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Chapter 1 The Secret Relived

Cyrus watched his son hit the baseball into right field for a double. He and James stood up and

clapped as their son tagged second base. It awed Cyrus to know this was his son, he didn't even want

children but James had insisted that they adopt a child. He fought James every step of they with every

excuse in the book as to why it was a bad idea for them to be parents. Everything had changed the

moment he had met Tripp. Tripp was five months old when Cyrus walked into the Australian orphanage

looking for a certain child and he knew the moment he looked at the boy that it was the child that he

had been looking for. He really had no intention in adopting the boy, but after the headmistress of the

orphanage had told him that the boy was up for adoption again after his first adopted parents had

tragically died In a car accident and had no family willing to take him in, he decided to take him and adopt him himself. Cyrus knew it was extremely risky to adopt this particular child because if anybody found out who his biological parents were all hell would break loose, but he couldn't leave that innocent little boy in that orphanage not knowing what would happen to him. So he took him home to America with him where he and James legally adopted him. James had be shocked when he had brought the child home, but didn't ask to many questions, he accepted it knowing it was a miracle the Cyrus had agreed to finally adopt a child.

6 years had passed and Cyrus spent every day of those years protecting his secret .The secret of

where their Son Tripp Liam Rutherford Novak-Beene had really came from. James had since talked him into adopting another child, Leah Margaret Olivia Novak-Beene was added to their family a year after Tripp had been adopted she was two months older then Tripp, so they were in the same grade and would grow up together both being raised knowing that they were adopted. Leah got James's mothers name Margaret in her name because Tripp had Cyrus Dads name Rutherford in his. It had been perfect that way because Tripp had really become Cyrus's son the two had developed quite the bond, and the same had happened with Leah and James. Actually that was how they had come to adopt Leah because James wanted to have a child that wanted to be with him like Tripp did Cyrus.

Cyrus again watched as his son scored at home plate and the look of clear Joy on his sons face. That

was his boy, his son and he loved him he would do anything to protect him, even if it meant hiding his

true parentage from everyone else that he cared about in this world. Cyrus himself had discovered the

truth about the boy by accident and nobody knew that he knew. He didn't go to find the boy because he

cared but to make sure that the truth about him was buried because that child had been a threat to

everything Cyrus had worked for. He hadn't expected to fall for the boy and even worse to take him

home and adopt him, but he did and he didn't regret it for one minute because he loved his son even

more then he loved his job as chief of staff to the president who only had a year left to his term. He

looked down at his boy in the field and didn't see a potential problem to his job. He saw his son Tripp,

but one problem would always remain because Tripp was not his biological son, no Tripp held the DNA

of Fitzgerald Tomas Grant III, The President of The United States, and the best problem solver he had

ever known Olivia Pope. He felt guilty when his son addressed the two as "Aunt Liv" and "Uncle Fitz" but

he was determined that that all they would ever be to his son.

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