b-business trip to attend to." Jake stuttered. I heard a faint giggle in the background and I said,

"Whatever have fun with the whore." I hung up and cried a little. This is why we got divorce. He is a no good cheater. And he cheated on me with none other than Jenna. What a bitch!

The birthday party…

"Happy birthday to you!" We all sang as we rolled out the ocean themed cake. Lily's eyes got wide when she saw how much detail was on it. It had an octopus and the other entire sea creature dangling from it. I also made many varieties of cupcakes on the side in case some kids didn't like marble cake.

I was still tired from the day before, so I just sat on the picnic bench and watched as Lily and her many friends played and ate. Her party was in our back yard, and so far it was a success. Almost all the parents stayed, and even they were having a blast with the theme. I had water balloons, and mini pools and the big pool had floating fish in it as well. They were good because they were devices to help the kids if they were to fall in.

The party was going well so far until the gate to my back yard opened slightly. I looked over with tired eyes and saw him.

"I thought you might need some more ice." Eli said with a smirk.

How did he even know it was Lily's birthday?