I went back to my Round 5 of The Twilight 25 drabbles for this inspiration. Here is the original 100 word drabble for the prompt "Pitch": /s/7430896/9/Twilight_TwentyFive_Challange

All the way up to the campground, Edward has been teasing me. I shouldn't have let him drive my truck. Because if I were driving, I'd have something to focus on other than his pouty lips, or the way he sexily rested his wrist on the steering wheel, letting his long fingers drape over the top. If I were driving, he probably wouldn't risk grazing his fingers over my bare thigh, dipping beneath the hem of my skirt.

The bench seat is definitely another advantage to taking my truck over his sporty little coupe. He pulled me over to the center seat before we even left town, and he's been torturing me with his thigh pressed against mine, but I'm going to give Edward a taste of his own medicine.

I begin lightly stroking him though his jeans, and he hardens beneath my hand. Edward shudders as I trace the outline of his growing erection. His breathing hitches as I lean over his shoulder, bringing my lips to his ear. "I can't wait," I announce, in a whisper as I release the top button of his jeans.

I pop the next button, and the tires rattle over the rumble strips as the truck veers onto the shoulder.

"Pay attention. Don't wreck my baby," I breathe against his neck.

Edward gently glides my truck back to the roadway, and I open his third button.

"Watch the road," I demand, throwing my leg over his and crawling into his lap. "Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. I'll do everything else," I promise, careful not to block his line of sight.

I dip lower, lightly sucking on his throat as I free his last button. His breathing increases as my hand plunges into the splayed vee of his jeans.

"Jesus Fucking Christ, Bella."

Edward pulls the truck to a screeching halt on the shoulder, slamming the column shifter into park and pulling me roughly under him as he lays us across the bench.

His lips are hot on my neck as he drags them across my throat before pressing them to my waiting lips. His kiss is hard and needy and might be too much if I didn't need him so fucking bad.

I push his pants and boxer briefs past his hips, and he pulls away from my mouth to watch his freed erection bob. He presses his hips into mine, and I can't keep my moan from escaping. He grunts in response, roughly stoking my thigh, leaving a fiery trail behind as he squeezes the back of my knee and hitches my leg around his waist. More open to him, his grinding is harder, rougher, better against my most sensitive spot.

Each hot breath at my neck is delivered with a grunt as I dig my nails into his bare hips, desperately pulling him closer.

He switches weight to his other arm, freeing his left to yank my other leg to the same position around his waist, the heel of my Keds pressing into his ass. I remove his sunglasses so I can see his beautiful eyes and drop them to the floorboard. .

My hands twist the fine hairs at the nape of his neck and his hips slow, and his eyes lazily close. His forehead rests on mine, and he sighs deeply as he slowly opens them to peer into mine.

"How in the fuck was I supposed to drive with you in my lap, palming my dick?"

"Carefully," I say, with a shrug.

He smirks as his fingers begin to graze my panties. His fingers are so always so fucking good. My eyes slide closed again, lost in the feeling as I start to writhe below him More embarrassing sounds escape.

"That's it baby, I love those sounds. Those little whimpers. So quiet," he teases, "But the neighbors can't hear you out here." I gasp as he presses harder. His hips flex against my thigh as he grinds his hand against my center.

It's so good, but it isn't enough.

"You know, when you picked me up earlier, I thought you were silly for wearing a skirt camping, but now I know you're a genius," he says, as he pushes his hand under the band of my panties, teasing me without giving me what I need most.

"Fuck," he groans, sliding his fingers though my wetness.

"I told you, I couldn't wait." I reach for him, stroking as I pull him to me, to where I've been aching for him.

Hovering over me, with one arm braced next to my head on the bench, Edward gazes into my eyes, rubbing the back of my thigh, "I missed you so much, baby."

"Don't make me cry," I warn, slapping his shoulder.

"I'm sorry, baby," Edward whispers, kissing my eyelids. More of his weight presses onto me as his lips move to mine, he tenderly kisses the corners of my mouth.

"We have to tell your dad, baby. It's been three months. I'm not spending the next three, until we go back to school, sneaking around because you're afraid to tell your dad we got married over Spring Break."

"Can we not talk about this right now?" I whine.

"Bella," he starts to argue, pulling away slightly.

Tears begin to well in my eyes again, "Please, Edward, please. We've been home for ten days. Ten days since I felt you inside me," I say, tightening my leg around his waist, pulling him to me, pressing more of his delicious weight against me. I need it. So much. "Please, Edward, I need you."

