Kakashi was tired. Having already traveled well over a hundred miles after an S-ranked mission, the gates of Konohagakure in the distance were worth more than all the Icha-Icha series at the moment; nearly six weeks had passed since he'd last seen those gates. Damned rogues, keeping themselves well hidden until one of the minions had let a clue to their location slip while he was stone-blind drunk.

As worn as he was after taking down eight enemies, the copy ninja could feel his body stirring. Six weeks, nearly two months without a woman's body! Damn! He hadn't gone that long since he lost his virginity.

It wasn't his fault of course. There had been plenty of accommodating women of all types during the mission, but he just couldn't bring himself to take them. Most men, even married ones, were all pretty much expected to relieve their lusts on missions, if anything for the sake of the mission. But Kakashi just couldn't anymore; he felt as if he was besmirching his..and his raven-haired beauty's honor somehow.

He smirked to himself. The Hokage had gotten the brilliant idea of pairing older shinobi with younger girls. He, Gai, Iruka, and a few others had been "given" wives. Tsunade, Shizune and Sakura had had great fun, he imagined, pairing everyone off. At least Sakura had fun, until her boss had paired her with Rock Lee.

It was their "mission" to produce the best children. The younger kunoichis had given some fuss, especially TenTen and Ino, but when they realized it was best for the village, they hesitantly accepted.

In fact, now that he thought about it, most of the notable shinobi had been paired. Gai had a girl named Aika from a smaller town outside Konoha. She was very homely but actually put up with Gai, for which he gave the girl much respect; she must have been chosen for her extreme patience. And Iruka had Ino, which in the beginning everyone thought was a terrible choice. Surprisingly, the arrangement had worked out quite well. His gentleness had rubbed off on her and she is much calmer than she used to be, though she and Sakura still fight like cat and dog..err…pig and forehead.

The pairing that had given the town the most amusement, though, was that of Nara Shikamaru and Sabaku No Temari. This one had come as neither shock nor arrangement; the Hokage herself had actually seen them together for years and finally all but ordered the lazy genius to propose to her, with the threat of promoting him to Special Jounin early and shoving eight months of paperwork down his throat. He proposed that night. And she said yes, to which he muttered "troublesome." The following three months had been filled with entertainment; the wedding had been postponed thrice because of broken bones on Shikamaru's account.

And Kakashi…he smiled as he thought about her. He had been the luckiest of them all by some grace of a power he couldn't see. No, he couldn't desire another woman, not now.

The shinobi's thoughts wandered until suddenly he was bounding through Konoha's eastern gate. He wearily checked into the gate and slipped his report under Tsunade's door; it was nearly two in the morning.

His body stirred more as he quickly bounded through the streets of Konoha to his apartment on the edge of the village. He felt her presence as soon as he walked through the doorway. He locked it and was racing toward the bedroom when something on the refrigerator happened to catch his normal eye.

He backed up. His eye quickly scanned the calendar. Little red x marks covered the 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th.

" Kami, please please don't let today be any of those days" he begged inside his head.

He checked his mail and groaned.

The top package read: "Dated: May 12th". Dammit.

He drug his feet into the bedroom and groaned again when he saw her laying in bed. Soft blue sheets wove around her skin, he could see a bare thigh and most of her neck, but her face was turned away from him.

He stripped down to his boxers and slipped into bed, thinking of every move he had ever copied, trying to calm himself down.

DAMN MOTHER NATURE! He yelled inside his head.

He lay there for a few minutes, and was semi-calm when a small voice called to him.

"Kak-Kakashi?" a very groggy feminine voice inquired.

He turned toward her and was surprised to see a questioning stare.

"Hai, Hinata-chan, I just got back." He answered. They had been together only a week before he had left for the mission, and had made love only twice. There was so much he wanted to learn about her. Her body, her mind, her heart, everything about her intrigued him. But things were also still awkward, as they didn't know each other well.

She tilted her head gently and she whispered "Welcome back"

He smiled but knew she had something on her mind.

"Hinata" he said her name gently as he scooted closer to her. The moon was bright in the sky, and though the curtains where partially drawn, the light was enough for him to see her shining eyes.

"Is there something bothering you? Is everything okay?" he asked. Having this proximity wasn't helping his body; the ache was growing more desperate by the second.

