"Hello?" Bobby was still pissed about what had happened with John and the boys and wasn't in the mood to be talking to anyone unless it was Sam or Dean.

"Is this Bobby Singer?" A timid voice questioned.

Bobby felt bad for frightening the poor woman. He was just so damn overwhelmed. "Yes, I'm sorry ma'am. Who's calling?"

There was a slight hesitation on the other end. "Mr. Singer, your son was injured and brought to the hospital a few hours ago. Did you know that he was out?"

His son? Damn it… Must be Sam or Dean. If it was, why were they calling him saying he was the kid's dad? Being a hunter, he thought quickly on his feet and came up with a smooth lie. "Yeah, he went out a few hours ago and I haven't heard from him since. How is he? Is he alright?" Bobby wanted to ask what the name of the kid was, but that would've ruined the whole fatherly façade.

"Well, he suffered from a concussion and some bruised ribs. I'm more concerned with his mental state to be honest with you." She disclosed.

"Mental state? What do you mean?" Bobby spoke as he pulled on his boots and jacket.

"I think that it would be best if you came in." The lady spoke softly.

"Which hospital?"

"Parker General."

"I'm on my way." With that, Bobby flipped his phone shut and revved the engine of his old Chevy.

Thoughts were buzzing around in his head like an angry hive of bees. Which one of the boys is in the hospital? If they're in the hospital, where's John? Why isn't he with them? If he were with them, I wouldn't have been called. Is John injured too? Why did they think I was their dad? Bobby pulled his truck into the first open parking spot and walked in, straight to the front desk.

"Can I help you?" A small blond woman smiled brightly at him. Bobby couldn't help but blush. He then realized that he had no idea what name he needed to ask for since the doctor hadn't left her name and he didn't know who he was going to see.

"Um… Yes. I'm looking for last name, Singer?" He tried, literally crossing his fingers in hope that they'd changed the name to Singer when the boy told them he was his father.

"We have three Singers here." Balls. "We have an Alexander Singer, a Sam Singer, and a Katherine Singer." Sam.

"Oh thank God. What room is Sam in?" The lady gave him a questioning glare.

"Could I ask what business you have with the patient? I can't just give out room numbers of patients you know…" She trailed off.

Bobby held out a picture of him with Sam and Dean from a few years ago. It was faded, but he always kept it with him. "I'm his Dad." He also held up his license with his real last name.

She still seemed skeptical. It was probably because he didn't ask for Sam by name. She pursed her lips and decided that she believed him enough to let him see Sam. "Room 102. It's down that hall, take a right and it is on the right side." She pointed down a corridor to his left.

"Thanks." Bobby practically sprinted down the halls, eyes continually searching each door until he saw room 102. He sighed heavily and creaked the door open.

Sam was lying motionless on the bed. He kept his face to the ceiling. If he didn't know better, he'd say the boy looked dead. The only thing that kept that thought from blooming was the steady beep from the monitors surrounding Sam. He was too pale, which made the dark bruises more pronounced. Bobby pushed the door open and it fell against the wall with a barely audible thump. Sam twisted his head toward the sound, slightly startled when his gaze finally fell on Bobby. He eased himself immediately and a small smile twisted on his lips.

"Sam?" Bobby stepped inside and shut the door behind him. He could see Sam's bottom lip begin to tremble. He looked as if the slightest movement could break the kid. "Sammy?" Bobby took the next few steps to Sam cautiously. His eyes followed Bobby's every movement. As soon as Bobby was in touching distance, Sam reached up with one hand and clutched Bobby's vest. He never quite looked Bobby in the eyes, which scared him. Sam just stared at his hand that was twisted in the fabric of his vest.

Sam mumbled something under his breath. "What was that?" Sam finally looked into Bobby's eyes, holding so much more in their depths than any sixteen year old should have to carry.

"Bobby. He's never gonna change, is he…?" Bobby didn't have an answer, and Sam's puppy dog eyes were getting to him. Instead of an answer, Bobby leaned over and pulled Sam into a bear hug. At first, Sam left his arms limp at his sides. After a few seconds, he returned the hug with as much fervor as Bobby had given.

"Sam. What happened tonight?" Bobby spoke while still holding Sam in his arms. Sam reluctantly let go and fell back against the pillow. Bobby turned and pulled a chair up to sit beside him. Sam's eyes were flitting in every direction trying to find something to focus on. "Look at me, son." He finally rested his eyes on Bobby.

"It was a ghost. Salt 'n burn. Simple." Sam stated in short choppy sentences.

"Who were you going after?" Bobby asked, wanting to try to get Sam talking more.

"Don't know."

"You just went on a hunt without… Wait. John said something about the hunt. You still went on the ghost hunt for the girl on the side of the road in the fields, right?" Sam jerked his head up and down. Bobby had gone and researched the hunt himself. Found out that the spirit affected the people that didn't die from the crash.

It was a spirit of a young woman who was lured out to the fields by a prank by some college boys. It is said that she would wander the streets to try to find help. If the person she finds has some sort of inner turmoil, she would help them by having their hearts desires known to them. She had more power than any other ghost they'd hunted. He tried to tell John that, but the stubborn son of a bitch wouldn't give him the time of day.

