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I don't know how it happened but Eli and I made emends and now are back to a loving couple. A special moment after decorating cupcakes has now presented itself with a now pregnant me and a glowing Eli. I haven't told him the news yet, but I know he will be ecstatic to find we have yet another child on the way. The doctors have told me I wasn't able to carry another child, I will prove them wrong.

Two weeks and three days later…

"Clare, are you Ok?" I heard Eli ask as I vomited in the toilet with a loud heave.

"Yes, actually no. Can you come in please?" I answered as I grabbed a square of toilet paper and wiped the corner of my mouth. A second later Eli came into the room and sat down next to me on our plush rug. I shut the toilet lid and turned to him.

"Eli, I'm pregnant again." He looked at me shocked and shot up off the floor. He opened the door to the bathroom again and slammed it shut behind him. I let a loose tear fall and I slowly stood up.

"Eli!" I shouted as I ran after him out of the house. He turned around with a face of anger and said,

"You're such a whore, Clare." I looked at him in sadness and said,

"What are you talking about?" He pointed a shaky finger at me and said,

"You and that Dallas guy go out once and he fucking gets you pregnant. I never want to see your hideous face again!" I fell to the floor and shook as Eli got into his new car and sped off. My body shook with trembles and I fell faint.

The next day…

"Oh my god, Clare, are you Ok?" Adam asked me as I sat in bed shaking and crying.

"No, he called me a whore when this is his child I am carrying." Adam's face grew angry and his blue eyes got darker than I have ever seen. He got up from the edge of my bed and stormed off out the door.

"Adam! Where are you going?" I shouted but it was too late, the front door was slammed shut and the sound of an engine was being reeved up.

One hour later, the nursery.

"Hush babies, mommy is going to feed you in just a minute." I said to the children as I got up and mixed a bowl of bananas and wheat cereal. I mixed the bowls and grabbed two spoons. I put both boys in their highchairs and proceeded to feed them their lunch. I think most of the cereal went on my shirt than in their mouths to say the least.

I got both boys cleaned up from lunch and I went into the living room and put them in the play pin. I grabbed a book from the shelf and tried to distract myself from the pain I was enduring on the inside. I don't think life is very fair when all you do is tell the truth and end up with the shallow end of the deal.

Two hours later…

"Hello?" I answered as the landline rung. I didn't look at the caller I.D. before answering.

"Is this Clare?" I looked at the phone for a second then proceeded to say,

"Yes it is, may I ask who this may be?" The voice sounded faintly familiar but I couldn't quite pin point who it was.

"It's Bianca." I gasped a little but said,

"Wow, I haven't talked to you since high school, how are you?" I heard her chuckle slightly and say,

"I'm good. I actually was calling to ask you for a favor."

"Okay, what can I do for you?" I asked in a cautioned tone.

"Don't worry Edwards, it isn't bad I just heard you owned a bakery and was wondering if you could design a cake for the children's hospital I work at?" I smiled and said,

"Of course I can! It is on the house too, I am always glad to help out with things like this." Bianca let out a breath and said,

"Children's cancer is growing faster and more aggressively these days, I want to bring awareness to it and treat the families who come here to a special night of cake and a small party for the children."

"That sounds so nice, Bianca." I said to her.

"It really is. I am the head of the cancer center here, years of school and honestly faith got me where I am today. I am so thankful for this place; it gave me faith in God again when I thought all hope was lost. Before I go, I heard you have three beautiful babies, would you like for me to do a free screening on them? It is recommended on all children, just a precaution to make sure they are and stay cancer free and healthy." Bianca rambled on for a little while and I held the phone close to my ear thinking about the design I would do for such a great cause. As Bianca quieted down, I finally said,

"That would be great; I have twin sons and a daughter. Thank you so much Bianca, I can't believe how many years have gone by since we have even seen each other. We may never have been close in school, but I hope we can remain friends after the party?" Bianca agreed immediately and she told me what time and colors she would like the cake to be and delivered on. We finished up and I gathered the boys and drove off to the bakery to start on this amazing cake I was going to make.

The bakery…

I was working on mixing the batter for the cake when the chime of the door rung and I looked up, as I usually do. In came a red-eyed Eli and a furious looking Adam. I glared at Eli and smiled slightly at Adam. They both came into the back of the store where I was and Eli hung his head low and avoided all eye contact with me.

"You better start talking, slick." Adam said to Eli as he swatted Eli on the back of the head with a clean spatula I had lying on the counter. Eli looked up and stared into my eyes and opened his mouth to speak. Adam looked at me and backed out of the room without another word.

"Well are you going to say anything?" I said to Eli as I added vanilla bean to the batter and smiled at the amazing aroma.

I kept mixing waiting for Eli to finally speak and after a silent two minutes I finally said,

"Okay, since you are an ass, get out." He looked at me and said,

"I have to say something to you." I nodded and gestured for him to continue.

"I made a mistake; I thought you fucked Dallas… I felt hurt and betrayed." I held up my hand to gesture him to shut up. He shut up immediately and looked at me.

"Oh really, so you and Ali wasn't anything? I was devastated! And you come in here and have the audacity to say you were hurt for something that never fucking happened? Just get the fuck out Eli, get out of my life, my bakery, my house. Just get out!" I was crying and shaking and Eli was letting tear slip of his own as I spoke the harsh words I didn't even process before I spoke them. Eli looked at me with remorse and backed out of the kitchen to the door. He grabbed the knob and looked back at me once more before sniffling and exiting in silence.

A moment passed and I realized I just let the love of my life leave. Never again did I want to lose him, not now, not ever.

"Adam!" I shouted as I ripped off my apron and ran out the door. He knew he had to watch the kids as I took off after Eli.

I ran and ran until I came across him. He was sitting in the café across the street with his head on the table. I walked in with caution and I sat across from him. He looked up slightly and in shock.

"Eli…" I started to say, he looked at me with all the hope in the world in his eyes. I grabbed his arm cautiously and said,

"This baby is yours, we made it together, and it will be the start of something new, something we can do without the heartache we both knew has happened in the past. Just you and me, months of living, years of growing, life of love." He smiled and got up from his seat and picked me up and kissed me in front of the café. This was the years that are to come for us and our lives. We are just beginning.

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