Edward brushes the stray hairs away from my face, his eyes are boring into mine, I see all of our memories and all of our dreams, and I want them all so bad. Ten days doesn't seem like a lot, but it's forever when you're missing a part of yourself. I see it in Edward too, in the fierce look in his eyes. He wants me, but he's holding himself back.

"Please, Edward. I just need you. I just need you to… fuck me," I say, raising my eyebrow. My lips reach for his; he catches on quickly, his tongue entering my mouth roughly, as my lips slide against his. It's hard, and aggressive, and perfect.

He groans into my mouth as I squeeze his cock as hard as I can, smiling against his lips as he growls. He pulls his face back slightly, and I can see he's accepted the challenge. His hand that had so gently teased me just moments ago, yanks my panties to the side so roughly; I start to slide off the bench seat.

My giggle does nothing to diminish the feral look in his eyes as he pushes me back onto the bench.

"Hold on," he demands as he takes my hand off his cock and brings it over my head, pressing it to the door. He smirks at me as he reaches up to the door, and slams his hand down on the lock knob. "Safety first."

My other arm goes to his shoulder, playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. He moans and gives me a searing kiss, as he finally slips inside. He pushes and pulls back and pushes again, never taking his mouth off mine. The thrusting of his tongue matches the thrusting of his pelvis, the slapping of our bodies resonates in the cab of my old truck.

My eyes slide closed, lost in the feel of him filling me, stretching me. His movements slow as he withdrawals, and then forcefully pushes forward. Again and again. Every time, he goes deeper and deeper. He's so close to hitting that spot.

His lips pull back just far enough to tell me, "Undo your fucking shirt."

My hands fly to my shirt, unbuttoning it as fast as I can. Edward's lips follow along the newly revealed skin of my collarbone and chest, still maintaining his slow withdrawals and forceful lunges.

As soon as the last button is freed, Edward's hands pull the fabric of my bra down, releasing my breast.

"Oh god, I missed your tits," he moans.

My hands reach for the center of my bra, and his slap mine away.

"Hold on sailor," I laugh, unclasping the front closure.

"Best bra ever," he says, kissing both of the swells.

Fully inside me, Edward stops. His kisses move back up the column of my neck, dragging his tongue against the spot below my ear.

I wiggle under him, desperate, begging him to move. He bites down on my earlobe just as he starts to rock, his pubic bone pushes against my clit.

I gasp at the sensation as Edward's mouth dances over mine, his lips barely brushing against mine without sealing our kiss, swallowing my whimpers. His lips flutter against mine as he asks, "Are you ready to be fucked?"

"What?" I ask, confused.

"You told me to fuck you," he says, planting his foot on the floor of my truck.

His husky voice darkens, "Put your hands back on the door."

He squeezes my breast as he hitches my knee higher, resting my calf against his shoulder. The shift allows him to slip even deeper inside me.

"Ready?" he asks, with that cocky smirk that first made me fall in love with him.

All I can do is nod.

He pulls back and slams into me, pounding, driving so I have to use my hands against the door to brace against his thrusts. He's hitting that spot every time, I'm so freaking close and his feral grunts are going to push me over the edge.

My arms begin to weaken, Edward leans lower and puts more weight on my chest, pinning me deeper into the truck bench. He moves his other arm so it's holding my shoulder in place, keeping me pressed against him and relieving the stress on my arms.

My head lolls from side to side, his constant hammering is bringing me so close, zings of electricity pulse though my body, and the only sound I can form is a high-pitched keening.

Edward's heated, raspy breath fans across my ear, causing the wispy tendrils that have fallen from my braid to feather across my cheek. I'm so close. I need his dark, dirty words. Or his sharp, firm bite. I just need something, anything to push me over the edge.

"Fuck," he yells, suddenly pulling completely out.

All of my senses rebound, coming back at once with the loss Edward.

"Are you kidding me?" I ask angrily. I've been waiting just as long as he has, and I guarantee he's been jerking off more than I have in the last ten days. I'm sort of pissed I didn't get my happy ending.

"Bella, put your shirt back on," he demands, still hovering over me.

His tone is so serious, I don't question him and immediately start buttoning back up.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he mutters pulling my skirt over my thighs.

"What's wrong," I ask as I see him desperately trying to tuck his semi-hard dick back in his pants.

I look around in confusion, noticing for the first time, the red and blue flashes reflecting in the windshield.

"Fuck," I repeat Edward's expression. I say a quick prayer and cross myself, even though we're not Catholic, that it's not my dad standing on the other side of that window.

Edward does his best to protect my modesty, as he pulls me to a sitting position.

I whisper, "I love you," to give him courage. Somehow I know he's going to be the one that bears the biggest brunt of our actions.

Edward rolls down the window, "Hello, officer."