In case your not too familiar with reader inserts, you just imagine that your hair color and eye color are in the _ slot. your name isn't mentioned till later chapters but u do the same with that that you do with your hair and eye color.

Anyway if people ask, Im going to do a Tick and/or Paul route that may or may not be almost exactly the same as the original story with the lines altered to fit Tick/Pauls personality with a slight change in the ending. It depends on what people ask. anyway without further ado here it is!

"Still the middle of the night," thought Tick. He had woken up, still half asleep and couldn't even open his eyes. His only way of telling time was the amount of light penetrating his eyelids.

Wait, why had he woken up in the first place? He was usually such a deep sleeper. He tried thinking but his mind was so foggy it was hard to form a solid thought.

"The door, I heard my door open and then shut ," he realized. He found that through questioning himself in his head he could clear out his mind.

Tick felt the bed shake making him dizzy. Then panic swept through him.
"Why?" he asked himself. The Answer came immediately to him. Air, he wasn't getting any air.
"Why can't I breath?" was his next question. Theres was a pressure around his neck, but from what? He realized that hands were closing around his throat.

Slowly he added it all up, He was being choked.

His eyes flew open and saw the silhouette of a young girl on top of him. Tick pried her hands of his neck and threw her off the bed and into the wall with his Chi'kadra. He flicked on the lights to reveal a girl around his age, she had messy _ hair and blank _ eyes. She wore a yellow leather jumpsuit with a cursive white J. It didn't take a genius to figure out who sent her.

Much to Ticks surprise, the girl slowly got up. Her eyes narrowed on Tick and a burning sensation started in his hands, working its way through his whole body like a ferocious wild fire, growing stronger with time. She could control the Chi'kadra too?

He closed his eyes, trying to ignore the pain, and started finding ways to start the spark of Chi'kadra that only came when he was mad. He tried to agitate himself by thinking of his family. What would this girl to do to them once she was through with him? Tick Imagined the girl slowly closing in on his little sister, Kayla as she plastered herself against the wall, feeling the same unimaginable pain he was feeling this very moment. He had to protect her! It had to be him.

There! He felt the spark. Now he just had to kindle it, he imagined the spark growing bigger and bigger. Should he he throw it now? No. It wouldn't be big enough to cause any real injuries yet. He would have to ignore the pain for now, and wait for the Chi'kadra to grow.

Now? No, just a bit longer.

Just a little bit longer.



He threw the Chi'kadra at her with all his strength. The girl neither screamed or even cringed, the only evidence that she had even noticed the attack was the immediate absence of pain. The second he had released the Chika'dra it just disappeared.

He ran over to the girl who was now standing as still as a statue and held her hands behind her back, calling his parents over.

"What happened Tick? Who's this girl? What happened to your neck," said his mother as she rushed into the room.

"Never mind that mom, quick get me a rope or something to tie her up with," said Tick trying to shake off his mother who was now tracing the red marks on his neck but his mother would have none of it and continued to ask questions about what had happened.

Luckily for him, his Father, who had been standing in the doorway watching his wife fawn over their son, was good in emergencies and quickly retrieved the rope.

Tick, noticed as he held the girl in place that first of all, she made no attempts to escape, contrary to earlier when she was doing everything in her power to kill him. Second of all despite having several burns on her the only evidence that she was hurt at all was a single tear coming from her empty and emotionless eyes.

After his Father returned with the rope they tied her up and locked her in the basement. That night they wrote a letter to Master George and sent it in the morning.