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Chapter 5 part 3

Sitting on the couch in Edward's bedroom Jasper waited patiently for someone to join him and when he heard the door open he opened his eyes seeing Jessica standing by the door. Looking at each other up and down they both liked what they saw. Jessica looked so sexy wearing a red tank top that made her breasts spill out, a tight black skirt and on her feet were simple sneakers. She sat on the couch and as he scooted closer to her Jasper got her on his lap running his hands up her arms and legs.

"Your hands are so cold "moaned Jessica as he touched her bringing up Goosebumps on every inch of her skin.

"You're so warm and beautiful and so sexy "growled Jasper kissing up her neck with each word before capturing her lips. Moaning she started to grind into his growing erection making him groan into the kiss they shared.

"Does your little boyfriend turn you on like this does he make you feel the way I do "whispered Jasper his hand underneath her skirt beginning to finger her pussy feeling her wetness. Jessica didn't answer him as she moaned at his touch on her wet pussy beginning to grind into his hand more.

"Nobody has ever made me feel this way "breathed Jessica seeing him smile at her words as his hands moved up her body seeking out her breasts.

" Your tits are so big the nipples are hard you want me to suck them don't you " hissed Jasper taking one into his mouth at that moment and doing just what he said and sucking the hard peak.

"Oh god yes suck on them just like that "gasped Jessica forcing his head into her chest moaning as she did the same to the other breast. She could feel his hard cock beneath his jeans and the mere thought of that cock inside her pounding at her pussy made Jessica moan. He could taste her cherry chap stick when she pulled his lips to hers kissing him forcibly and looking at her with a mixture of lust and hunger.

"Up "whispered Jasper helping her stand.

Jasper positioned Jessica with her back to him over the back of the couch before getting behind her. Removing her skirt and panties he kissed up her spine his hands on her hips.

"Have you ever been fucked like this before have you ever had your pussy fucked from behind by a hard cock "breathed Jasper in her ear opening his jeans releasing his cock.

" No, but I've always wanted to have my pussy fucked hard from behind by a nice hard cock like yours Jasper " replied Jessica looking at him from over her shoulder seeing his cock as she did so and loving how big and hard he was. Before she could think he was inside her making her scream as he hit her G spot.

She was pushed up against the back of the couch with each thrust she had to hold onto the back for dear life. His thrusts were relentless his grip on her hips hard almost bruising he loved the screams coming from her. Jessica felt as he came inside her, but much to her surprise he continued to move inside her helping her release build.

"Oh god Jasper "cried Jessica gripping the back of the couch as she came.

" Come on you little slut tell me how much you like my cock inside that slutty little pussy of yours tell me what a little slut you are " growled Jasper doing as she commanded and fucking her harder and going even faster.

" Is that hard enough for you slut yeah come on take all of me into that tight little pussy " whispered Jasper in her ear making her moan as his words made her even wetter if possible. Pulling out of her Jasper threw Jessica to the ground with a squeal quickly getting on her again and fucking her more.

"Oh god Jasper fuck me harder you're so big and you feel so good inside my pussy "squealed Jessica as he fucked her again throwing her head back as these words left her lips Cumming on his cock. Jasper had another release building before the second ended. Continuing to fuck her Jasper fondled her playing with her hard peaks and licking them keeping them hard.

As he did this her legs clamped down around him as her arms encircled his body they were both so close to Cumming. Cumming Jasper emptied himself inside her, but he still didn't stop.

"Oh Jasper Mike never fucks me like this "breathed Jessica feeling as he drove inside her again fucking her like an animal. Seeing the panties still hanging from her ankle grabbing them Jessica threw them aside before grabbing his shoulders and moving him to his back where she began to ride him.

"Like that "asked Jessica riding him hard hoping he was a turned on as she was and from his response he was.

Grabbing her hips Jasper remained silent helping her fuck her pussy at his cock riding him hard like a cowgirl would a wild bull.

"You really know how to ride a cock don't you "groaned Jasper loving how his words seemed to turn her on even more.

"That's right baby ride that cock you love having that hard cock inside that wet pussy don't you slut " hissed Jasper listening to her moans and feeling as she got wetter because of his words.

"I love the way you talk to me "moaned Jessica riding him harder as she began to play with her own tits.

" You like that do you does the little slut like being talked to like the slut she is as she's fucked like a slut " groaned Jasper his eyes filled with lust as she smiled at him.

" Tell me what a little slut I am as you fuck me with your big cock " demanded Jessica screaming as she came for the third time, but continuing to ride him feeling him spill inside her soon after. After they both came for the third time they felt a fourth release start to build.

"Your pussy is so tight around my cock "groaned Jasper replacing her hands with his own fondling her tits as he started to suckle her tits. Finally they came together for the fourth time collapsing on top of one another on the floor. Jasper kissed her lightly on the lips as he pulled out of her putting himself back in his jeans.

They didn't say anything to one another as Jessica fixed her clothes and smiling at each other Jessica walked out. In another part of the house Jake was alone in a room in only his cutoff jeans waiting.