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Summary: After his 4th year, Harry Potter doesn't know how he'll be able to continue on, until he finds himself changing - in more ways than one.

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Moonlight of Changes

Chapter Two - Running from Yourself

Slowly stepping to the edge Harry was about to go farther in when wizard in dark cloaks began apparating into all parts of the clearing.

Harry was shocked that this was happening at first, but then realized just how far into the Dark Forest he must be. He didn't have any more time to dwell on it because then the greatest of all horrors appeared before the deatheaters, silencing them - Voldemort.

Harry felt a great anger begin to well up inside of him, and then was astonished to hear himself - growling? Hearing this noise come from him, Harry glanced down and noticed for the first time his big blacks paws that were tense against the ground. He really couldn't see anymore of himself, so he stopped his examination and concentrated on all of the Death Eaters who were now bowing low to the ground

The deatheaters had gotten into their customary circles and then bowed low to their lord, waiting to see (some with great fear) what this meeting would bring. Voldemort watched them gather and then called forward to talk with him, causing the Death Eater's hood to fall down. Harry noted with loathing that it was none other than Lucius Malfoy.

"You are certain this will work, my dear slave? I would hate to have to punish you for having failed me again, Lucius." Voldemort spoke in a deadly whisper.

"I am positive this plan will not fail, my Lord." Lucius said confidently, yet looking slightly worried.

"I hope so, for your sake." Voldemort quietly said. "Yet, it will almost disappoint me if this does succeed - to not be able to deliver the final blow myself. But it is a brilliant plan - to hire a muggle killer instead of sending one of my chosen ones. Although, I think some need their loyalty to be tested."

Here Voldemort stopped and looked around the assembled wizards, as if searching one out, but then spoke again.

"I assume the plan is almost completed?"

"Yes," Lucius muttered. "He's almost at the boy's house, even as we speak."

"Good," Voldemort purred. "You have devised a plan worthy of praise. You just should hope that it carries out the way you had intended."

"Thank you my master." Lucius said. With that he swept back once more into the ranks of Death Eaters, pulling up his hood.

"By tomorrow," Voldemort announced. "We shall have the news. And whether or not punishments will need to be dealt out. Until then, have - fun."

At this dismissal, all of the Death Eaters began to apparate away once again. Harry was about to step into the clearing once again, when he was jolted awake by the sound of something slamming into, and through, his window.

Shaken awake, Harry stared at the thing - no, man - who had now stood back up and was advancing rapidly towards Harry. Harry grabbed his glasses, shoved them on, and dove for his wand, which he had left lying on his desk. But, the intruder decided he didn't want to wait, and leapt toward him pulling out, not a wand, but an eight-inch knife.

Diving to the side, Harry missed the direct attack, but didn't move quite fast enough and felt the blade slice down over his forehead and cheek, barely missing his left eye.

Crying out in pain and shaking his head, trying to get the blood out of his eye, Harry finally reached his wand. Pointing it at the man, Harry shouted "stupify" and conjured up ropes that tied themselves around the unconscious man.

Harry sank down onto his bed with relief. But then the Dursleys came charging into his room.

"What in bloody hell was that!?!" shouted Uncle Vernon. Then his eyes fell on the tied and unconscious man on the floor, and the wand that Harry still held in his hand.

"Been doing magic, have you!?!," he roared, "Well, you know what this means! OUT!"

"But Uncle Vernon," Harry pleaded, "I didn't know this was going to happen, and anyways, I stopped him for you!"

"I do not care," Vernon snapped, "I expect you out of our house and lives in ten minutes. Petunia, dear, would you please call the police?"

"What? Why?" Harry asked, dreading the answer.

"Well, to get this piece of filth removed, but maybe I can have them remove TWO pieces at once, hmmm?"

"No, no. That's quite alright. I'm leaving."

Harry quickly gathered all of his school supplies and personal belongings and placed them into his trunk. Picking up Hedwig's cage and his trunk he walked down the stairs and out the front door for the last time in his life.

Once outside, Harry walking about a block away and then stopped, having no idea what he was going to do. Finally, he thought of the Knight Bus. Rummaging through his trunk once again, he came up with his moneybag, wand, and one of his cloaks. Although the cloak was too short now, Harry put in on and then threw up his hood, completely throwing his face into the shadow that the hood made. Harry figured he wouldn't be recognized, but really didn't feel like taking any chances. Lifting his wand up, he waited and then hastily stepped back as Bus came careening into view.

"Good evening," Stan said cheerfully, stepping off the bus. "Welcome to The Knight Bus. Come aboard and we can take you anywhere on land. Where are you headed too?"

Harry almost laughed in relief that Stand didn't recognize him. Keeping his head down so that his face stayed hidden, he replied:

"Hogsmeade. And I'll be paying for just the ride." Harry would have liked to stay at The Leaky Cauldron, but couldn't risk having Tom or anyone else recognizing him.

"Hogsmeade, eh?" Stan said. "Well, that's a purty far distance away. It'll cost ya 'irteen sickles."

Harry gave the money to Stan, grabbed his trunk and cage, and followed Stan to a bed.

"Now just sit right 'ere and relax. We'll arrive at yur stop in abou' ten minutes."

Harry laid down, and in a short amount of time, he heard his stop being called. Getting off and thanking Stan for his help, Harry started down the path toward The Three Broomsticks.

Passing by a dark alley, Harry heard a small rustling noise. Stopping, his curiosity got the better of him and he cautiously edged closer. As he moved in, a small cat jumped out from a box and landed in front of him.

Harry jumped in surprise and then laughed softly in part relief.

"Hey, you shouldn't go around scaring people like that."

Turning around, he crouched down to pick up his things which he had left at the entrance. The last thing he was conscious of was a quick movement behind him before everything turned black.

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