He saw her bite her lip.

"Hinata-chan, you can ask me anything." He assured. Hopefully everything was okay.

She was not used to anyone paying this much attention to her expressions and movements; usually she was a wall-flower. And she had liked it that way, but ever since they were married the copy ninja had never treated her as such. He was very attentive. But still, this man was so foreign to her.

"I-It's just I thought, s-since you had been g-g-gone so long—" her voice trailed off and she turned away from him. She had brightened to a lovely pink, though.

Hearing her shyness, he groaned lightly. Damn her for being so shy and innocent sounding.

"Hinata, don't tease me. I saw the calendar" he said, slightly aggravated.

"B-But Kakashi, that calendar is for June; i-it's still May" she quietly responded.

She cried out in surprise when his weight came over the top of her and his eye was looking into hers directly.

Only a thin, baby blue sheet separated them.

"So you're not—"


She had barely gotten the word out when his unmasked mouth came down on top of hers. She felt his urgency and gently kissed back, unsure of how to respond.

He pinned her underneath him, grunting loudly. His hands trailed down, searching for her night shirt, only to discover that he could feel nothing beneath the sheet but skin.

She broke his kissing to whisper "I-I don't have anything o-on, Kak-Kakashi"

His eyes widened and he tore the sheet away from her.

Her pale skin glowed and her form was alighted by the moonlight. His eyes lit with an uncontrollable passion.

She shyly tried to cover herself—the other two times had happened in much dimmer lighting.

But her hands were pinned and his mouth was over hers again. She still wasn't sure how to touch him or what he liked or anything else. She wished to give as much to him as he gave to her. Her thoughts were cut short by a very loud groan.

"Hin-Hinata" she caught her name in his groaning. His mouth left hers and she let out a very breathy gasp when his fiery lips closed around her right nipple.

Her blush burned brighter but her inhibitions were lessened by his suckling. When one of his hands snaked its way to her other breast and caressed the bare orb, a very intense moan escaped her before she could stop it.

The gray-haired man released the nipple he had been suckling to look in his wife's eyes. He saw a passion and excitement there that had longed to be set free, but also saw that all of this was new to her still. She had been a virgin on their wedding night, after all.

He caught sight of her breasts again. Her nipples were hardened from his attention and she was looking to the side with crimson cheeks.

He whispered to her quietly as bent to nuzzle her stomach. It was all he could do not to take her in that moment.

He was surprised when pale hands reached around his head and undid his mask. He let it fall and gently cupped the mound between her legs. He watched her face carefully and smiled at the mixed whimper and moan that escaped her. He parted her legs and gently stroked the open center line between her nethers. At her cry, his ache became unbearable. He was reaching for his remaining undergarment to release his hardness, but she had them off before he got there.

He was shocked but didn't stop to consider it. He thrust himself inside her and her legs spread obediently, wrapping themselves around his hips.

The heat inside her was big. She was quickly reminded that he was larger than average. He was pushing into her with great urgency and his pace was fast.

His hands came to either side of her and she shyly but firmly pulled him in to a kiss. She experimented by putting her tongue in his mouth first.

He thrust deeper into her core; her new found boldness was maddening.

He lifted her back off the bed gently, and thrust once more as her head fell back and his name escaped from her lips.

Hinata clung to her husband, whispering his name over and over again in his ear. His lips ravaged her neck and he moaned against her skin as his release neared.

Deep inside her, the young Hyuga felt a warm liquid spread. She smiled shyly as Kakashi cried out in pleasure and came to rest on top of her. His head found rest on one of her large breasts and his breathing slowed.

She began to stroke his hair gently with one of her hands, pondering about this husband of hers. They knew each other better physically than in any other manner. She hoped he wanted to change that.

He withdrew from her; she let out a small sigh and was empty once more.

His panting finally slowed and he lifted himself from her. Even in the warm spring air, she shivered at the loss of warmth but he was immediately at her side, drawing her to him.

"Do you know how intoxicating you are?" he asked quietly.

She leaned her head back and shook her head.

"I will show you after I rest" he assured, and then snuggled into her curves and rested.

She wondered what he could mean by this.

Little did she know that he would redefine her understanding of "orgasm" three times before noon.

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