Chapter 3: How it came to be`

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Cyrus looked through the room where his son slept, he thought about how much he had grown

to love him. Cyrus had never really given an opinion on the nature vs. Nurture debate, but after raising

Tripp it was clear to him that both played a huge roll in what a child would become. Tripp was resilient

and energetic like the president and smart, and calm and collected like Olivia; which was clearly the

nature part. Tripp seemed to be cynical and had the glass half empty type of personality that was always

looking for something to go wrong and he could always tell when someone was lying, these where

clearly traits form Cyrus proving that nurture also played a huge role in the upbringing of child. Cyrus

was so proud of who Tripp was becoming he loved him so much, this was never the plan, to fall in love

with this child. Tripp was everything he ever wanted in a child, which caused a little bit of a rift between

he and James because he tended to favor Tripp. Leah was the opposite of Tripp, she was a lot like James

caring and emotional like James and tended to be a bit of a trouble maker, which got on both his and

Tripp's nerves. Leah would egg Tripp on till he got mad and retaliated and then she would cry to James

about it. Cyrus loved Leah as much as he could, but he never wanted to adopt again. He had been forced

into by James because he was jealous that Tripp, as little as he was at the time clearly seemed to favor

Cyrus and since James was the one who wanted a child to begin with they adopted Leah. So they were a

bit of a split family but it worked for them.

Cyrus thought back to how this whole mess started, of how he had discovered Tripp's

existence in this world. It was a complete accident that he even knew in the first place.


Cyrus had just seen the president and Olivia kissing in the oval office it was a complete surprise to

him and he had no clue that they had been seeing each other. He barely had to time process this when

he was sent to Olivia's office to try to get her to go see the president. Cyrus realized when he saw the

look on Olivia's face that the president was not only having an affair with her but that he did in fact

have an affair Amanda Tanner. Cyrus was angry that the president would risk his career for any woman.

He walked into Olivia's office preparing himself for the battle that might be coming his way. He opened the door to the office and to his surprise no one was in the office. He looked around and figured that she

was probably still out working on the Sully St. James case. He went to turn around to leave when his arm

hit the self that held the un-opened mail in it. "Dammit" he thought as he bent down to pick up the mail.

He went to pick up the last piece of mail when a letter feel out of the large manila envelope he still held

in his hand. He bent picked it up and went to put in back in to the envelope when something on the

letter caught his eye. He saw the words sister and miss. Janet Pope. That seemed strange to him

because he knew that Olivia had no sister, Cyrus had been good friends with her parents and he knew

that she had no siblings. Against his better Judgment Cyrus's curiosity got the better of him as he

decided to read the letter.

The top of the letter said Jennings and Parker Attorneys of Law. He continued to read the letter,

Dear Miss. Olivia Pope,

I am contacting you on behalf of our client's Thomas and Lisa Kendal who were both recently killed in

an automobile accident. In the event of their passing we were given instructions by the Kendal's to

inform you, so that you may inform your sister Miss. Janet Pope that the three month old child she had

put up for adoption has been placed in orphanage and she has thirty day's to claim the child if she

wishes to. If we do not hear from her in thirty days the child will be placed back up from adoption and

you name and address given to the new adopted parent in case of a medical emergency.

Cyrus looked up from the letter digesting the letter that he just read. He wasn't really sure what this

letter meant. He was really confused and trying to figure it out when he saw body's appear in the

monitor up on the screen. In a split moment Cyrus decided to take the letter and pursue this to find out

exactly what was going on, he had no idea what was in store for him and the truths he would find out by

accidently knocking over the mail bin that day.

Present day:

Cyrus sat down looking at the picture of him and Tripp on the day he brought him home form the

orphanage. He thought about how he had pursued the lawyers and found out about Patrick and put two

and two together and figured out that Olivia was in fact the child's mother and after thinking about that

lengths she had gone through to hide the child he figured out that President Grant must be the child's

father. He went to that Australian Orphanage that day collect a DNA sample on the boy and to figure out

how to best solve the problem he had, he couldn't let the world find out the that the president not only

had an affair but had a love child with the woman. After he met the baby and held him in his arms so

that he could get a DNA sample, somehow he ended up falling in love with the boy and he made the

rash decision to adopt him. He figured if he had the child and hid where how he had actually adopted

the boy, Olivia would never figure out that her son was so close to her. He went through many channels

to hide his adoption of the child deep down and even moved his birthday down by two weeks so that if

Olivia found out some day that her sons adopted parents were dead and decided to find him that it

would have no trace back to him and she would never find out where he truly was. Cyrus has his name

changed from Patrick William to Tripp Liam Rutherford, It was the closest name he could come up with so as not to confuse the boy and in case Olivia had known what the boy's real name had been. He then took him home to James who had been bugging him to start a family and it all worked out from there they became a family.

Cyrus often felt guilty when Olivia and Fitz interacted with Tripp as their nephew, knowing the truth

that he was in fact their son, but he has to live with what he had done and he rationalized his choice by

thinking that at least the got to know their son even if they didn't know he was their son. He loved his

now six year old son and would let no one destroy the family he had made. Olivia was now happy and

engaged and the president still had a year and half left to his second term. He was often afraid that

when the president finished his term that he might go after Olivia again and she might give and be with

him again then tell him about their son and they'd go looking for him. Cyrus just hoped that he buried

Tripp's identity deep enough if that ever happed although he doubted that Olivia would ever let Fitz into

her heart again after the Amanda Tanner scandal and her handing him back to Mellie they barely even

spoke now. Cyrus decided not to dwell on any of this anymore and go to bed for the night because Tripp

was now his son and he would never give him up to anyone.

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