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Summary: After his 4th year, Harry Potter doesn't know how he'll be able to continue on, until he finds himself changing – in more ways than one.

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1 Moonlight of Changes

Chapter One – Return to Privet Drive?????

Harry Potter loaded the last of his school supplies into his uncle's car and then gave Ron and Hermione one last wave good-bye before turning and getting into the car. The sad smile disappeared as soon as he sat down, and a hardened look came onto his face as he recalled what had happened at the end of his fourth year. Even his uncle, who had been about to yell at him, could tell that now was not the time to be messing with him.

Harry stepped out of his uncle's car and glumly looked at Number 4, Privet Drive. He didn't know how he was going to make it through the summer with the Dursleys as his only company – if he could even call them that. He wished more than anything that he could stay the Weasleys, but knew that was impossible since Voldemort had once again risen to power.

'In fact', he thought bitterly, 'I can't get close to anyone now without having to worry about whether they are going to be safe.'

He was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard the front door of the house slam shut. With a sigh, he picked up Hedwig's cage and his trunk, and began the tiresome task of dragging them to his room. When he arrived there, he set them down, and turned around only to see his uncle filling the bedroom doorway.

"Boy," his uncle snarled, "We have signed up Dudley for summer karate lessons, and decided that you will also join him – if nothing else than to keep you out of your aunt's hair."

Throughout this little "speech", Harry's mouth had dropped open in astonishment, and he now found himself struggling to speak.

"B…but, Uncle Vernon."

"No buts," his uncle snapped. "You are going, and that's that. Also, one more thing." Here his eyes had an evil gleam in them. "I will not tolerate a repeat of last year's incident. If anything happens that seems even remotely related to your – abnormality -, or if you mention one word of it to anyone, I will have you out of our lives faster than you can blink."

"All right, okay." Harry sighed. Then he looked at his uncle carefully. "But only if you let me work at a job, too."

"Fine." Vernon snapped, turning a bit purple. "As long as you remember to complete all of your chores every day."

And with that he stormed out into the hall, slamming the door behind him. Harry sighed once again and looked around his room.

"Well, at least I don't have to be in this room all summer long."

Hedwig hooted in agreement. Harry looked at her and laughed. Then he sobered, and went downstairs to begin looking for a job.

Coming into the kitchen, Harry wasn't surprised to find Dudley doing what he loved to do most – eating. The only difference now was that instead of cookies and cakes, he was eating carrots and celery.

Uncle Vernon was at the table, drinking coffee and looking at his newspaper. When Harry asked him for the classifieds, Vernon looked at him disgustedly, but thrust the section at him. Flipping through the paper, Harry noticed that a park, located only several blocks away, was in need of a caretaker. Harry thought this would be a great job – he could stay outside for work and there wouldn't be too many people around to bother him.

So, shouting back to Uncle Vernon that he was leaving, Harry traveled down the street to talk to the owner of the ad.


2 About four weeks had passed, and Harry had almost found himself enjoying his summer. Between his karate lessons, his job at the park, his chores, and his homework, he didn't have time to worry about whether Voldemort was up to anything.

In karate, he had found himself excelling at all of the block and attack techniques with ease, and had been moved up to a purple belt within three weeks. Although the sensei hold told him he just had a natural talent, Harry felt uneasy about it. Ever since Hogarts had let out, Harry had been feeling powerful – too powerful. He hadn't been able to control himself sometimes, and little – incidents – had tended to happen; although he fixed them before anyone could notice. But, he just felt that if he didn't get rid of this extra power soon, he would pop. There was only one problem though, he had no idea how.

But, there was no doubt that the best part of his summer was his job. The feeling he experienced maintaining a park that he could pretty much call 'his' was incredible. When he received his first paycheck, Harry had pretty much splurged it all. He now had clothes that actually fit, and a griffin necklace that he had seen in a store window. He had also finally given up and bought contacts after his glasses had fell off and broke while he was working.

One day, when he was walking past his bedroom mirror, he stopped, spun around, and looked into it again. He couldn't recognize the person who was staring back at him. Hauling things back and forth in the sun day after day had given him a solid brown tan, while the karate lessons and constant chores had finally given him some muscles – getting rid of his scrawny look. Since he was now able to buy more food and eat properly, he saw he had grown at least four inches since Hogwarts had let out, and his face was more mature without his bottle-cap glasses. Also, his hair was no longer wild but long, since he – to his aunt's annoyance- had refused to get haircuts, and he was now able to put it back in a ponytail.

All in all, Harry saw himself as a whole new person. He was hoping this would mean that if anyone from the wizarding world were to pass him, that they wouldn't recognize him either. He didn't feel up to answering questions about how he felt about the tournament last year, or if Voldemort had really risen to power.

3 That night, Harry said a "good night" to Hedwig and happily went to sleep, not knowing how much his life was about to change.


5 He found himself dreaming that he was at Hogwarts, laughing with Ron about some prank that they had just pulled off, when he heard a voice seemingly from inside his head say "It's time". The dream-Harry felt bewildered, he knew that there had to be something wrong with him, but didn't have time to dwell on it because he felt himself being drawn outside by some force he couldn't identify.

As he ran toward the Forbidden Forest, Harry felt a slight tickling twinge start in his legs, and then quickly spread to the rest of his body. He felt as though he were transforming, and soon found himself rushing through the forest on what seemed to be four legs instead of two.

Running through the forest, other animals began joining up with him, and almost seemed to be supporting and encouraging him. Although Harry was confused, he found he was enjoying being able to run to swiftly through the forest.

Then, slowly, the other animals left and Harry found himself running alone to the edge of a clearing.

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