"Why does it matter?"

"Because you matter, Sammy!"


Sam was the new kid at school… Again. And being the new kid, Sam was subject to being the new target of the older kids. Sure he had muscle from training every other day with his Dad and Dean, but he still looked thin. He knew that if it were a fair one on one match, he'd knock each one of them out. Hell, if it were a two on one he'd kick both of their asses… But not five on one… Sam was a sophomore and Dean had already dropped out of school to hunt full time with their dad. Dean always had a presence in school. It was that type of presence that had kids larger that Dean averting their eyes. Sam didn't have that presence… He looked so non-threatening that the bullies flocked to him, pegging him as an easy target.

He never meant for Dean to find out about his troubles at school. He wanted to take care of everything himself. That day, Bucky and his clowns decided it would be a good idea to follow Sam home. Right before he was about to cross the street to his rental home, they jumped him. Dean had unfortunately just gotten off work at the garage and had come barreling out of the front door just as Sam got in a well-placed jab to Bucky's midsection.

"Sammy!" Dean called as he ran up on them.

"Who's that? Your boyfriend?" Bucky and his gang laughed, causing Sam to see red. He lunged forward only to be caught by his brother while the other boys laughed harder. "Thought so!"

"Damn it, Dean! Let me go, I can take these jokers." Sam screeched, wriggling in Dean's iron grip.

"Just like you took us before?" One of the other kids yelled from behind.

"Hey, get the hell outta here before I crush each and every one of you punks. So the way I see it, you have about five seconds before I go ape shit on your asses." Something in Dean's eyes made the others think twice before staying any longer. The pack started running off just as Bucky spit directly at Sam's nicely bruising eye.

"You bastards." Sam mumbled under his breath wiping the spit from his cheek with his muddied shirt.

"What the hell, Sam? What happened to 'Keep your head down'?" Dean released his hold on Sam to look him in the eye.

"Well as you can see, that didn't work out so well with them. You keep your head down, it'll end up cracked on the concrete." Sam passed his brother, crossing the street to their little brick house. The outside was charming, but he knew what was on the inside. Guns and knives lay out to be sharpened, papers strewn about the rooms. It looked like a hurricane had come through that house, and that house only.

"Sammy, hold up a sec." His brother took hold of his shoulder and turned him around to look him straight in the eyes. Though Dean was four years older than Sam, even at sixteen years old they saw each other at eye level.

"Dean, I don't want to talk about it." Sam brushed his brother's hand off his shoulder and continued into the house. His father was off on a hunt a few towns over and wouldn't be home until Sunday. They had the house to themselves for two and a half more days, so Sam didn't bother keeping his voice down as he continued. "It's my problem and I'm going to take care of it, okay?"

"We need to talk about this Sam, it's important! I want to make sure you're okay. I know you could have taken them if it was a fair fight, so why didn't you come to me for help?" The confusion in Dean's eyes at the fact that Sam wouldn't come to him for assistance was close to comical.

"Why does it matter?" Sam genuinely wanted to know. Why does it matter if I can't take a few bullies? A Winchester would have never let school yard punks get the better of them. So why is Dean defending me?

"Because you matter, Sammy!" His voice was incredulous.

Sam rolled his eyes and stomped off to his room. Dean just didn't get it… Sam did everything he was capable of to fend off the newest town bullies. He was only one person. He couldn't take on five seniors at one time… by himself… like he always was… But Sam wouldn't dare ask his brother for help. He knew it was the logical thing to do, but he wanted to prove himself. Prove the fact that he was good enough to have the Winchester name tagged on after his own.


"TGIF, huh Sammy?" Sam could hear the smirk in Dean's voice as he burst through the front door.

"Yeah. Thank God." That day Sam was the ridicule of the entire school. Sam had finally gotten the courage to ask out Melody Carter, the most beautiful girl in homeroom. Apparently she thought that Sam had a boyfriend because Bucky had gone around school spreading rumors about him. Yeah… Thank God it's Friday alright… Only a few more days.

"Hey, wanna head out to the local bar and grill? I hear it's the place to be on Friday nights." Dean was obviously trying to pry Sam out of his shell. Ever since the fight Thursday, Sam hadn't spoken to Dean. He wasn't really mad with him as much as he was mad with himself.

"Well, uh…" Sam didn't really feel like going out. He just wanted to wait it out at the house until their dad got home so they could put this damn town in the rear view mirror of the Impala.

"Wow, Sammy. Don't strain yourself. That's the most I've gotten out of you for a full twenty-four hours." His brother laughed lightly. Sam couldn't help but chuckle along. He couldn't give Dean the silent treatment for very long.

"Sure, I guess we could go out for a bit. I have some homework I still have to get done though."

"Dude, we're leaving as soon as Dad gets home from the hunt. Screw homework!" Dean placed an open palm on Sam's back and scooted him from the front room out into the dark.

They'd been only walking for a minute before Dean's impatience got the better of him. "Let's get a move on bitch, before all the hot chicks go home!" Dean winked at Sam, nudging him to move faster.

"I'm moving as fast as I can without breaking into a sprint, Jerk." Sam stated just as the red lights for the bar came into view.


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