"Are John and Dean okay?" Sam jerkily nodded again.

"Before you got here, I called Dean. I told him I was here and for him not to bring Dad. I just had this overwhelming need to be in contact with Dean, it was almost painful. I don't know why though…" Sam trailed off in thought.

"The doctor called me and told me that my son was in the hospital…" Bobby started, waiting for Sam to explain.

"I had the same urge then too. The doctor asked me who my dad was, and I didn't even really think about it. I just said your name." Sam flushed lightly.

"Sam… Did the spirit touch you? Like, on your chest or your head?" Bobby started to piece the puzzle together.

Sam watched him confusedly. "Yeah. She reached into my damn chest and started squeezing my heart! Thought I was gonna die for sure."

"Balls." Bobby rubbed a hand through his scraggly beard. "She got to you then. Was she interrupted? I mean, obviously her hand isn't up in ya now… But was she the one who pulled her hand from your chest?"

"Well, no. Dean came over and took iron to her. She disappeared and then came back and threw me when Dad finally lit her up." Sam stared at Bobby like he'd lost his marbles. "Bobby, what are you thinking?"

"This ghost… It's no ordinary ghost. She is said to bring one's innermost desires or thoughts to light. So whoever she touches finally knows what they want or what they need to do… You know what I mean? And since she never finished whatever she was doing to you, everything was only brought to your subconscious. It's more prominent than before. That's why you had the overwhelming need to be in contact with Dean and why… Why you told the doctor that I was your dad. The spirit brought all of your feelings and thoughts up so that you would notice them and act on them." Bobby finished, his mind was racing.

Neither one of them had heard the door open. Each hunter was lost in their own thoughts. "Sammy?"


"Sam!" Dean took three long strides over and pulled his brother into his chest, holding his head and rubbing his other hand across his back a little too harshly to be comforting. Bobby figured he was just too rattled to notice. Dean pulled Sam's face into his hands and looked into his brother's eyes. "Are you alright? Do you even know how freaked I've been? I spent the last two hours scouring the damn field for you!"

"I tried to get to the car, but I got dizzy and my sense of direction was off. I made it to the sidewalk but fell. Some couple brought me here." Dean let one of his hands drop to hold the side rail of the bed and left the other on Sam's shoulder, keeping contact.

"I heard what you said, Bobby…" Dean glanced over to Bobby, who felt awkward. "About the spirit." Dean looked back to Sam who was biting his lips so hard that he wouldn't be surprised if he drew blood.


"Is Dad here?" Sam kept his voice low.

"Dad-Dad or Bobby-Dad?" Dean slightly smirked though his eyes were sad.

Sam could hear Bobby shift in his seat. "Maybe I should-"

"It's okay, Bobby. I'm not mad or anything. It's how Sam feels and honestly… As hard as it is to say, you've been more of a father to Sam than Dad has."

Sam was stunned. "Did the ghost get to you too?"

"Smart ass."



"Boys!" Sam's dad walked in, his hands shoved deep in his pockets.

Bobby seemed irritated. "What is it with you Winchester's sneaking around in doorways and whatnot?" Sam snickered.

"Let me guess… You heard everything too?" Sam raised one eyebrow.

His father let a sheepish smile pass his lips. "I came with Dean. He told me to wait outside the door until he came and got me but…"

Dean huffed, irritated. "And apparently you can't follow a simple order!"

His dad rolled his eyes. "Sam? I know that I said that I'd try to be a better father. I've been doing a piss poor job so far." Sam remained tight-lipped, letting his father know that he agreed. "It'll take some time. You can't teach an old dog new tricks… " Sam nodded. "I think we should go on a break."

Sam's eyes widened. It probably would have looked comical to anyone passing by, but he was in utter disbelief. "Like, a vacation from hunting?"

"Yeah. I was thinking…" His father turned his gaze onto Bobby. "If you wouldn't mind… Maybe we could stay at your place for a while? We can have a real Christmas. With the whole family together."

Bobby smiled warmly. "As pissed as I am at you… Of course I'd let y'all stay with me. We're family."

Dean and Sam exchanged glances at each other. Sam could see his excitement mirrored back at him through Dean's jade green eyes. "But, uh… I think we should talk to the doctor first before we leave." Dean reminded his father. Sam looked warily up into his father's eyes.

"Wouldn't have it any other way." He smiled and came over to ruffle Dean's short hair. "Dang! How much product do you put in your hair? I could grease the Impala's engine with that." He grinned and wiped his hand on the blanket covering Sam.

"You're just jealous you don't have my awesome hair!" Dean retorted, mock punching Sam for laughing. Even Bobby started laughing.

The banter continued for a while longer. From an outsider's point of view, they would have looked like any other normal family. Enjoying a few laughs and catching up. Sam knew that they were by no means normal. His family was broken in places and very small. He knew that it would take a lot of work for the Winchester's to be alright. It wouldn't happen overnight, or even in a few years. It would be a constant struggle. Sam felt with the help from Bobby and each other, they just might make it. Only time will tell, but with family… everyone deserves a second chance.


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