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The sun had already started to set, casting its rays of fading heat across the forest and splashing the sky with hues of gold and orange. The cooler temperatures of the evening were beginning to make their presence known.

From his place with his shell braced against a tree trunk, Raphael could tell the evening would be relatively warm, but that hadn't stopped Donatello from preparing for a fire forty minutes ago. He and Michelangelo were stretched comfortably across the grass, basking in the fading light, their heads close together and their feet pointed in different directions.

Michelangelo pointed upward, toward an amber tinted cloud and Donatello laughed at whatever it was he said.

Raphael shifted, bracing his elbows on bent knees and lacing his fingers together. "They looks like they're havin' fun."

"Hnn," Leonardo hummed, sounding a million miles away despite the fact that he was propped up against the same tree.

Raphael was a bit annoyed at the dismissal. Here he was, attempting to be nice like everyone was always bugging him to be, and Leo could care less...typical. This was why he didn't do nice.


"Look!" Michelangelo eagerly pointed skyward again. "The first star! Which one is it Donny?"

Raphael's gaze flitted upward, and sure enough where the sky was bleeding from orange to blue, was the first star of the evening. He didn't hear Donatello's answer.

Behind him, Leo's head had fallen onto his shoulder.

Tensing, and prepared to push him off, caramel colored eyes snapped his direction. And then softened.

Arms crossed casually across his torso and one leg tucked loosely under the other, Leonardo was the perfect picture of comfort. In fact, Raphael couldn't remember the last time he'd seen Leo's face so relaxed. Or the last time he'd actually seen him sleeping.

The dismissal made so much more sense now.

Gradually, Raphael allowed himself to relax and resigned himself to being a pillow for the next few hours. His arm was probably going to fall asleep...

Mikey was probably gonna tease him about it later...

Had he been able to, Raph would have shrugged.

It was worth it. For Leo.