Smut University—Realism in Fic by SexyLexiCullen

Draw from a personal sexual experience – good, bad, or ugly – and write it out. Bring yourself back to that moment and try to express your own feelings.

I was going to skip this one, but I just couldn't; so here it is, in true 100 word drabble form.

Reality sucks, do you want to see why?

"Oh god, Edward..Keep…oh…make me…make me come." I pant into his ear.

He grunts with his trust as his body slams into mine, over and over.

"Oh god."

I feel something cold and wet press into my leg.

"Oh my god."

"I know baby, so fucking good."


He grunts harder and pushes into me harder.


His kisses are hot and fervid on my neck and shoulder.

"Edward!" I shout to get his attention. "Your dog…"

His pace does not alter. "He likes to watch."

"What the fuck?"

Edward laughs, "You called him."


"Yeah, you said, 'come'; he came."